Inside El Capone's palace, the young prince was seen among some of his mafias, drinking, smoking, playing card games, and having fun.

Suddenly, the echo of their laughter subsided as the phone attached to one of the palace walls rang.

El Capone stood up, walked towards the telephone, picked it up, and announced.

"El Capone on the line."

"I heard some snipers are awaiting you on the route to the palace."

"Oh... That's is expected."

"You need to be careful."

"Of course, I will. Thanks for informing me."

After disconnecting the call, El Capone lol on the wall for a while, then veered around and walked back into the midst of his men.

"When are we going to the king's palace?" Banjo asked, as soon as he sat on the throne facing the rest of his men.

"I have decided not to go again, you can leave with some of the men at daybreak."

"Wise decision, my prince. The palace signifies nothing but death to you.

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