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By: Marvellous Benson OngoingFantasy

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Roosevelt despite being a rich young mistress does not like to associate with other people labelling her as a weirdo and other stuff. Her life is already hard as it is with parents that only seem to care about work and money, then the apocalypse begins. There in the apocalypse, she meets a group of teenagers who are not ready to get bitten. Join them on their quest to survive the apocalypse...!!!

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Roosevelt walked into the school premises gloomy as always, today was a beginning of a new session and though she would have loved to stay at home and watch tv, her mom would not hear of that. Being a low profile high school student, it was practically hard to maintain a smiling face because of constant bullying activities. Roosevelt was not poor, in fact she was from a rich home – ‘a stinkingly rich home’ but she just hated the idea of associating with the rich spoilt kids and even the poor ones too. The bell rang to signal the beginning of class, the teacher came in and the class started off boring as usual. ‘Well it is time to zone out again’ she thought as she relaxed in her seat and let the fresh air breeze her into her world of fantasy. Not only was Roosevelt a social weirdo, she was also classified as a shy provocative idiot so everybody practically underestimated her, even her teachers. “Miss Roosevelt can you solve the problem on the board?” The teacher asked. As she walke
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CHAPTER 1 The hot sun burning her face woke Roosevelt up. Forgetting she was not in a bed, she rolled to the side only to fall. Now in what was called the ‘Zombie apocalypse’ by the press before total black out, she knew better than to stay anywhere. There were resurrected beings roaming everywhere and ready to pounce on anybody they could find. To prevent getting pounced upon in her sleep, she choose to sleep in a tree and fell because she rolled over. Sleeping on the ground was just liked committing suicide so now she had to learn to get used to the body aches she felt every morning from sleeping on rough and hard surfaces. In this world where wealth no longer counted, the only luck she felt was the weapons her parents were able to purchase despite being quite unfortunate them selves. As Roosevelt began her journey once again, she spotted a petite zombie, one that had perhaps been a cheer leader at one point in her life coming for her. Actually she wasn’t so surprised to see a zo
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Roosevelt stabbed a zombie’s head as it got close to her. In her state of excitement, she had forgotten to check the surroundings and the inside of the building through the windows and well she could only be thankful she brought a knife along at least.As the last zombie fell to the ground with a knife stabbed into its skull, she began to ransack the building. Considering the fact that the house had never been visited or looted, she felt like lady luck was smiling at her from above and she couldn’t help but smile back. At a crucial moment of her life when she was beginning to feel like it was an hustle to only be capable of carrying so little for fear of slowing down and stilling worrying of how to get more before it completely ran out, she couldn’t let anything go to waste. After packing everything she felt was valuable, she took a little time to rest. Even though the sofa was covered with dust and the house stank of decaying flesh, she still dosed off too tired to care about that.*
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CHAPTER 3 The sound of a vehicle approaching the RV woke Marvellous from his meditation, taking note of the happenings in the RV, he saw his friends laughing at their own jokes as they passed time. Obviously none of them had noticed the approaching vehicle.Taking action quickly, he ran out of the RV and climbed to the top to inspect the surroundings. His actions however did not go unnoticed by his friends. “What is going on ?” Larry asked. “I guess he sensed something . . . ” Timothy said jumping out of the RV to join Marvellous on the RV, “Marvellous what’s wrong?” he asked. “Shhhh . . . Keep quiet” Marvellous replied, “Someone is coming”. “Are you seeing anything ?” Timothy said, “cause I can’t . . .”. Just then the sound of a vehicle approaching interrupted him. A truck driven by a girl their age appeared as the vehicle’s sound got closer and stopped in front of the RV. How long was it since they last saw humans like themselves, and suddenly a truck driven by a girl their age
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CHAPTER 4 Encountering a few zombies a day was normal in the apocalypse, encountering a hundred a month was also normal and tolerable. But encountering over ah hundred a day and all in one place was terrifyingly rare - after all even the population of zombies had dropped in the years of the apocalypse. However at this moment, over a hundred zombies, swifts included were chasing a young girl. With a backpack strapped to her back, she could only run as fast as she could when she saw the numbers of the zombies. Luckily, she had a variety of supplies in her truck when her fuel ran out so she was able to take supplies to her liking that could fit in her backpack, so she had no worries for supplies and she still had weapons albeit a little lesser than she always carried. Naturally, the young girl or lady was Roosevelt and at the moment she could only blame her luck for her situation. The only reasons why she had survived for so long after abandoning her truck was because of the pistol and
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CHAPTER 5Roosevelt sat in front of the fire the group had built, absently minded she ate her dinner while thinking of that face filled with reluctance to part as he turned and ran. 'The longest period it takes an infected to turn is seven days, lets see how long he can fight against the virus before he finally turns' she thought."Hey Roosevelt" comfort called dragging her out of her thoughts. "Yup ?" she replied."Did you actually share that dream with us ?""Hmmm . . . I guess so" she replied. " . . . except it's a bit different now given that nobody was bitten then" She said casting a glance at the RV."How did you know we were going to be at the warehouse ?"Basit asked.Hearing the question, a sigh escape Roosevelt's mouth as she questioned her self. 'Was there a reason why she actually ran in the direction of the warehouse ?, was it fate performing its trick ?, were the heavens directing her to that warehouse ? or was she just overthinking ?' she thought before replying. "I didn
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CHAPTER 6 Maxwell stood outside his tent watching the sun rise, since the apocalypse everything had changed. The sun no longer looked yellow but a blood red as if dyed by the blood of those that had died during the past few years, and it was hotter than before the apocalypse. It had been a week since his sanctuary - the only place he had called home since the apocalypse era - had fallen into chaos, he and the remaining survivors were heading north for the closest town. As he thought of things that had happened in the past few days, he could only shake his head and let out a deep sigh. Returning to his tent, he picked a remote and pressed the button on it to wake the other survivors while he settled down for breakfast. Looking at the quantity of food he was preparing for the remaining members of his sanctuary, he almost broke into tears because it reminded him of the tragic incident on that day. The amount of food he was cooking would not have been enough to satisfy even one - tenth
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CHAPTER 7 The emergence of another fellow from the vehicle was not in Maxwell’s expectations. Thinking back to the fact that the fellow was also a teenager but was even more arrogant than the others, answering his questions directly, he almost puked in anger. Turning to face the other ones however, he noticed that they were looking at the newly arrived fellow in surprise and confusion. “Marvellous are you okay?”. “How come you are fine?”. “Weren’t you supposed to have turned?”. “The bite has actually healed? . . .”. “That’s impossible! . . . How come?”. Seemly forgetting him and his raiders, the teenagers suddenly lost themselves in an entirely different discussion. Trading confused and awkward glances with his deputy, he cleared his throat and shouted to the teenagers. “Hey!, we’re not done yet”. Totally ignoring him, they continued chatting as if they weren’t currently blocked by a group of people or as if they hadn’t been talking to someone. Despite their seemly careles
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CHAPTER 8 In the RV, the conversation continued. “God! . . . You needed to see yourself running towards that swift, you were running with inhumane speed”, Joy said. “I almost swore or I even heard you growling".“Look at the colour of your eyes, they have changed!” One after the other, Marvellous friends voiced out their thoughts and also commented on whatever changes they noticed on him. “ . . . ” Marvellous. Completely ignored, Marvellous sat on a chair while listening to them talking as if he was non existent. Taking a quick glance all over the area with his eyes for something to keep him busy but finding none, he rose from the chair and walked to the drivers compartment. ******* Maxwell was in deep thoughts in his makeshift office , thinking about the group of teens he just encountered. He could only feel confusion and even more confusion the more he thought of them. Unable to come to a final conclusion, he let out a sigh and went out of his office. Standing with his eyes
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CHAPTER 9 “WESTCLIFF CITY MUSEUM”. Finally they had arrived, but not to meet the sights they had fascinated about. *GROANS* Peng peng peng . . .. They were actually battling with zombies instead of resting. ‘Damn your grandpa, who the hell mentioned relaxation in the museum? ‘Damned zombie won’t you just die already?’. ‘I swear to God, I would roast ya all if ya bodies didn’t carry the virus as a compensation for this stress I’m going through’. A certain fellow with a somewhat misty pupil suddenly appeared before a swift and shattered its skull with his axe. Naturally this was Marvellous, his speed was just to fast that even the swifts seemed to crawl when compared to him. Best still, they also ignored him. He had the freedom to move unattacked between them while slaughtering them which gave him an edge in addition to to his inexhaustible energy. “Ebbie watch out for the swift on your left!”. “Damn freaking zombies . . . DIE!!!”. “Shit! . . . You stained my shirt you mum
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