Soul Avatar

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Soul Avatar

By: Japhel OngoingFantasy

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Orion, an orphan highschool student was taken along his class filled with celebrities to another world, but what awaited him was despair and revelations. "What have I done to deserve this...?" "You are pathetic, Orion." Going through many hardships, he will learn and grow. He will discover that a terrible truth lies behind his life. "Someone like you shouldn’t exist in this world." [Soul Avatar Identified...] He will learn that a terrifying threat was looming over his entire class. "Do you really think it was a coincidence that your class was summoned?" The summoning of his class to another world was not a random one to save an empire.


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Prologue Volume 1: A Chained Man And A Dying Man.
"AHHHHH!" I shouted like a madman. "Fuck....!!!" I was currently on the verge of insanity. I tried to move but... Clang! "Thoses damn chains!" Clang! Clang! Clang! I was chained somewhere. I didn't know where, since there was something covering my eyes. I didn't know since when because I don't even know who the fuck I am! "I swear I will kill the bastard who put me there!" It was really breaking me apart. I don't know how, but the chains were destroying my body from the inside. I guess I had something like regeneration since I could feel my limbs growing back. But! At the exact moment they grew back, the chains would start again to destroy my body. It was really a mind boggling pain but I somehow got used to it. But even I had limits, the fact that I was alone and being tortured in a godforsaken place was too much. Clang! Clang! "Dammit..." Thud! Suddenly, I heard a sound. "Who?!" No responses. "If you are the guy who put me there, count your days because one day
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Palace Of Versailles
"The Palace of Versailles was at first only a small castle. It was Louis XIV who enlarged the castle into a palace between 1661 and 1715 and..." Before the immense Palace of Versailles, a teacher was explaining the history of the Palace of Versailles to his students. Orion, who loved history, was listening seriously to his professor. Orion's class was a bit special as they were all foreign students who had come to France to study at a high school in Paris. The class was already divided into several groups, but Orion was in none as he was in his own world. For him, reading was enough and all that mattered, but unfortunately, he was the only one. "Man I'm bored..." A tired voice rang out amidst all the explanations of the teacher. "Don't speak so loud John, the teacher is talking." A blond-haired and blue-eyed youth rebuked John. "It's not my fault Andrew, I slept late yesterday *Yawn!*" John said before yawning. "You always sleep late..." "You really have just muscles in yo
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He Was On My Way
"Hey Orion!"Orion stopped his steps and turned around to see Aura smiling at him."H-Hum y-yes ?" Orion stuttered as it was rare for him to be called out, even less by a celebrity."Ahaha don't be so nervous! I just want you to take us in a photo!"Aura giggled and asked Orion, but the latter froze to her beautiful smile."Orion!""Hm ? Ah yes ?" Recovering from his shock, he was confused."Sigh...I want you to take us in a photo in front of the Palace."Aura asked again with a fake pout."O-Of course!" Orion replied nervously and walked toward Aura and her friends.Even the tourists stopped and watched the show or rather watched the world toppling beauty speaking to a random guy."Sigh...Aura, you are too mean to call out to him in crowds. Look at him, the poor." Noemi said, looking at Orion's quivering figure.He was like a cute animal afraid of strangers."Yeah, she is right, I understand why him but still..."Maeva agreed. Aura was rather dense in those situations.If Aura chose
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BANG!Patter______Patter______PatterA piercing sound rang out in the bus.Unfortunately, nobody on the bus was in state to see what happened. Their ears were ringing and smoke was spreading on the bus.Thud_!The sound of loud footsteps echoed at the entrance of the bus."Okay, kids, nobody talks unless you have my permission."The smoke receded and all the people on the bus could see the scenery.A hole was behind the driver's seat and blood was profusely flowing.Through the hole they could see the scenery outside the bus but the brain's 'flesh' and blood were scattered around on the ground and on the nearest students..."HYAAA!""AHAHAAHAHA!""KYYAAA!"The students on the bus screamed in fear, ignoring the masked man's words.BANG!The man who was masked with a scarf and hat fired his gun at the ceiling of the bus.Silence_______"Yeah, it's better now."'Wh-what the hell is happening...?!'Orion was shivering from head to toe. Fortunately, he was in the back seats but it was very
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"Orion, we are going out for a week, so be a good boy in our absence, okay ? We asked a baby-sitter. She will come soon." A beautiful lady said, patting a ten-year-old boy. "NO! I also want to come!" Orion shouted. "You can't dear...We will come back as soon as possible" The mother hugged her son tightly. "Mom *sniff* I don't want to part from brother*sniff*." A cute 8-year-old girl said with tears as she clenched Orion's shirt sleeves. "Saria, you will see your brother soon. Don't worry..." An extremely handsome man said, patting his daughter's head. "Orion...we have a gift for you." "Gift ?" Orion asked with glistening eyes. Moving away from Orion, the mother smiled and took out a box from her pocket. Taking the box from his mother's hand, he opened it and saw a beautiful silver chained pendant with a metallic blue ring hanging on it. "I-It's for me...?" Orion asked as tears poured out. He was sad that his family left him alone for a week and happy that he got a gift.
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Kidnapped ?
Bang! "Kyaaa!" A girl's voice rang out as she saw Orion's right hand bleeding profusely. Orion looked behind him to see the leader with a gun, in his good right hand glaring at him. "Nobody touches him. He is mine." The leader spoke to his mates who were on the verge of shooting Orion. Ignoring him, Orion continued to walk toward the last part of his broken ring. Bang! Orion's left arm gave out but he still continued to walk. His pains dulled and on his mind now was just the memento of his family. Bang! Crash! Orion crashed on the ground as his left leg refused to budge. "Ah...ah...ah...ah...ah" Crawling on the ground, little by little he reached the second part of the ring and retrieved it. Turning his body around, he laid down on the ground while clenching on his chest the two parts of the broken ring with his left hand. "" Orion muttered and tears flowed out. "O-Orion..." Aura put her hand on her mouth and knelt on the ground lik
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Solaria Imperial Princess
"How do we know what power we have ?" Jordan asked in an indifferent voice, but there was a slight impatience in his voice. If he had no power in this world, then he just had to create one on his own. The Emperor smiled at their excitement and replied. "Follow me, you need to awaken your abilities as you came just a few minutes ago." "Few minutes ago ?" Anna frowned. 'Wasn't that just two minutes ?' "Oh yes. It's because upon arriving here you were in a state of trance for a few minutes, that's why." Helio replied to the confused people. "I see..." "Oh, now that I remember your friend will join us soon." Helio said as he remembered the bloodied youth. "Friend ?" Anna was confused. "Yes, the person wearing the same dress as you, who had blood all over his body." "Orion?!" Aura shouted in a loud voice. "Oh, his name was Orion ?" Helio smiled as the name was familiar to their world. "H-How is he ?" Aura asked nervously. All the students waited for his reply. "Don't wo
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"N-No way..." "Pfft!" Liana stifled a laugh at Orion's panicked figure. Truthfully, she hadn't laughed that much since long ago. "Lord hero, there is a change of clothes here so please change yourself." Looking at the drenched uniform of Orion, Liana pointed at a shelf in the room. "Y-Yes thank you very much." Liana smiled at him and left the bathroom. "She was really beautiful..." Orion muttered, but quickly shook his head. Then he removed his clothes and gasped. "This is really another world !" He uttered seeing his body perfectly healed. He was shot by a true gun several times after all, but now there was not even a single scratch. Suddenly he remembered what had happened. "I can't believe what is happening..." Just the fact that he was taken as hostage and shot by a gun was really movie-like, but now he was literally in another world. Thinking about that, he took the neatly folded clothes from the shelf. 'Black pants, white shirt, blazer and tie. Is it a formal out
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You Are Not Pathetic!
Andrew Whiteford was the son of Mayson Whiteford, a Command Sergeant Major in the United States. He was very handsome and had dotting parents, so he got all he wanted from little. On one day, he met a few little girls at a party. At that time, they were children, so he didn't care, but as they grew up, he found them more and more beautiful. Until that day, they became known throughout the whole world as the most beautiful high school girls in the world. Of course, it didn't mean there were no other beautiful girls like them, but these four were the most famous and had a great background for their beauty, so they were really desired by all men. Unfortunately, Andrew was famous for being a skirt-chaser and those rumours got into the four girls. Andrew quickly understood that the four of them were keeping a good distance from him, so he changed his plans. Upon entering high school in Paris, he made a few friends. For him, they were stupid, but they inflated his ego nicely, so he d
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Raising his head, Orion looked at his classmates. They were all wearing suits and dresses. In all his class, Orion was without a doubt the most average one. With Princess Liana next to him, he was outshined easily. They were all mostly looking at Liana except a few. "Eh ?" Suddenly, Orion met Aura's gaze. She was smiling awkwardly at him. But Orion quickly averted his gaze. He remembered when no one stepped in for him when the leader punched him and took his pendant. He knew it was normal as they didn't consider him as a friend or acquaintance to begin with. But that's why Orion preferred not to do anything with them anymore. At that time, he believed naively that someone would step up, as he was just a nobody who didn't have a background like them. Unfortunately, no one stepped in. At that moment, Orion truly understood that his classmates didn't give a damn about him. "Lord Orion ?" Liana called out, seeing Orion's conflicted face. Orion looked back at her and saw her wor
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