World Evolution

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World Evolution

By: Zero_writer OngoingFantasy

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🏆[No.2 "Outstanding An Story" of "The Ultimate Fantasy" Contest]🏆 Two hundred years ago every person on planet Mirmid heard a voice in their head '' Planet has reached the initial requirement for evaluation awaking mana for evaluation'' And from that day onwards life of every living being on planet Mirmid changed completely. A status window appeared in front of every person who was at least 15 years old on the status window they can see their strength, skill, mana and everything related to them. Dungeons started to appear all around the planet, animals started to evolve into magic beasts. Humans can also grow with the help of mana, they can enter dungeons and can kill the magic beast to level up and gain new skills and power that can make them extremely powerful. In this world Ethan a fifteen year old boy is starting his journey of evaluation where he has to face many challenges. Will he be able to overcome every challenge and become the strongest or he will just perish before reaching the top? Join Ethan in his adventure to know about it


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  • Sean Flanagan


    just wondering when there will be new chapters, it has been a while now

    2023-06-30 02:00:19
  • mikey


    Love the story so far but I can really see much harem going on?

    2023-04-13 03:47:35
  • Alexio Morp


    The starting chapters are bit crude because of the language mistakes and need editing.But since I liked the story I continued to read and honestly, I loved the story The writing is good for later chapters.the character development, power-ups, and world-building is perfect Can't wait for new chapters

    2023-02-24 00:41:46
  • Ralph


    Very good book. I love it

    2023-02-08 01:57:51
  • Dean


    Loving the story. Keep it up.

    2023-01-29 02:31:41
  • Vance


    Been loving the book!!. Highly recommended

    2023-01-24 18:36:09
  • Ryan Anderson


    can you release more than 2 chapters.

    2023-01-23 05:46:24
  • Zero_writer


    Chapter 199 is (part 2) I have titled it (part 1) by mistake.

    2023-01-22 00:06:43
  • Yugandhar Kancharla


    Please release more than 2 chapters a day.. Chapters till now are too good..

    2023-01-18 22:51:08
  • Dreamer


    Author can't you release more than two chapters a day? The new chapters are too good I can't stop reading.

    2023-01-17 01:37:40
  • Master Reader


    Great story, loving the character and storyline.

    2023-01-12 17:18:48
  • Matthew


    It is truly a great story can't wait to read more. And before anyone asks let me answer, no I am not the guard who appeared in chapter 173. The Mc did not use his skill on me.

    2023-01-11 01:56:54
  • Esther


    Great story! Can't stop reading. I really love the character of Mc

    2023-01-10 18:30:35
  • Alan Ramsey


    I love everything about the novel which is released so far. I am on chapter 159 currently. Personally I love how the novel is not a slow burn The pace of the novel is quite good. The Mc becomes powerful at a steady pace and uses his skills wisely. Overall a good read

    2023-01-01 14:43:28
  • Robert


    A good book. Can't wait to read more

    2022-12-28 01:30:18
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362 chapters
Chapter 1: Ethan
'' So it's finally time huh! '' someone said with a sigh in a dark room.It was the dignified male voice, from voice anyone can guess that the person was quite old, but the power that his voice carried can't be underestimated because the surrounding mana stirred whenever this person spoke. ''We both know that he will have to go one day '' an old gentle voice tried to cheer him up, but anyone can feel sadness hidden in the voice. It was the voice of a female and just like male from her voice anyone can guess that she is also quite old but the mana in the air trembled whenever she spoke.Planet Mirmid was a normal planet two hundred years ago, but two hundred years ago a blue light enveloped the entire planet and a voice sounded in every person's mind '' World met the minimum requirements for evolution awaking surrounding mana of the planet''.After the voice faded everyone was left confused about what just happened, and suddenly entire planet faced a sudden earthquake. The air in the
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Chapter 2: Dark Slayer
Ethan woke up refreshed the next day he was feeling great and was ready to start his journey as an evolver, after doing his morning routine Ethan went to have breakfast with his grandparents.'' Good morning grandma'' Ethan greeted his grandmother who was cooking breakfast in the kitchen.''Good morning Ethan'' Amala greeted him back.''Breakfast will be ready in five minutes did you pack everything you needed for training'' Amala asked Ethan while still cooking.''Yes I have packed everything that I needed for my training'' Ethan replied while looking for his grandfather because he didn't see him anywhere, Amala looked at Ethan who was looking for his grandfather and said '' he is in the store room searching for something he will be back soon''.Hearing that Ethan didn't think too much about it and just waited for breakfast after some time Ren also came back from the store room when Ethan asked him, what he was searching for in the storage room Ren just give him a mysterious smile and
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Chapter 3: Mana Training
Ethan looked at his grandfather who was standing at the middle of the training room while holding a normal wooden sword although Ethan never asked how strong his grandparents are he knew that they are pretty strong because they knew most of the things you need to know about evolution and mana.After taking out the wooden sword Ren told Ethan to take a sword, Ethan also picked up a wooden sword from the training racks and stood opposite to his grandfather.Currently, both Ren and Ethan left the lawn and come to their training ground, the training ground is quite big around half the size of the football stadium and it's built under their home although Ethan doesn't know much about magic and the world since he never gone pass the outer zone of the dark forest he is still sensible enough to know that this training ground is built using space magic.Ethan thought like this because their home size is quite normal just a small lovely lawn and a two-story building that have 3 rooms with bathro
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Chapter 4: Leaving
Ethan woke up early the next day he was feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep yesterday he was too exhausted after his mana training but after a good sleep, he completely recovered. He did his morning routine and before joining his grandparents for breakfast he looked at his status.Name:- EthanRace:- HumanLevel:- 0Strength:- 13Agility:- 12Stamina:- 12Mana:- 98Heath:- 15Magic:- 90Title:- NoneJob:- NoneSkills:-Active skill:- NonePassive skill:- Advance Level Appraisal = Allows you to see anyone's level that is not 10 levels above you.Ethan was surprised to see his mana is increased by two points but after thinking about it he thought it make sense that his mana increased because of his training yesterday. He can feel his mana more clearly now after the training but if anyone else saw how Ethan's mana increased just by training for one day they would have thought they live their life for nothing because increasing mana without leveling up is almost impossible for oth
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Chapter 5: Dark Forest
After eating Ethan took a short break and started to arrange his things before entering the dark forest. Ethan took out a pouch of light blue powder from his storage ring and sprinkled it on himself. The powder that Ethan used is called concealment powder a powder that can erase the smell of the user it can also erase the presence of the user if not seen with your eyes people won't be able to detect you.But there is a limit to this powder it can only conceal your presence and smell from the opponent whose level is below ten if your opponent's level is ten or above its effect will reduce greatly.There are other things that can conceal your presence from the higher level magic beast but currently, Ethan only wanted to kill his first magic beast that is not too powerful nor too weak since he will get his skill depending on the beast he kills first he chose to use this powder so low-level beast won't be able to detect him and he will not have to kill a low-level beast before he acquires
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Chapter 6: Forest Tiger (Part 1)
Ethan who saw someone crushing the ratman's head with a single attack quickly backed away from the magic beast and looked at it to see what it was and when he saw what it was his heart almost stopped beating.A three-meter tall magic beast with light Yellow skin and black stripes all over its body, blood red eyes that want to destroy everything in its sight, a two-meter long tail coming out from its back whenever beast swing its tail, the wind was cut apart from its sheer force the three-meter tall magic beast was a tiger Ethan tried his best to calm down his beating heart after seeing the tiger that looks like it can crush him anytime, he used his passive skill level appraisal to check the level of the magic beast and what he saw made his heart pound even faster----) Forest Tiger:- Level-??He was unable to see its level which mean its level is higher than level ten he was not even fully confident killing magic beasts whose level is around ten and this forest tiger's level is even hi
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Chapter 7: Forest Tiger (Part 2)
'' This is my only chance '' Ethan muttered and just as he was about to clash with the tiger he poured more of his mana into his legs and jumped up. As soon as Ethan poured more mana into his legs and jumped up the bones of his legs get fractured and the muscles in his legs that were already bleeding also tore apart when he landed on the back of the tiger he almost fainted because of the pain but he doesn't have time for that just as Ethan landed on the back of the tiger, it started to shack violently.Ethan Gritting his teeth and endured the pain, he held the fur of the tiger with his one hand and sword with the other hand and then slash at the neck of the tiger since his sword was still coated with mana it made a deep wound at the neck of the tiger.The tiger roared in pain and it started to shack its back more violently to shack Ethan off from its back but Ethan held its fur tightly like his life depends on it.He already stopped strengthening his legs from mana when he landed on th
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Chapter 8: First Skill (Part 1)
Ethan woke up after a long time when he opened his eyes his vision was blurry he slowly rubbed his eyes and looked where he was but all he saw was darkness.Seeing darkness all around him Ethan's dizziness quickly faded away and he remembered what happened before he fall asleep.He remembered that he fall asleep on a tree branch after his fight against the forest Tiger but now looking around all he could see is pure darkness he couldn't understand where is he.'' Just what the hell happened after I fall asleep '' Ethan muttered while looking around for clues to find his location.Roarr~~~Suddenly Ethan heard a loud roar and his heart almost stopped beating because he thought that the roar was that of forest Tiger.After hearing the roar Ethan finally understood where he was, Ethan couldn't help but curse his own stupidity. '' Damm! How can I forget that I am inside the dark forest and although this is just the outer zone the trees here are also pretty thick and wide so very little li
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Chapter 9: First Skill (Part 2)
Ethan took the second scroll and looked at it's details. --) Night vision (passive skill) :- The user of this skill can see in the night. Although this skill looks like it won't do anything good but Ethan was happy with this skill because currently, he is inside the dark forest so he can't hunt at night because he can't see anything at night just like yesterday where he thought he was in a void devoid of light. But with the help of this skill Ethan is sure that he can utilize his time more perfectly in the dark forest. Since most of the stronger magic beast hunt at night Ethan's past plan was to hunt in the daytime and rest at night to avoid these magic beasts. There were two reasons for him to avoid these magic beast that hunts at night, first was that the magic beasts that hunt in the outer zone at night are mostly above level 12 and are stronger than him and they can use the environment of the dark forest better than him since they are hunting here for a long time and this is hi
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Chapter 10: Coming Out From Dark Forest
Ethan raised his hand and closed his eyes he tried to feel the surrounding wind. After some time Ethan opened his eyes and said '' wind blade'' while putting his hand down simultaneously. Suddenly a blade made of wind appeared and slashed towards a tree in front of him the blade struck the tree and it was cut in half just by a single wind blade.Ethan who was watching this opened his eyes wide in shock after seeing the power of the wind blade and could not help but say out loud'' what the hell''Ethan couldn't understand how the power of this single wind blade that he made after controlling the surrounding wind was so powerful but he soon got his answer when he suddenly started to feel dizzy.Ethan was very familiar with this feeling after his fight against forest Tiger so he quickly check his mana and finally understood why the power of his wind blade was so high. Mana:- 46/107He used more than half of his mana in his previous attack and after seeing his remaining mana Ethan was n
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