Chapter 242 - The Innocent

Chapter 242 - The Innocent

Mary and Sage were enthusiastic about Scout's story, while Alex himself could not say that such a thing had a trick and how to drink it according to the rules.

He tried to practice what the Kitsune did as the Takamagahara lord used to do. It turns out that the way to enjoy and realize the sweet-smelling drink affects how to enjoy it.

Maybe because the drinks served were so few and not too many, Scout immediately took out all his supplies in the cupboard. They did not stop pouring empty glasses to enjoy and showed signs of drunkenness.

Alex and Kitsune didn't feel the same way since watching what the two people were doing there. Sage was already asleep on the dining table, and no one even wanted to move him to a more comfortable place.

The two people make out in front of Alex, and Kitsune doesn't care that anyone is still watching them. The night has shown its existence, and Alex resigns not to disturb the two people who fall in lov
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