Programmer in Another World

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Programmer in Another World

By: AmeronWerschrux_ OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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There was a man in modern-day Germany who always favored programming and in the pursuit of his dreams, he attained it, but life hasn't been what he expected. He can only rely on his best friend, Ansgar Wegener, a gamer, who has always supported him. Both of them had been outcasts from school and had only one friend from childhood which was each other. However, one day, while walking down the road, the man found himself to be involved in a hit-and-run. Regretting his actions and wondering what went wrong, he didn't allow himself to die so quickly. Not long after his death, he seemed to have reincarnated in a world filled with swords and magic. He uses his skills in his past life to see what he couldn't have done in his past life. Read how a programmer acts in a world like this. Discord:


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160 chapters
EPISODE 1 - A New Beginning
In modern-day Germany, there was a man who had always loved programming ever since he had come across its term when he was 5 years old. When he went to school a year after, he was regarded as an outcast because of his unique hobby. No one dared get close to him except for someone named Ansgar Wegener, someone who had always loved games. They both had each other to rely on because they had no other friends as well as having unsupportive parents. Fifteen years prior, there was a man walking the crowded snowy streets of Germany, everyone was wearing mittens, scarfs, and jackets, including him too. In contrast to how much he was under wraps, he shivers and mutters for it being so cold out in the open while glancing at the buildings as he passes by. The man is carrying bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages in which his parents would get drowned over. With him, as an addition, bags of potato chips that are all neatly wrapped. What kind of life am I living? Why didn't I get a job?
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EPISODE 2 - Stepping Stones
In a wooden cabin there lay a family of three. "WAAHHHHHH!" the baby cries loudly inside the cabin. "Awww. What should we name him darling?," Lexia asks. "HOW ABOUT DAD JR.?" the man immediately replies. She is in utter disappointment after hearing his words. "Honey, take this seriously." "Hehe, sorry sorry. How about Vhint Jr.?" "Geez. You're so bad at names, Dad. That's your name." "NO, IT'S NOT. IT HAS JUNIOR." She sighs and looks at her child. "Hmmm. How about..." She thinks for a bit. "How about Phize Gratham?" She looks at the baby, admiring his features. After hearing the mother's suggestion, the baby goes silent. "DARLING! I THINK HE LIKES I-" The baby cries cutting off any more dialogue. "He doesn't like it. He didn't cry from my suggestion." "Oh sheesh. He's gonna get used to it." She proceeds to breastfeed the baby. <
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EPISODE 3 - An Unexpected Visitor
"Phize, Are you feeling okay?" she asks out of concern. "Yeah, mommy," he answered half-baked. "Are you bored?" she worriedly asks. "Oh! No, not at all. I'm just spacing out," replies in an act to remove such worries. "Really now? Don't be shy to ask mommy to stop if you aren't interested 'kay?" She pats Phize on the head. "Now, let's get back to where we left off. You understand how to perform water magic? Or do you want me to chant it again?" "No need, mom." He focuses on the garden. "With the spirits' guidance, spread in and out at such little amounts..." He inhales deeply. With a deep exhale he shouts, "WATER!" Sprinkles of water come out of his hand and a magic circle forms around it, but it seems to be wavering. He is overjoyed with the results. "MOMMY! I DID IT!" "I'M SO PROUD OF YOUUU!" Not long, the magic circle goes unstable and the sprinkles of w
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EPISODE 4 - Two Feisty Battles
Callas is confronted with both Lexia and Vhint. "Remember the times, when all four of us went adventuring together? Those were good times," he quickly comments. Lexia looks at where the wolf carried Phize away. "I insist you focus on the opponent that is in front of you. You know I'm great with headshots," he boasts with full confidence. Vhint whispers to Lexia. "I know, I'm worried about our son too, but we can't do anything, what he says is true. Besides, if you follow him now, Callas just might follow you and take him hostage himself." "But..." "I know you're discussing in front of my face, and I don't really mind. Just consider it as... a gift from a former comrade. Now with that, can we get started? It's been a while since I fought either one of you. But both of you at the same time? That's a firs-" Vhint attacks Callas but he swiftly dodges. "Can you shut up?" Vhint angrily responds. "Hasn't anyone
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EPISODE 5 - The Deconstruction of Magic
Phize wakes up to see a room that doesn't resemble his house. He is lying on a bed. "Huh?" He notices his mother sleeping on his knees. He tries to move but he notices that his arm is in a cast. "Ow... Ow. Ow..." He taps his mom to wake her up. "Mom, what happened?" "Don't wake her up yet. Let her have some rest. She got a pretty bad injury," Vhint responds near a door. Vhint wrapped cloth in his left knee and is now sitting on a chair nearby the bed. "Daddy, what happened to you?" He releases some tears. "Phize... I'm so glad..." he cries, "that you're safe. I'm a bad father, I wasn't able to save you immediately. If only, I was stronger... Son, can you forgive me for being too weak? Phize is utter shock, "E-EH? NO NEED FATHER! I'M PRETTY SURE YOU DID YOUR BEST!" "WAAAAAAH! MY SON IS AN ANGEL! LET ME HUG YOU!" He tries to stand up but struggles due to his injury.<
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EPISODE 6 - The Interview
Phize and Vhint are outside to go to the interview. "Father, are we going to the interview?" "Yes, son." "Hm. That's the first time he ever called me son. Something's up," arousing suspicion from his thoughts. Vhint's hand shivers. "His hand..." he thought. "You don't need to be nervous, father." "Oh... you caught me. You're right. WHAT SHOULD I BE NERVOUS ABOUT? My son can take care of himself, speak full sentences, count, and even perform magic," he says with a forced laugh at the end. He pats Phize's head. "Now, if YOU are nervous, don't worry. Just cling on to daddy." "Sure thing dad." "Normally, one would think this is cheesy. Heck, even my past 20-year old would think that way. But, looking back, I forgot the sensation of being loved by my parents, and as I am currently a 5-year old, I have no shame in being pampered by even the cheesiest of words," he thought. They arrive near a big blue-and-white themed building that somehow resembles a school. "This is the school.
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EPISODE 7 - School in the Other World
"Here I am." Phize is inside the building. The school is immediately filled with students with the same uniform. "For a medieval-themed world, this school seems pretty modern, not as modern as those we have but it somehow has a unique fashion to it," he thought. A teacher near the door shouts. "EVERYONE! FOLLOW ME TO THE AUDITORIUM!" she said. Everyone falls in line and goes inside the auditorium. "They are pretty well-trained for 5-year olds," he thought. Phize goes down and tries to sit down on an empty seat in the middle group of chairs, around the 3rd row and 5th column. He sees a guy sitting to the left of the seat. "Is this seat taken?" he asks. "Hm? Oh, no it isn't," the guy earnestly responded. He tries to sit but the guy suddenly whispered something. "Conjure spikes..." He pauses in thought because he was suspicious of him and decided to change seats instead.
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EPISODE 8 - Starting Friendships
"Well at least that is what I would like to say. Would you all like to introduce yourselves or no? You don't need to if you're shy. Just come up here if you want to," she proclaims. A guy two seats in front of Phize raises his hand. "Yes? Do you wanna introduce yourself?" "Gladly. My name is Drist P. Aaham, I'm 6 years old and I can do magic!" the guy announces. "Um, is there anything you want to add to your introduction?" she asks. "NOPE!" He sits down. "Now, this guy acts a bit more like a child, that brings me a bit of comfort, I guess," he thought. An awkward presence spreads throughout the classroom with no one brave enough to take the first step. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? DO THEY NOT KNOW HOW TO SOCIALIZE?" he protests in his mind. "I guess that's it for now. Now regarding our subjects." She chants, "ILLUSION POINT!" A magic circle appears from her right hand. She starts writ
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EPISODE 9 - First Friend
"Uh, I got it back when I was a child," Phize hesitantly answered."Should I tell her? I don't think I should," he questions his train of thought.She grabs his right arm and begins observing it."These look like a bite..." she says without any sense of personal space."Um, who are you?""Oh, me? My name is Pallitra Strata, what's your name?""My name is Phize Gratham Drestil.""Woah! That's such a lengthy name," she says exasperating him instead."I know..." he thought."Nice to meet you then! I look forward to spending this year with you!""What a happy-go-lucky girl. Hold up, MY CHANCE!" he thought, snapping him back to his senses."U-U-Um, c-can you be my first friend?""Hm? What do you mean? We were always friends, weren't we?""Huh? Isn't she too angelic? LIKE WAY TOO ANGELIC?" he thought."Um...""Oh, I gotta finish my lunch first!""You haven't finished your lunch?
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EPISODE 10 - Magic Lessons
Vhint and Phize arrive home."Welcome back! How was the first day of school?" Lexia greets."Great!" Phize answered with excitement.She looks at his pants, it has holes from the earlier spell."Phize, what happened to your pants?" she asks worriedly."Oh my, I forgot all about them," he thought.Vhint looks clearly at Phize's pants."Oh ho, why didn't I notice that?" he questions himself."Phize, who did this to you? Is someone bullying you?" she questions him."As much as I'd like to tell them the truth, this time, I'd like to deal with this thing myself," he thought."Oh, I'm so sorry, mom, I just stumbled on some wires on the way. I'm so sorry..." "It's okay, just do be careful next time 'kay? Speaking of which, did you make any friends?""HE DID!" Vhint butts in.He looks at Phize, "I bet it's a girl!""U-Uh... yeah, it is a girl.""LET'S GOOOOOOO! THAT'S MY BOY! I'M G
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