A Game With God

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A Game With God

By: Ariathros CompletedGames

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Two teenagers became involved in a digital mass murder inside a virtual world.Mel Azalea, Argos, is a fan of RPG, but being greedy isolates him from the world of gaming. Only two of his friends play with him, and those two will help him find their way out of the game.Ruie Evergreen, an innocent high school girl who wanted to succeed in life, dies from a brutal road accident and wakes up in the digital world with her hands tied. There she faces countless torture more painful than death. As she escapes the wrath of God, she gained a mysterious interface which is the key to freeing millions of victims like them.Will they be able to defeat their common enemy, God?


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117 chapters
Welcome to my World
*A Premonition hit me, much more like a nightmare in broad daytime. I’ll be locked in a cabin facing brutality against Satan. There’s nowhere to go because Satan himself is that place’s God.* It’s a good start for the day as the sun shines through the classroom window. The voices in the hallway vanish as the classes started. The students of class 10-A focus on staring at the board as they listen to their teacher’s droning voice as the chalk she holds screeches with the board which has a mirror above it, but someone caught her attention. In the last row near the window lies a girl sleeping in her armchair. Nerves popped up her teacher’s head. “Evergreen! Who says you can sleep in my class!?” As she looks up under her long brown hair, she sees the whole class looking at her. With the dizziness in her mind, she stands down and bows with her blue watery eyes. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Rose.” “What are you sorry at? Being the top student of this ba
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I Am God
"Who are you?" *That's the first question that arose in my head. Is this what happens after you die? Or is this hell? Why is there an elf here?*   "You need not know, darling. Everything here is under control," he said as he pulls out a knife and throws it at her right leg. She already felt the pain of dying, but this, for her, it feels the same. Her scream from agony reached the other side of the world. She tried to hold it but her tears came out of suffering. It took too long for her to calm down out of pain.   "Oh, I think not. I doubled the pain limiter, but it's no big deal, right darling?"   *I'm dead, right? Why do I feel pain? And what's he saying? Under control? Everything? Wait... Darling? Is he...*   "Let me go, Satan!" Ruie mutters as she growls out her bound. She's being careful not to move the blade stuck in her leg.   "I'm dead, right!? Why don't
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Million Hostages
There are only three days for the game to be released, and Ruie knows what threats will he give to those who bought the products, but with her battling God, she won't stand a chance. As she steps out of the cabin, a huge view of the land from faraway surprised her eyes. Beyond is a view of various fantastical towns, cities, and castles. From the peak of the mountain where she's at, numerous trees surround down her way. In no time, she runs down the trees even she has no idea where to go. All that comes to her mind is just surviving and running away from the struggle. Her mind is focused down the ground, seeking any traps that might come from the mysterious world.   But one thing's certainly caught her attention. As she passes through her way, the small patch in the ground beside her glows. Her want to flee vanished temporarily, but she's still making a hard decision whether to do it or not. She scans the patch out of curiosity.   *I smel
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Reset and Release
On the last day before the release, a huge disaster came to NTS. In the large room with huge monitors in front and a group of computer scientists working in rows, Dr. Mishima enters from the door. Most people are in a panic. Almost all their computers are red from an insider threat and they need to remove it before it is spread out in the system.   "Sir, I'm sorry we—" an employee welcomed him and said.   "Stop. What's happening now?"   "A virus was found inside the system including the backdoor. We're doing our best to prevent it, but the retrieval of data is far from expected. We only have 20 minutes left."   "We can reset the systems after 20 minutes, but that's plan B. Wait for my decision. We need to secure the test player first," Dr. Mishima said.   "But that would kill your daughter's friend! We can't do backups of her in the remaining time."   "That's
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Dead Outside
In the preservation room in the NTS building, Aleiya guards her friend's brain. She already fell asleep before Dr. Mishima came into the room, but she wakes up after hearing the sliding door. Her eyes enlightened to hear her dad's news. "Dad! How was her? Can I see Ruie again tomorrow?" "Darling, can I talk to you somewhere?" "No! I'm here to guard Ruie. If not, she'll be lonely again." "Okay," he said, taking deep breaths, "I can't really say there's good news." "What do you mean, dad?" Her brows were drawn from being pulled up. She bits her lips out of worry, but the worst came to her. "I'm so sorry, darling. She already gave up." "No... no way. She's still alive!" She cries as she hugs the advanced technological cylinder with Ruie's brain connected in wires and covered in glass and water. The cylinder already said she's dead as it lost
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Max Luck
"How's Aleiya, Mel?" A man asked his friend while they walk out of the school grounds. They're in a group of three who likes video games. With their bags hanging on their backs, Mel seems worried about her. "She can't go to school yet. She still can't get over her friend's death. I'm fetching her later in this last day," Mel said. "It must be hard for her seeing her friend in that situation, you know, brutal death," another friend said. "I wish for the better of your girlfriend bro." "Me too. By the way, don't be late for the release later. We'll grind early and be the top as fast as possible," his friend said. "Is that speedrun?" Mel asked humorously as they started laughing. "If I still have the energy, I'll dive through my gear later and catch up with you." They came to the intersection where they split up. Mel's house is in a different direction from the two. The two go strai
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"Guys... I maxed Luck," Argos said in an embarrassed tone and a frown face. The laughter from his two friends keeps getting worst... for him. His embarrassment fade with his eyes knitting to them. He may not notice, but his health falls in half. He soon realized after he felt a bump in his chest. *I thought pain's gone here. Even if it's slight? I'm getting scared to play more now.* Argos thought without even thanking the pain limiter which limits the pain input to one's brain. But it's not his fault; he doesn't know it anyways. "Are you going meta Mel... I mean Argos?" Zeus jokingly said with his laughing eyes nearly closed. "Hey, Walter. Do you see our friend here? He must have drowned in Gatcha games." "Hahaha yeah! He must be wanting a casino so bad. Yo, Argos, no offense, just friends talk. Alright?" Walter said. "You're always like that. Did I take any offense? By the way, do you felt
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Broken-hearted Grinding
It went black and the next thing that happens is he woke up his bed. His phone is beside him. As he opens it, a notification surprised him. It was Aleiya's message so he suddenly opens it, but he didn't expect what was written. "I'm sorry, Mel, but I think we need to part ways from now on." Tomorrow passed and classes are still ongoing, but the morning surprised his two friends because Mel isn't present in his class. Their first subject teacher already entered their classroom but they're still hoping that Mel will come as late in the class. Thirty minutes passed and Mel has shown no presence. After the first subject, Walter came to his friend's seat and asks what's going on. Worry can't leave their faces as there must be some serious problem going on. Mel won't come to class if it is. "Lenard, why won't we visit Mel?" "You just want to see Zera, don't you?" "N... No!"&nbs
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There's No More to See
"Hello, players. I can't thank you enough for reaching the milestone of our project. We're so grateful that each one of you helped us in achieving the perfect world."We would install an update first that will apply the remaining fixtures in the system. It's more convenient for the players since all of us don't speak Latin, is it? More of the game updates will come tomorrow."And tomorrow also, we will be conducting a once-in-a-lifetime event that will take place in the spawn. We've reached a million players, and with that, the Crevole community is spreading wide quickly. What you will get? It's definitely a secret, but I swear if you don't attend this, you'll regret it up to the bottom of your hearts."I'll be expecting your participation in the event. Thank you for listening," Dr. Mi
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Present in Disguise
'Aleiya, let's talk about this!''Aleiya!''I'm worried about you.''If you need someone, I'm just right here.''I still love you.' These are the messages that pop from a phone in a pinkish bed. It is beside a girl who sheds her tears while sleeping, but there are no signs of crying. She's already unconscious, but what's causing it is the technology covering her head, the NTS Gear. Argos explained what happened to his two friends. Starting that day, they gave him empathy. They left him alone, fighting his spirit. Heartbreak is his friends' worst nightmare. They don't even know what to do when that happens. The next day is Saturday. Classes won't interrupt the gamers. Most of the players spent their time grinding until 4 PM, the time of the welcome event. By that time, ev
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