the eternal path : the knight warlock

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the eternal path : the knight warlock

By: MAT OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Zenon dreams of becoming a warlock in a world where magic and knights clash. But when he discovers he has no elemental affinity, he must settle for the scorned path of the knight. Determined to prove himself, he trains hard to become the strongest knight in the land, hoping to help his loved one. Along the way, he encounters deadly foes,that will test his courage, loyalty, and skill , unexpected allies, and dark secrets that could shake the very foundations of the world. Can Zenon overcome the odds and fulfill his destiny, or will he succumb to the hard reality ?

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11 chapters
chapter 1 :
“...zenon...zenon....” “Zenon... wake up... Zenon!” A black-haired woman who looked to be in her thirties was trying to wake up the sleeping young man, who was covered in sweat and constantly tossing and turning on the bed. Suddenly the Zenon opened his eyes and screamed as he tried to grab something in front of him. "" The woman sighed while rubbing her temple “Another bad dream!?...” The black-haired young man who had some resemblance to the woman looked at her with his blue eyes or nodded. The woman sighed loudly and said while thinking about his hair “Your condition is really starting to frighten me! Since that accident happened three years ago, you have been having these nightmares , I know that losing Rafael has affected you , not just you but it affected all of us , but you have to overcome this matter...” She paused for a moment before continuing in a stern tone “Otherwise, this matter will affect your life negatively...” Zenon interrupted her and sa
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chapter 2 :
As the start of the exams approached, the streets in this area were crowded, various people coming from all parts of the Bluefish Kingdom and even the surrounding villages, and their goal was one and the same, which was to come to take the entrance exam to the [Earth Paradise] Academy for warlocks and the Academy of Knights. Every year, these academies send their messengers to various parts of the empires to recruit students. The [Earth Paradise Academy] was established by all the empires within the [NewrtLand] continent, and its goal is to create talented people from different parts of the empires and guide them to become powerful warlocks. The academy is also considered A symbol of the union of the seven empires in the face of the external threat. The Kingdom of Bluefish is located in the Empire of [Leach Valley]. The Kingdom of Bluefish is considered a kingdom of the Third World. The kingdoms within the Empire of [Leach Valley] are classified into three levels, which are the Kin
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chapter 3 :
“sorry , you have no affinity for the elements...” “You have no talent in the knight's path...” " unacceptable ..." “Earth element affinity at 32%, congratulations C level talent...” “One step closer to reaching the Copper Level Primary Stage, you are accepted...” " unacceptable ..." “40% lightning element affinity, congratulations C-level talent, you are accepted...” “Unfortunately, you have no affinity for the elements...” “Without affinity...” “27 units of eternal energy! You have reached the elementary stage of the copper level. You are a genius even by the academy’s standards. I am confident that you will reach the intermediate stage within a year...” People continued to go up and take the test, so far only 4 people had succeeded in getting into the Earth Paradise Academy of warlocks and more than 8 people into the Academy of Knights. “Get ready, you’re next...” Varan said, smiling, unlike Zenon, who had a dark expression. The latter sighed and started walking toward
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chapter 4 :
The next day of the test Ding!! Ding!! “I'm coming…” Daphne, Zenon's mother, said as she headed towards the door. “Oh! Hello, Lisa, this is quite a surprise...” she said with a big smile as she looked at the beautiful young woman in front of her, she was the same young woman who had passed the Elemental Affinity Test with a dual element of water and lightning as well as an A-level talent. Lisa smiled and said “Hello, Aunt Daphne, is Zenon at home...” An expression of sadness appeared on her face, but she quickly smiled and said “Zenon, hmh ! No, my dear, he’s not home. He left early. If I’m not mistaken, he’ll be in the Thousand-Hands Dogo...” Lisa nodded “Thank you, Aunt Daphne...” Daphne patted Lisa on the shoulder and said cheerfully “Never mind my daughter, oh congratulations by the way, as expected my future daughter-in-law is very talented...” Lisa laughed when she heard what she said “Okay, my daughter, go and talk to that man, and hopefully he will come to his se
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chapter 5 :
“That was the eternal energy, that red aura on your sword!?” Judith asked Zenon nodded “Yes, you are right, Judith, that movement was not the aura, but it was pure eternal energy...” “What!!? Wait, is this even possible!!?” Rick asked suspiciously According to what he knows, the knight cannot manipulate eternal energy. Even a warlocks faces a problem with this. Basically, the knight depends on eternal energy to develop to higher levels, but he only absorbs energy from the atmosphere and saturates his body with it. Otherwise, he cannot do what Zenon did. It is the incorporation of eternal energy into their weapons, as for warlocks for whom eternal energy was the fuel to operate their spells. Zenon smiled slightly and said “It's the third time I've used this move. I can freely manipulate the eternal energy within my body. If I'm not mistaken, it's because of the Gilfitch Family's distinguished race...” “So that's why I could feel a tension close to the eternal energy. I thoug
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chapter 6 :
On the train, Zenon looked at Lisa's sleeping appearance with a compassionate smile. He subconsciously laughed when he remembered how shocked she had been two hours ago when he revealed himself, but all he heard was a frown when he remembered his last conversation with his father before he left. .... “Ha-ha-ha, as expected of my son...” Varan said as he warmly patted his son’s shoulder. Away from them, his mother looked at them happily Zenon smiled when he saw his father's reaction, he couldn't help but silently apologize for making his mother and father worried. Zenon had told them that he was going to the Knights Academy, which meant that he had abandoned the impossible idea of becoming a warlock . That's why his father, Varan, was happy about this. “Very good, I am proud of you son. You will leave the day after tomorrow, right!?” Zenon nodded “Yes, that's what I'm planning, I don't need to take the final entrance exam, so I don't have to go today...” Successfully demonst
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chapter 7 :
Beep!! Beep!! Beep!! The sound of the alarm continued to sound inside the trailers. Despite people's fear and ignorance of what was currently happening, none of them did anything rash and remained in their places. “What's going on here?” Zenon asked with a frown. He looked out the window and saw that the train was still moving, and apparently at a faster speed than before. “Um, Zenon! What happened!?” He looked at Lisa, who was awakened by the energy vibration and the sound of the alarm. He shook his head, “I don’t know, the train was probably ... attacked by someone!!” Boom!! In confirmation of his words, another explosion occurred, shaking the train with greater force. “Where are you going!!?” Lisa asked worriedly after she saw Zenon starting to walk towards the exit of the cabin. "Stay where you are, don't worry, I'll just see what happens!?" When he opened the cabin door, a security guard stopped him “Sir, please return to your place...” Zenon looked at the security
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chapter 8 :
“Cystle, you took a lot of time to do a simple task! The foolish humans called for backup, there will be a primary level warlock soon...” A man who was wearing the same clothes as the person who kidnapped Zenon and the girl , spoke.The Named Cystle looked at the man who spoke with an indifferent expression “Myles, stop crying like a baby, we have Albert with us even if humans send a primary level warlock we are fine!...” “Tch! Whatever man, I see you’re carrying two people, if I’m not mistaken that girl is the target of the mission, what’s with the boy...” Myles pointed to both Zenon and the girl on Cystle's shoulder “I didn't expect you to have such inclinations...” Myles added with a sly and sarcastic smile. Cystle looked at him with narrowed eyes “Enough nonsense, this kid here has a huge bounty on his head, 33 million ray...” Myles' eyes widened in shock after hearing Cystle's words. He pointed his finger at Zenon and said in a shocked tone. “huh !! , What!!?, are you
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chapter 9 :
Inside the train compartment where Lisa and the rest of the students are “Cough, cough... son of a bitch, I didn’t think my journey would end here... I... I regret coming on this trip...” Jeff said while he coughed blood from his mouth as he spoke, behind him was Lisa on the ground with eyes wide open , She was terrified and her face was pale. The reason is due to Jeff, whose body was pierced by sharp claws A wry smile formed on the face of the half-human that was penetrating Jeff's body “Hehehehehe, you're too late to regret it, be a good person and die!!” He took his hand out of Jeff's chest and waved it again, aiming for the heart. Bam!! Suddenly the cabin door opened and it made a loud sound, which attracted the half-human's attention and stopped his attack, which would have pierced Jeff's heart. At the entrance to the cabin, Zenon looked with bloodshot eyes at the scene in front of him. Wherever his eyes passed, he saw blood, body limbs, and internal organs scattered arou
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chapter 10 :
In another place, Miles, who had tended to the gunshot wound he sustained from his battle with Zenon, glared at the demi-humans with a furious and disappointed expression. The demi-humans had stubborn vitality and a higher healing capacity compared to humans."The fool had a firearm. What did you expect me to do to him!?" the fox-like demi-human sighed in protest."That damn human killed my companion and almost did the same to me. He took the gun from my companion's corpse and shot me. Ironically, he's just a weak human knight in the middle Copper stage, yet he caused us Silver-stage individuals trouble and even threatened our lives..." Miles continued."Ugh, it's just that weapon of his that's dangerous. Without it, that human is weak; I could easily kill him!" the fox-like demi-human exclaimed."You're right...." Miles agreed."What do we do now?! Should we retreat?!?" the fox-like demi-human asked, his expression confused.Miles smirked. "Retreat?! Hah! My pride won't allow me to b
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