Chapter 296 - The appeared

Chapter 296 - The appeared

Alex borrowed Nana's sword when approaching Yi Sun-shin. The girl thought faster than the other girls because she knew it was enough to use one of her weapons to overthrow a human she was about to face without the need to use the Doomsday Blade (Awaken).

Just as Alex ran to attack him, the system suddenly appeared in front of him, issuing a red warning to be careful of the opponent he was about to face. This surprised Alex, who didn't realize that Yi Sun-shin was one of the heroes in the system.

[Hero Info: Yi Sun-shin - SSR]

[ Level: 322 ]

[ Tactical Advantage: Guardian ]

[Hero Type: Tank – deals physical damage]

[ Healing power: 2029K ]

[ Attack: 149K ]

[ Defense: 83088K ]

[ Weapon: Twin Dragon Longsword – 12715K ]

[ Turtle Warship, Level: 4 – Ultimate: Yi Sun-shin instructs the turtle ship to attack his opponent, dealing damage equal to 300% of his attack to all enemies in the ship
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