King of succubus

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King of succubus

By: Golden_raise Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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🏆["Bronze Medal" in "The Most Popular Novel" of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022" ]🏆 Alvine opened his eyes and suddenly found himself in the body of a boy celebrating his 18th birthday. [ Ding!! ....] [The host has reached the age required for activation of the Incubus legacy ] [The turning process into an incubus will begin in 5 seconds... 5....4...3..2..1...] (The profile does not belong to me. The owner can contact me!)


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Ah, I'm now an Incubus!
Alvine, a 27-year-old man, orphaned since the age of 10, has a carcinogenic brain disease in the final stage... While he was breathing his last breath, he addressed himself in his heart: '... sigh... I who had abandoned all kinds of distractions to take care of my professional career, who would have thought I would leave like that! ... ' '... Fortunately, there are not many people who will mourn my death... I wonder if Veronica will forgive me for abandoning her for my career. 'He thought, with an air of regret and feeling his strength abandon him... '....sigh....I was an idiot! ...Hehehe...' a barely visible melancholy smile appeared on his face. Veronica was his childhood friend who was the same age as him, and they were neighbors at the time. She was also the first girl and the only one who had fallen in love with him to his knowledge. She even confessed her feelings for Alvine at the age of 20, but Alvine, who had just been betrayed by his colleagues at that time and abandoned
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The Effects of the Power of Lust!!
[Activation of the incubus gene in 5 seconds! ...] "Ahhh! Listen to me now!!!" [ hmm... I'm busy there, what do you want!? Host?] '....' "I have a name, and is it Alvine! In short, I have the impression that after your Incubus thing... nothing good will happen to me! So can you please be a nice little girl and give up this idea? You can first explain to me what happened to me." Seeing that he does not have the power to interfere with the work of this...thing! Who spoke in his head, he had no choice but to choose a peaceful terrain with her. [...sigh...Alvine is that right? Very well, your request for a change of name is accepted..] [For your other requests....] [...All are rejected without exception until the activation process is completed] "Thank you...wait... What!" [Resuming the gene activation process...5....4....3..2..1....] "!!! "He suddenly fainted because of the dizziness... Since then, 3 days have passed... and Alvine has still not woken up. Meanwhile, his maids in
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More details about incubus !!
3 The next day, under the beautiful exotic landscape. Sabrina and her gang did not have the luxury of observing this magnificent sunrise under the exotic sky, They were all in their master's room to watch over him. Alvine had been sleeping deeply for four days now. Her maids are still sitting in their original place, looking at him silently as their thoughts wander in their brains. This time, Sabrina did not think of thirty-six solutions to prevent their master from charming them without her knowledge. She had simply covered her master's face with a pillow next to her. The innocent Helen, the sweet Helen was now back. She could not put her eyes on anything other than the ground under her feet because of her excessive shame. Her beautiful exotic face was red as a ripe apple. "Hmm, Lady Rina, your trick is effective against him, even if I can no longer admire this male manliness, hehe." Nicco, is always faithful to herself, not feeling at all embarrassed by what happened yesterday. E
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First mission as an incubus.
"Hmm..." Alvine who was under the pillow began to regain consciousness, but his field of vision is still blurred because of the pillow that was carefully placed on his face. " ??? "The maids. After removing the soft pillow that was placed on his head, he began to open his eyes, which were originally sky blue, who have now become blood-red eyelashes with strange purple patterns inside his pupils! Even before he correctly regained his mind, a soft voice familiar to him resonated again in his head. [Congratulations to host Alvine... the awakening process of the Incubus heritage has been completed...] [... Host Alvine is now an incubus! ...] [... After this step, the next objective is the awakening of the mutated lineage that is still dormant..] "*Hoahhm*..." being deaf with this girl who constantly buzzed in his head like a cursed fly, but her following words had made him jump! [... But the body of host Alvine does not have a constitution strong enough to awaken this mutated linea
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"So I slept for four days?!" He asked with astonishment. "Okay, let's go back downstairs to have lunch together" Alvine headed for the exit without delay, while his maids followed in his footsteps behind him. Once they went down the stairs, a living room decorated in a Victorian style welcomed all five of them. And at the end of the living room was a dining table with five seats, one at the top of the table and two seats on each side. Alvine naturally sits in the middle chair, just like the former Alvine. Then Ashia served the dishes. Everything went well until Alvine opened a conversation. "Sabrina, did you say I must be able to get back in my former form? How do I feel to do that? Are there any procedures I need to follow?" Alvine asked Sabrina after dinner, while she cleared the empty plates in front of alvine with Ashia. "Umm... I'm not too sure, about your case which is a little special. For example, a fairy can instinctively take human form when she understands the high-leve
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Bathroom (final)
"What are you talking about? Your childish teasing no longer affects me! Then you'd better give up... Neko! Alvine put his plan into action. "... Ugh!! Do you want to play this master? Won't you beg me to stop me soon as before...? Hehe." Her ego was broken this time, she will never let the insult pass. Especially when it came to her master!! Nicco had just undressed Alvine professionally with unstoppable flexibility. Seeing himself treated like a young prince of antiquity, he felt a little weird and a little agitated deep within himself. But despite everything, he still kept a direct expression so as not to give this girl the slightest chance to tease him! He walked nonchalantly to the stool that was at the back of the bathroom... just to take a shower before diving into the Spa. Sitting there in front of the bath mirror, his back facing Nicco who was about to help him. She sat down on her knees and quietly prepared to take care of her master with a mischievous smile. Alvine, who
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Legendary Specimen.
Thousands of kilometers from the small castle of Alvine, a flourishing kingdom ruled by the human race with more than a million inhabitants. The kingdom itself was a second-class kingdom, and its throne was occupied by a woman who was known for her cruelty, her thirst for power, her thirst for massacres, and above all... for her venomous beauty that makes any man dream! But the most amazing thing in its history was its family situation. She no longer had a brother or sister, her father and mother had experienced a mysterious end about fifty years ago... she was the only girl with royal blood who ruled over the people of the kingdom of Aralaycha with her ministers who all bear without exception a seal of slavery! It is not that she did not have brothers and sisters and was an only daughter, the cause of her singularity was due to herself! Her older brother the crown prince, her younger brother, her older sister, and her two Benjamine sisters... She had massacred them all by the notes
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Succubus Assiaphir Gleph'nir
______ *Are you there Assi?* [Yes. What's on your mind host Alvine?] *can you tell me more about the store I just unlocked?* [The shop is divided into several levels...] [as you have just unlocked level 1. you will have access to low-level scrolls for your learning, medium grade spiritual stones, different potions, fighting techniques, earth level weapons, and different types of magic affinities (lightning, fire, water, earth...)] *Hmm? But you just told me that I unlocked elemental affinities, right? So why do I still have to buy them?* [You have unlocked them, but mastering them is another story! To do so, you need to buy them so you can be able to control them at will.] [Let's take the example of the elemental affinity of fire magic if you wish you can make a fireball appear in your hand with your magic energy without buying control of this affinity.] [But this action will draw three times as much energy and
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Study project
So this thing turned out to be a girl of divine rank? But the deities live in the higher kingdoms... they had left the planet of Alzania... Since the latter no longer provided enough energy to allow them to continue their cultivations, they have gone to a place that is unknown to ordinary mortals. He knew all his information thanks to the other Alvine. If her information is true, then this girl who turned out to be a succubus must surely know a crucial thing. [Hey, one question at a time. To return to your question that deserves a rest, namely, why I have doubts about your species... well the answer is simple. It is because of your second lineage that is even more mysterious than your skill as an energy trainer. Your predecessors had never had two lineage. What am I saying, I have never heard of a succubus/ incubus with a mutated lineage! Finally, perhaps your energy absorption skill has a relationship with this lineage that is still inactive.] *O-ok I unders
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Basics informations
The planet of ALZANIA contains two types of cultivators: Body culture: which aims to increase body strength beyond nature "warriors" with an spurital Q Soul culture: which consists in cultivating the strength of the soul "Magus" But this factor is only valid until the Holy Level! After reaching the Emperor Level, a mage will be able to cultivate his bodily strength like warriors and vice versa!! ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() Mages______&_____Warriors________/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\____________Level of Culture - Mana color__[rank] - Lvl. 0 - 10: Normal - Colorless [0]- Lvl. 11 - 30: Apprentice - White [0]- Lvl. 31 - 60: Beginner - Cyan Clair [1R]- Lvl. 61 - 90: Intermediate - Dark Cyan [2R]- Lvl. 91 - 130: Advanced - Light green [3R]- Lvl. 1 31- 180: Master - Dark Green [4R]- Lvl. 181 - 240: Grand Master - Light Blue [5R]- Lvl. 241 - 300: Esprit - Dark Blue [6R]- Lvl. 301 - 370: Saint - Violet [7R]- Lvl. 371- 450: Emperor - Red [8R]- Lvl. 451 - 1000: God - Gold
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