Money, they say is like a river, and those who knew its banks will never lack.

Because Madam Shasha was ambitious, cunning, and bold enough to take the risk involved, she had amassed millions of dollars in a few weeks.

And with this rate, she will soon be the richest woman on this island, a title that was never owned by any inhabitants of this island, except, of course, the wives of the mafias.

And this is just the beginning.

The smiling woman could imagine the kind of wealth awaiting her when Priest finally climb the throne of the mafia king.


Born fifty-nine years ago into a peasant family, Madam Shasha had grown up in deprivation. And it was the greatest shock of all when she emerged as the prettiest lady on the island despite her impoverished feeding and clothes.

Numerous men seek her hand in marriage. The super-rich, the powerful mafias, and prosperous merchants all come with various gifts only for one purpose, t
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