Rise Of The Celestials

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Rise Of The Celestials

By: The Encyclopedia OngoingFantasy

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In a world where humanity has half its lands populated by the race of fiends called The Zaltyr; many secrets have been buried in the sands of time but the wheel of fate has begun to slow down, letting the past catch up to the present. In a world doomed to Armageddon, Aiden has to live up to the destiny fate has placed on his shoulders even if he doesn't know it yet

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  • Lyonlee


    Good book, and the plots are so captivating. waiting for more updates ...

    2023-02-27 05:27:17
  • The Encyclopedia


    You won't be disappointed

    2022-08-26 07:32:04
  • Lurd_nazzy


    The chapters I read are good and totally deserves my rating. It was worth my while and I loved it ...️

    2022-09-18 23:51:56
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150 chapters
Chapter 1: Lost
“Stay on his heels!”“He must not get away or you’re all getting three months in the dark!!”These words were like adrenaline shots as he redoubled his efforts. Right behind him, the footsteps that stayed right on his heels also got faster.“Kid, you running away will only make your father suffer more pain”.Refusing the urge to think, he scrunched up his face and ran faster. Unknowingly, he had tears streaming down his face. The thought of his father suffering the punishment the Viceroy would pass down was like a knife stabbing at his heart but he kept running.“Go, I’ll hold them back”Recalling the smile on the face of the man he called father and the order that he gave, he had no words. He had turned around and ran. He couldn’t stay even if he wanted to.Suddenly he ground to a halt as he turned around and let out a bitter smile. ‘Even though father held them back, it wasn’t enough’, he thought to himself.The footsteps that were not too far behind arrived in a few moments.“Stay
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Chapter 2: Thoughtful Recap
"What do you think happened to him?""Your Highness, his body has signs of dark energy. He must have been corrupted as a result""In that case, how long will he stay unconscious?""I have never seen such potent dark energy. Normal people would be dead if they were in his place but his body is purifying itself. A true marvel to behold, Your Highness""As for how long he will stay unconscious, I cannot give an accurate answer, but at the rate his body purifies itself of the dark energy, I believe a few days to a week should be sufficient""You said he is an arcana?""A newly awoken one, Yes. Due to various factors, his seed has been sealed and I cannot determine what element he has an affinity for""Look after him and let me know the moment he awakens""Yes, Your Highness"The door closed leaving two people in the room with an unconscious Aiden.One of them was an old man with a white beard and grey hair while the other was a young man who stood behind the old man like the disciple he w
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Chapter 3: Envoy From The Emperor
He could hear the murmurings of the servants, maids, and guards who lined the walls as he was led to The Viceroy's Court.He had no way to understand what happened as he had no recollection of those events.For a sixteen-year-old whose whole life had been dedicated to being the best he could be as he followed in his father's footsteps, this was a massive blow.His legs paused which led to him getting dragged along until he found his footing again. His mind was blank and his eyes unfocused until he felt the hands holding onto him leave him.His eyes focused again as he assumed he was standing in front of The Viceroy and that the trial was about to begin but what he saw was unlike what he expected.In front of him was the figure of a man he had spent his whole life working towards. This was his father, Fraser Tarren."Father", he muttered as tears streamed down his face.His head was bowed as he felt he could not look his father in the face after what had happened but what he got was tw
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Chapter 4: Meeting
"Your Highness, the man you saved has regained consciousness"A servant had his head bowed as he relayed the news to the man who sat next to the window in a reclining chair made of polished wood."Tell him to visit as soon as he can", he answered without turning to look at the servant."Yes, Your Highness", the servant replied and quickly backed out of the room, closing the door with a soft click.Outside the window, there was a yard in which a girl twirled around with two swords in her hand.She phased all over the place as she attacked with her swords while an old man with white hair stood with a man who had a crown on his head as well as a woman who wore a crown as well.The two who wore crowns were The King and Queen and the old man was the Keeper of Time, Lord Ajax who had brought The Emperor's gift during the birthday party.The girl was Princess Diane who had been a recipient of the gift, Lord Ajax brought.From time to time, The King would nod with a smile while the old man ha
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Chapter 5: Assignment
"What are your plans going forward?""I believe working to be an arcana is my best choice. Before that however, I need to find a way to make a living for myself"Aiden sat opposite Prince Adrian on the terrace outside his living quarters.Till now, he still had no idea what the seal on his seed was, but he could feel it weakening ever since he woke up. It was a thought that flashed across his mind every now and then.Of course, he did not understand his element yet but it must be something worth training if he could beat a bunch of savages after it was forcefully activated by burning his primordial blood essence.A library was meant to contain information and a myth was better than nothing when no one understood something. It would give him an idea of what it was he had awakened. He needed to find one."What element did you awaken?", Prince Adrian asked."I have no idea, Your Highness. The elders had checked and declared that it was the result of a failed awakening"Obviously, they we
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Chapter 6: Meeting Mallory
"Dinner"This word resounded in his head. It was not that he couldn't do without food or something of that nature but his body was weak after he had been unconscious for so long. Before that, he was running for his life through the Wildlands that were found outside the city of Nethilor using the knowledge he had gained from the several trips he had made with his father on hunting and camping trips. It was the only way he could think of to shake off his pursuers. They did catch up to him in the end but before they did, he had plucked off fruits to be eaten as he ran.He washed his face and straightened his hair that had been ruffled. There was a mirror in the bathroom. He ran through his hair which was now white. He shook his head before he changed his cloth to one of those he bought earlier that day.He walked out of his room to see many of the workers in the hallway. They all looked to be heading to the same place as they walked out of the block in pairs and groups.A few glanced
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Chapter 7: The Chronicle Of Time
The next day after meeting Warden Bo, a 'charming' guy, by the way, Aiden found his way to the royal library with his ears still ringing from the crazy shouting of Warden Bo.He had gone to the training grounds early that morning, in a bid to meet Warden Bo, as this was the most likely time he would be at the training grounds, and he was right. The only part he did not expect was for the Warden to tell him to stay and watch till the workers at the training grounds finished their morning shifts.As expected of the palace guards and the army that trained there, some of them loved to behave with some sort of superiority.An example was the incessant ordering of the workers to complete tasks that they could easily do without help or to do things that were way too hard for the workers to do without getting injured.One such example was when a tall lanky soldier, ordered a worker to hold one of the mannequin-like targets and use it to block as he attacked.Doesn't sound too hard, one would
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Chapter 8: Excitement
"Your Majesty, this is blood I took from the boy His Highness, Prince Adrian saved"King Robert was surprised by what he heard as his eyebrows twitched."Blood?", he repeated."Yes, Your Majesty"He put the bottle down on the small round table before he started explaining what he meant."Your Majesty, that boy had been corrupted by a highly corrosive form of dark energy. The dark energy was potent enough to kill a normal person in a few days after making them lose their senses and turn rabid""What I found out from my initial checks was that the boy's body was somewhat special. It did not just resist the corrosion, it was actively purifying it""I was intrigued by the prospects of obtaining some of his blood to study but I stopped myself from doing so..."At this point, King Robert nodded but his gaze quickly flicked to the small bottle on the table. It was unnoticeable unless one were to be watching his face carefully."I tried to take it off my mind but this did not work and I ended
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Chapter 9: An Important Explanation (1)
["Why won't you acknowledge me?"]The voice was tiny and felt like a child. It felt like a part of his thoughts but he could tell that it wasn't."Who are you?", Aiden immediately asked, speaking in his mind while his mouth responded to the King's questions."This is the royal physician that looked after you when you were still unconscious and his only disciple"King Robert introduced the two in one sentence.Aiden who had just raised his head had to bow again to greet the old man.He could now put a face to the man who had drawn his blood without permission.Drawing his blood to test was not something special but the fact that it had been done sneakily for some reason made things look... wrong."Thank you, sir, for your care""It was not an issue. You're welcome", the old man replied.As soon as Aiden heard the voice, he could confirm his thoughts. This was indeed the same man who had taken his blood.In that case, all this was very clear.The old man had found something strange happ
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Chapter 10: An Important Explanation (2)
That day, a prophecy was left in The Chronicle Of Time, a prophecy that dictates the awakening of The World Eater at a later time.It says;---When the bells chimeThe wheels of fate slow to a stopTo start anewBringing the beginning of the end---The prophecy has reappeared now and it signals the awakening of The World Eater”]Aiden had his head pounding from the amount of information he heard. If it hadn't been because this came from a voice in his mind, he would have called whoever told him this one word; 'crazy'."You mentioned that The World Eater had something called evil spawns. Are those the savages trapped behind the boundaries?"[” That is correct and if one comes near you, it will try to kill or capture you"]The voice answered the question and then dropped a bomb.Aiden's thoughts turned chaotic immediately after he heard what the voice said. Why would that happen? He had found it weird that the savages had come straight for him the moment they set eyes on him. As if
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