The Lord Panken sends the message to all great kings . He also send the announcement to the "DRAGONALDO" Kingdom. The kingdom is divided into 3 equal parts between the three sons after the king dies. The three sons are very cruel hearted persons. They are many rumors that they three kill thier father for the kingdom. There names were:-




The competition is being held in the Dragons kingdom only. So many kings, lords, queens and many people came there to watch the who is going to be win. The three Dragonaldo kings also came. 

The competition has 3 rounds. They are :-

Round 1- Intelligence

Round 2 - Race with Dragons

Round 3 - The war between the first two winners of        round 2 , then the last stands is winner. 

All are encouraging the five heroes. Suddenly the three Dragonaldo kings says we will also participate in the competition. But also refused. The Lord Panken said only the five heroes can party, but you three can't. But they said, 'are all are afraid of them? You all don't know about us, so allow if you were not fear of us'. 

Then Panken felt so much insult and accepted. 

The competition is started. In the round one all are won the competition because all are intelligent. 

The round two - is started, all eight members are ready on their dragons for the race. It is a big race from the kingdom's entrance to the forest and waterfall and finally to the finish๐Ÿ line. 

The race started, all are performing well. All crossed the kingdom and entered into the forest. 

In the forest the villans used their foolish ideas and  the soldiers of villans attacked the heroes on the dragons and chased them.....

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