After killing the Vener. Himakar , Maniking, Dhanush, Chaitanya returned to the earth with that two ring parts. They thought Trilokesh is also returned to the earth. But they don't know that Trilokesh, K and magic girl were locked up by the ASTRØN.

They four returned to the earth with that two ring parts. They went to the Alex .

Maniking - We killed Vener. And also brought the two ring parts.

Alex - Great job ! But where is the third part ? And where is Trilokesh ?

Himakar - What are you talking ? Is Trilokesh not came here ?

Chaitanya - We lost connection with him. So we thought he already came to earth before we came here.

Alex - I too lost the connection , he is not in the LIRO planet. So I thought he took the part and came towards you.

Dhanush - So what should we do now ? Oh god !

Alex - We should to go to the LIRO planet again and find him. We should speed up this. I will ask Chris or Steve a new spaceship.

All - Ok , we should probably start at night.

Alex - Himakar and Dhanu
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