Dhanush - What are you thinking about Alex ?

Himakar - He is very intelligent person in this earth. But I don't know why he is not involving in all problems .I think he is hiding something from us .He is a kind person.And finally he is the oldest person in the world lol.

Dhanush - Lol ! Its true .Then what about Maniking ?

Himakar - He is a hard worker , Strong person , so intelligent, etc. So what you think about him ?

Dhanush - Ahh ! What you told about him is absolutely true. He is in pain now .He didn't want to share his sadness I think. He did very hard work inspite off many difficulties.So I always respect him.I - I just wanted to go to the Mortor planet.

Himakar - Why ? What are you talking?

Dhanush - What we should here ? My revenge also completed. No we should go and help them.We should find Trilokesh .

Himakar - Shut up and go to sleep .

Trilokesh, magic girl and K are prisioned in the Astron's planet . The planet is with red soil and plane without any tress or plants.There
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