The Legend of Igashu and Epala

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The Legend of Igashu and Epala

By: Kyst Flauvia OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A love story of a young couple meeting in an ancient time where dragons became extinct after the slaughtering of serpents. Igashu who was a member of a clan, who can forge healing bases decided to wander back to their old village where they used to dwell. He was asked by a critic of their clan to eliminate all the serpents remaining and in return, she will make him one of the powerful physicians inside their tribe. Epala who shapeshifted herself to a human form meets the person who seeks them dead and concludes to win his heart and eliminate him herself. (COVER PHOTO NOT MINE)

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First Encounter
Prologue It was late at night, I was ambling my steps rapidly in a massive way. Gleaming on my ears, where I knew for sure that my little princess awaits my presence. I saw no one as I sauntered beyond the village, hauling the present that I made for my little princess. When I suddenly heard a limping sound like an old man, lurking near the white bridge village, where I knew for sure where my little princess used to wait for me. I gently peek when I saw Esme turned into a melted acid, I was in terror from the glimpse I saw. I was paralyzed to move, still not getting the whole scenario. I turned my head to the creature who was oddly tilting its head, I scanned and noticed a scale on its skin, nails as sharp as a knife, and ears that were lanky like a grotesque one. I howl in agony after I manage to realize her death right in front of my eyes. I shriek out loud, making the grizzly creature surge in my direction. Turning the whole scenario into a commotion. It was late when I noticed the
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Their Motive
Chapter II. THEIR MOTIVE Moirai's P.O.V In our preceding lives, we mourn for agony and sentimental trauma after we lost a thunder or a group of dragons. Doubtlessly, we were in a position to outlive the dingy chronicle and the bloodlust shed by way of the fourth emperor of the Akkad Empire rulings, King Ortheo Hayes. Twenty-five years ago, when the prince of the Akkad empire was once said to be assassinated with the aid of one of our kind and without having solid evidence, they initiated the slaughtering of the serpents. The said physician with magical powers relinquished and forsaken us after forging us to be their biggest weapons, and after the incident, lightheartedness comes to their mind. At that time, I warned myself no longer to meddle with my life related to any health practitioner in the whole village. I started to distance myself away from the said Averchinari to forestall having any sentimental reason, since, from the start, I knew the viable conclusion of the dragons. Aft
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The Reason Why We live
Chapter III. The Reason Why We LiveThe next day at dawn, Igashu hard-headedly sneaks out away from their domicile to spy on the dragon's occurrence. Without the notion of Moirai and her other companion inside their prospective quarters. Igashu started digging for information from the Virgin Aisle village to the other empire. Unsafely putting his life in a difficult situation. Igashu's P.O.V As I was ambling my steps, l reached the village of the dead, where rumors of the deadly creatures were said to be lurking inside this town. Massive trees were seen as I entered the village. As I shove myself deeper, the shallow it gets, the path begins to narrow, and the more I feel suffocated. After a minute of struggle, I manage to reach the bottom of the forest. It was said to be a village but I think it was just a myth. The place was quiet, logs were creeping into the ground, and smoke was seen surging from the surface. As I took a step forward, I felt moist from the land where I was standin
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Impatient of a Girl who was Fed up with Eagerness
Chapter 4 Impatient of a girl who was fed up with eagerness. Morning comes, and the sound of the bird chirping next to the Lockwood village. Igashu can be seen strolling across the Chanty village, whistling when he notices a heavy panting sound inside the emptied Townley, he was impatient over his curiosity and decided to raid inward. He gently took a slight step forward as he overstepped inside the door, rooming each quarter. When he reached the bottom of the room, he opened the door and saw a glimpse of a weakling dragon, wounded from the attack, and crunching on its back. Her head was unable to turn after being tangled into a giant rope around her neck, bruises can be caught a glimpse of all over her scale, and her tail was wagging, a warning for Igashu who was interfering with her hideaway. Igashu's P.O.V The line that comes out of my head. "She's very fascinating, I can't resist myself but fell in love with this stunning creature." Behind those bruises she gained, her aura out
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The preparation of the prince's birthday celebration
Chapter 5 Preparation for the prince's birthday celebration. Her praiseworthy eyes were full of bitterness and ambition, her mouth making an effort to show a grin as she slowly confronted a woman who was crouching in front of her while she uttered a phrase. "What made you come and visit this island, Naomi? Perhaps you have already fulfilled what I have requested from you before?" a lovely maiden has uttered with a confusing expression, her eyes used to glare as she mumbled with her brim showing a pouty lip one, making her attractive at the same time. Playfully picking her nails with her devilish smile. "I apologize for coming back to this island, but I do have some news to announce especially to you, dear Winona Graves. A Critic clan from Averchinariams." Naomi mumbles. "How dare you say my name out loud and clear?!" She said, raising her eyebrows. "I apologize, but I do have some news for you, dear critic" she added, bending her knees in front of a critic. "Speak," she replied. "It
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The Ability of Black Ulysses
Chapter 6 The ability of a Black Ulysses On the island of these three nations, Subartu, Elba, and the Akkad empire. In the legend, a serpent was hidden across the village that was constructed by the said Averchinari. A healer who can forge healing bases such as body, soul, mind, and spirit. They are supposed to be a guide spirits without a soul, once dead will perish in the entire universe. Epala, also known for her dragon figure, is titled by Igashu from her dragon form. Her scales were dark as her shadow, and her eyes gleamed like ice in blue, with her huge size over 26 feet long. Her wings and tails were rendered as an average size of a tree. Moirai is Epala's human figure. Her hair was long enough to reach her tail and her clothes looked like a rug, a fold-over bodice with straps and laces around her neck, tied. A rents sleeves with wooden jewelry on her wrist. Thick belts around her waist, fitted pants with straps, and laced knee boots on top of her draped fabric wardrobe. And h
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The Verdict of a Serpent
Chapter 7: The Verdict of a Serpent Blameworthy eyes, trembling lips, throbbing bosom, and a weakling grip. His thoughts were being tainted by unsavory intentions. Expressing the phrase "The hardest portion is the first step, the second will be simpler" Igashu mumbled. In the interim in Lockwood village. "Moirai Monroe, the lost child, Ace Hutton was said to be captured by the Akkad realm, Ruler Henry Guanyin captured one of our companions and we're said to be sending him to the Elba realm, Moirai, is that true?!" Jiro argued. "I apologize for informing you this late but I will make an effort to fetch him back to our town." Moirai uttered, clarifying her phrase to the townsfolk. "Moirai, I beg you to bring back my son, Ace. No matter what." Ellie requested, clenching Moirai's fabric as she pleaded on her bent knees. "I promise to bring him back lady Ellie" Moirai reacted truly. The townsfolk started to search for Ace whereas Moirai and Cyrus joined hands for the search. "Moirai, if i
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Awakening of the Dragon
Chapter 8 Awakening of the Dragons Welcoming the old time when the two of us collided. In my silhouette blue, a boy appeared from my sight, driving himself at me as I dropped myself to the ground, "Big sister, are you okay?" A delightful voice I heeded. My eyes were hazy to capture his face as my tears dwell inside my eyes. I shook my head off and exposed my wail to a stranger. I shriek out loud from the pang that corrupted me through the darkness. That was the first time I freed myself from my blue. His warm embrace cured and weakened my suffering, and my condition flickers into an ordinary one. That night, I felt warm for the first time, having somebody who cuddles you out of the blue, a person who never pleaded for a reason for your whimpering, but a person who dwelled to keep you company. The moment he held his hand at me, I felt secure, even for a brief period. I failed to buy his name, even expressing my genuine appreciation to him. He was a kid full of affection, his kind hear
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The Judgment of a Mender
Chapter 9 The Judgment of a Mender "Holiness, (A way of addressing courtesy to an Averchinari) Winona was out of the island, perhaps seeking out aid from the Black Ulysses to devour mana from the serpents. She was yet longing for her lover who deserted her" Elion mumbled. Pherhana Elion was a Schevelian Averchinari (A healer of mind and the Instructor of the tribe) Schevelian Averchinari is coated in a green four-leaf clover, in which the fortunate charm clings to their body, embodying what clan they have a place to. Their mint green hair lunges to their tail. Lanky ears and long sharp nails. And a headpiece floral crown gum into their head. A flower accessory can be caught a glimpse of each Schevelians Averchinari's neck, comprehending that the Emovenorioms / ancestor was inside their body. Once their accessory kicks the bucket, the mana they were devouring will vanish, recognizing that the Emovenorioms have cleared out the body. It might be retirement or abandoning the possession
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The Essence of Life
Chapter 10. The Essence of Life It was fifteen years prior when I was sent to the royal residence to insure the health of the grandson of the fifth emperor of the Akkad realm. King Theoden Guanyin is known for his liberality and kindness toward his people. He was clever, shrewd, and a reliable father to his family and his people. He would send himself and expose his audience as a front liner amid a conflict between Elba and Subartu domain. The clash between these three-nation involves their organization's being against one another. "Amaya they said, am I right young lady?" The king retorted. "Greetings to the glorious father of this nation" I expressed, leaning before the king, expressing my courtesy to the royal highness. "You are sent to this palace to assist my grandson in his future regime and commit your life to our blood." The King mumbled. I caught a glimpse of his gaze glaring down straight to my soul with an intense aura. I then replied, "to be heeded, your royal highness,"
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