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Akin Samuels is a globally acclaimed genius(although being sick of getting the fact reminded to him on a regular basis) in a world where the already existing technology is jaw dropping. But in such a world, the natural assumption would be that nothing could ever possibly go wrong, wouldn't it? Unfortunately for Samuels and everyone else in this world of his, SOMETHING does indeed go wrong, with that being a deadly new virus seems to have popped out of nowhere and claims the lives of billions of people, dropping the total world population to a number which is a shadow of what it should have been. Having something of a rebellious spirit, Samuels immediately doesn't believe in this piece of public knowledge to be true because the virus in itself is one shrouded by mystery and secrecy. So now, since the government has failed to do it's job, Samuels takes it upon himself to discover the truth using only his wits, brain and last in the list of things he possesses, a time machine. However, in doing so he is thrown and also forces those he care about into secrets of the world which were meant to never have been spoken of by certain people and is left to bare the consequences of his actions. What could this mean for the future and past of Samuels and those around him?


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DING DONG!!DING DONG!!The entire area echoed with the constant ringing of the very dilapidated clock tower in the middle of the district whose busted gears kept it stuck at 12 noon, hence the constant ringing and no one cared or seemed bothered enough to get it fixed.It currently is the year 2059 and contrary to movies predicting that around this time period the skies would be filled with special flying cars smarter than your average Joe and capable of self operations, a world population of over 10 billion people living lives made autonomously easy with robot butlers, chefs, doctors, even something as redundant as robot dog walkers for that matter, and finally, resources so abundant that people would be able to eat four square meals a day with no worries in mind and even have enough to spare. Another addition to the list would be vast and sparse area of lands and clear skies throughout. Well
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I took in a deep inhale of the air which felt way less heavy than how it was in my original time and held my two hands out, pushing them against the huge glass and metallic doors that were The Frenzy Prime Primary  School's famous entrance doors and the force of opposition they gave were just the right amount even for a ten year old.Frenzy Prime Primary School, a well renowned academy which also has the form of a higher academy, for older kids, a secondary school which all became forensics hubs and medical studies institutes by the year 2047 and then by the year 2053 the formally known secondary school which also became a medical studies institute was shut down after there was the first ever reported Pyrex 9 outbreak in the District.For quick response, the entire State had to be quarantined which was a bit excessive because shutting down only the District or City even would have been enough, well to me anyway, but with what the GHA had to
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We went, no, more like I was pulled in the opposite direction from the one the other kids who Mildred had sent to class walked off through and we made it close to the entrance doors. *TURN*At that point we then took a left turn and went up the flight of stairs and then we took yet another left turn once we got to the top of the stairs because that was the only path to go through and about halfway through the corridor there was a door waiting for us with the reading PRINCIPAL on it.*STOP*We stopped moving when we got there.*KNOCK**KNOCK*Standing outside the Principal's office, Mildred fixed her dress and hair a bit before she tightened her grip of my hand as she knocked on the door two times with a pause between the two knocks. She was nervous it seemed. Her grip was too tight that I flinched and pulled myself to the side and immediately after she realised that she had been holding m
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I was relieved but also uncharacteristically overly joy filled. I could feel Amanda's happiness through me.*CLICK*I opened my backseat door but the one directly behind the driver seat this time and I got inside then we drove off. After several minutes of driving I idly looked over at Brian before my eyes drifted, gazing at under his left ear, just above the neck and I noticed that there was no mark or scars. Nothing was left behind from the Dot log chip implants which was bizarre because I mean, I had one even as Amanda which I confirmed my sliding my finger in the exact area on Amanda's neck but Brian didn't and I found it very strange and contradictory with what I knew.In my time, there was no scar left after the implant had been made but in this time period, thirty-five years into the past, with technology not as advanced as it is in my own time, there usually was a small but alsobnoticeable scar left behind after the implant had been made. <
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"Are you sure about that mister?" Michael's gaze picked up some intensity but Brian on the other hand was not going to have any of that from him.*TSK*"Hey, look kid. It was funny enough when you started doing your little rap thing here but after a while it got pretty old and annoying. This is private property and you are starting to become a pain on everyone's—" Brian said then ended his sentence with a mumble as he took a slight glance at me in an attempt to sensor his words but I on the other hand pretty much knew what he was going to say at the end. Something starting with an "A" and ending with two snakes."Okay, alright, but look mister, there's something seriously up about this little girl with you... Ummm, I mean your daughter, if I can even call her that" Michael set his sight to me again but with disdain behind his eyes. "!!" Brian left Michael without a reply and just stared at him, speechless about the boys
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*SLIDE*  The doors slid opened, we walked in and then the button for fifth floor was pressed. The doors closed back up as our ascension took place from one floor to the next and on getting to the third floor the elevator stopped for the first time since entering then a lady with her daughter, some inches shorter than I was, entered and turned their backs to us.    The lady pressed the button for the seventh floor which was the last floor of the building then she turned and both her and Brian exchanged pleasantries while I tried avoiding any form of contact with the little girl, who on the other hand was constantly staring at me all the way till the doors opened again on the fifth floor and Brian and I stepped out. I was so happy to get out of there.   *STARE* After covertly rushing out of the elevator I stood quietly for a minute the moment I got to see the fifth floor and in all honesty it wasn't what I had imagine
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I needed an ID card to access the elevator and not just any regular ID card but a special personnel ID card to gain access into the Black room(where the Blackbox was integrated) and only three people currently present in the whole building should have it, I assumed.   A flash drive to copy the Black Box program, USB cable, couple of wires to bypass some security cells and panels but if not wires any conducting material would do just the same. A screwdriver, tape, powder and a micro processor which could be found in any smartphone.   I felt like Mickey Mouse and Dora the explorer all mixed into a single body and the urge to say "this is a surprise tool that will help us later" after I thought about the powder made me to crack a smile.   With all the limitations I had with the bypassing equipments it was now left to my genius with tech systems and hardware remodification to showcase itself, and yes, those are just names I
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I took in a deep breath of air and then released a slow sigh, preparing myself mentally for what I had ahead of me. This very act and thought filled me with a minute chill in my joints, but that wasn't going to halt me from my objective at this stage of the plan I had managed to get myself to, regardless of the obstacles I had and was still going to face. "Alright, it's time to head out" I pulled the dangling cords on the straps of the backpack which was already worn on my back at the time and this action caused the backpack straps to tighten a bit more, fitting a little bit better than before. Next I buckled the backpack around my waist to prevent it from falling off, also pulling the straps by the buckle to make it fit even tighter. Now all set, I walked over, stretched once more and got into the vents, closing it back behind me but unfortunately I wasn't able to screw the nuts shut because there wasn't enough of an opening for my hand to fit through to do
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I stood inside the elevator, with no rather prevalent emotion being noticed over the others I already had (feeling a sense of premature accomplishment would have been understandable for a situation like this but there was nothing) and pressed the button for the ground floor first, because you needed to be in the ground floor before you could follow the security procedures that lets you access the sub level floor.  The elevator began to descend from one floor to the next with the lights above the door flicking on and off  with each level reached and with having only three floors before I reached the my first stop in the journey, I wouldn't be doing that much standing and waiting. As I got to the ground floor it stopped, well paused being the operative for me because that wasn't my final destination.  I stood close to the door, staring slightly to the right and under all the designated floor buttons was a gold coloured protruding rectangle shape
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FROM 50 TO 100%
"Hey, Greg, check this out with me will you" said one of the security personnel in the security room inside the fourth floor. "What is it Matt?" replied a rather preoccupied Greg with a tone hinting at being annoyed by what was asked of him to do.  Officers Gregory and Mathew Jones, who were both sitting in front of the monitors with each having been doing their own thing for a while now, except that that was about to become interrupted by Mathew. Greg had his feet kicked high and crossed, resting on the dashboard underneath and connected to the monitors while his face and mind were both emersed in his video game screen (Messengers of the High Realms: Apocalypse) while Mathew watched the camera feed nonchalantly seconds earlier. "What is it Matt? You know that I'm in a heated battle right now. I'm about to beat the other team for the first time ever and it only took me like, you know, a month to get to this level. This boss of theirs with cod
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