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Alex is an orphan who eventually lives as a hitman. Alex is the leader of the number one hitman group in New York. However, instantly Alex's life changes when he has to be betrayed by his partner and eventually dies. But suddenly Alex realized and found that he had turned into the body of a 10-year-old boy. A strange situation ensues where Alex also realizes that now he is no longer in his world. However, Alex has switched dimensions and is within the world of wizards. Alex also knows that the body of the boy who is now occupied by his soul is also the same name as himself, namely Alex. Alex Zhitze Wolve is a 10-year-old boy from the wizard tribe of 'Wolve' and has no magic talent at all. Little Alex was killed because of a conspiracy in it. Knowing that Alex also tried to find justice for Alex Zhitze Wolve. Alex is trying to find the real murderer who killed the poor boy. Will Alex be able to deliver justice for Alex Zhitze Wolve's death? Will Alex be able to return to his world again?

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Chapter 1
In the middle of the night.In the luxury apartment area of Blue Sky, New York.Alex held a glass of red wine as he stared out the window where there were glittering lights that decorated the night from the many skyscrapers. With a look of sad eyes, Alex continued to stare outwards. Alex's heart at this time was filled with frustration and also a sense of uneasiness as if something was raging in his heart at this moment.Alex is a leader of the 'Black', one of the five greatest hitman groups in New York City. Alex has led a group of dozens of assassins at hand. Alex is famous for his genius as a strategist, under his leadership Black seems to be at his golden peak at the moment. However, it's all just a story away. Now the only thing Alex can do is swallow his sadness inside his luxurious apartment.It's been about 15 years since Alex spent as a hitman. Since the age of 15, he has been trained very hard to become a great assassin. Alex has experienced countless trials and sufferings.
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Chapter 2
Alex instantly turned back. Alex was surprised by what was currently in front of him. Namely, Alex saw Ronny's figure ready to shoot bullets at him."What are you doing, Ron?" asked Alex with a sharp look in his eyes full of celibacy."I'm sorry, Alex. I was forced to do so. They promised that they would make me one of the highest positions within Shadow if I managed to do this all."Alex's eyes seemed to be perfectly rounded full of shock. However, instantly a laugh came out of Alex's mouth, "hahaha. So it means that you have been betraying me all these years, Ron?"Alex didn't expect that Ronny, who was Black's deputy leader and was one of the people he believed in would eventually betray himself like this."I'm sorry, Alex. This is all due to your fault. You shouldn't have turned down the offer. If only you accepted the offer to join Shadow at that time, Black will likely be even more advanced along with shadow at this time. You've offended you shouldn't have offended, Alex. You've
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Chapter 3
Alex still couldn't believe that this was reality. Alex still guessed that all the things he saw and felt at this time were just a dream.Ceklek!Immediately the door began to open from the outside. There was a beautiful woman who was about 30 years old who walked over in a hurry and immediately approached Alex. Alex, who felt even more surprised by the sudden presence of a woman, immediately walked back. Until finally his body was just stopped on the wall.The beautiful woman immediately got closer and hugged Alex's body so tightly."Oh, my sweetheart! You finally woke up too," the beautiful woman said as shed tears full of happiness when she saw Alex.Alex could only be silent and completely unable to move. For the first time, Alex felt a hug from a woman in his life during his nearly 30 years of age. Alex, who has always focused on carrying out his duties in the hitman group, has never felt the feeling of falling in love or being close to a woman at all. Alex always enjoyed his lif
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Chapter 4
Alex Whitze Wolve is currently studying magic at Ronza Wolve Academy. Ronza Wolve Academy is the most prestigious and greatest academy in the Wolve tribe. And it was also in that place that Alex was often the target of bullying and ridicule from everyone. It's as if no one appreciates Alex as the son of the Wolve tribe leader. Until finally the tragic event happened. Where when Alex started practicing his magic suddenly an explosion occurred finally the explosion hit his head right so that it caused his hair to turn curly and also caused a severe wound on Alex's face.No one knows the truth that exists that in fact after that event the real Alex Zhitze Wolve had passed away and left this world.The pain that had just chastened the contents of Alex's head slowly began to dissipate and left only a lot of memories that filled the contents of his head at this time."Honey... Alex! You're fine, right? What happened to you, Alex? Don't worry Mom!" said the woman who was in front of Alex wit
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Chapter 5
Rafael and Rossa also started walking toward Alex's room. Slowly the door of the room began to open. The two walked closer and closer to Alex's bed. And at the sight of the son who was currently asleep. There is a sense of relief that is now being shown by Rossa and Rafael. Where at this time they saw the son who was fast asleep, not because of the unconscious state as before."Thank goodness that Alex is asleep at the moment. I was relieved after seeing it," said Rafael, who was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief after seeing that his son's condition was okay."Then we'd better just go out Honey. Let our son enjoy his rest at this time," Rossa said."Yes, that's it, Honey," Rafael said in agreement.Rossa and Rafael also started to come back out of the room. Leaving back Alex, who was still in the dark,***On the other side.In his subconscious, Alex, who was in his normal adult body state, seemed to be somewhere that stretched out endlessly."Where am I? This is my real body?
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Chapter 6
A week has passed. It's been a week since Alex the leader of the Black assassin started to wake up in Alex Zhitze Wolve's tiny body and it also means that it's been a week since he's been living life as Alex Whitze Wolve.And in this one week's time, Alex just kept being inside the house. Part of his time he had spent recovering his condition which had almost been on the precipice between the deaths. However, for Alex, the time he spends inside the house means time to watch and monitor the situation in this different world.Within a week, Alex was able to conclude several things from the results of his investigation. First, Alex can find out that his family is the leader of the Wolves tribe. However, Alex can see that there are still many people who seem to oppose Rafael's current leadership. This is evident from the fact that there was a group of people who suddenly came to the house to ask Rafael to step down from his current position as chief. Although in reality it was considered
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Chapter 7
Rafael continued steadily Alex with a smile that continued to appear on the corners of his lips."I feel proud of you, Alex.""Thank you so much, Dad. I will prove all my words just now and later I will make Mom and Dad feel proud of me.""Oh, yes. Then take this." Rafael began to take a small box from his pocket and give it to Alex."What is this, Dad?" asked Alex curiously."Open it! And you will see the contents inside."With curiosity, Alex began to open the wooden box. A brownish-colored box that looks old, but still looks strong and elegant.Slowly after the wooden box opened, there was a very bright flash of light from inside. A flash of light that was so dazzling that it made Alex close his eyes in an instant.After the light began to dissipate Alex began to open both eyes and look at the contents inside the wooden box until it emitted a very bright light.Inside the wooden box, there is a black pendant necklace. A stone is pitch black, but it looks very beautiful."Is this ne
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Chapter 8
Rossa smiled at Alex's remarks. Rossa slowly began to approach and picked up the ring inside the wooden box."Put it on Alex first and you'll find out how special this ring is," Rossa said as she immediately put the ring on Alex's finger.At first, the ring did look very big and would be very oversized on Alex's little finger. However, something strange began to happen. The ring suddenly changed in size and began to shrink following Alex's finger size."Wow, it's amazing that this ring is! Great!" said Alex in amazement. Alex didn't expect at all that the ring would easily follow the size of his finger. Until now, the ring finally fits on Alex's finger."Isn't that ring just right for you, Alex? Look at how well that ring fits in your hand right now," Rossa said happily."yes, mom," said Alex, who also looked happy."Mom hope the ring will continue to be on you and will continue to protect you later, Alex.""What ring is this actually, mom?""The ring was given by your grandma to Mom.
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Chapter 9
An interval of some time passed. Today's magic class is over.Everyone also began to step out of the classroom in the direction of their respective dorm rooms. So it is with Alex. Alex began to walk out of the classroom and followed the rest of his classmates in the direction of the dormitory.Alex just walked by himself, just like before. However, the difference is that the aura that Alex exudes is very different from before. Whenever Alex used to walk downcast because he couldn't bear it when he got a sharp look in the eyes of everyone, this time Alex seemed to walk firmly with full confidence. It was as if Alex was showing that he didn't care about other people's views of him at all."Look at the boy. Just because he felt that he was the son of the chief he felt very confident and also arrogant. It's just because his father always protects him like he was able to be arrogant like that," said one who was looking at Alex with his dislike.Alex could still hear the rumbling voices of
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Chapter 10
Teng... Teng... Teng!The bell of the dormitory also began to clang. Signifies that this time is the time for dinner. All the residents of the dormitory began to come out scattered in the direction of the dining room. Alex is no exception.Since then Ronny has not shown his face in front of Alex at all. Ronny seemed to be planning something else for Alex. Casually Alex continued to walk following the others to head in the direction of the dining room. Honestly, Alex did feel very hungry. Indeed, a child of Alex Zhitze Wolve's age needs a lot of nutrients that are sufficient for his growing up period.After a while of walking to the dining room, Alex finally arrived at the dining room. Following the others, Alex also lined up to wait for his turn to get the dinner ration.And dinner for Alex was now right on the tray in his hand. Alex immediately sat down and started eating dinner. Previously, Alex felt very anxious about the food he would eat while in this magical world. However, who
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