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“I’m back and I’m going to make sure everyone of you suffer for what you did to me.” ________________ Lyon Armstrong is Back!!! He was an orphan, always bullied and no one wanted to help him until an incident changed his life forever. After inheriting a superpower that brought him back to life, Lyon Armstrong is determined to make everyone who once bullied him, now before him. He’s back and he’s more powerful than ever.

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  • Rex Magnus


    This book is really good. I love the pacing.

    2024-01-30 22:48:06
  • ASystem


    Don’t forget to let me know what you think! Enjoy...️

    2024-01-30 19:24:12
  • Royalmary23💜


    i love the unique scenes

    2024-02-26 13:56:18
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118 chapters
“Give me your money, you stupid piece of trash!” Michael yelled at Lyon as he kicked his stomach while four of Michael’s other friends held Lyon down.Lyon was bleeding profusely and his breathing was fast, his face was soaked with blood as his heartbeat raced. He wanted to fight back but there was no way he could do that.They were at the rooftop of the university and it wasn’t the first time that they would waylay and beat him up just because they felt like it but today was different, they wanted his money.Lyon was always bullied and no one would try to help him because he’s an orphan, his head was aching really bad as Michael sneered and kicked him even harder but Lyon didn’t let go of the money with him.“I… it’s my…. Allowance for—“ Lyon tried to say but Michael only laughed and punched his stomach again, making Lyon cough out blood.There was no way that Lyon could possibly give them the 20 dollar bill he had with him because he was supposed to use it to feed himself for the en
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Lyon felt like he was on the cloud and he could also feel his spirit leave his body. He didn’t need anyone to tell him that he was dead because he knew the distance from the rooftop to the ground.He thought that the way he was feeling was a feeling of death and as he almost gave up, a bright light came on from his chest. It was so bright that it shined everywhere.He thought he was dreaming until he remembered that the light was coming from the same spot where his amulet was. He remembered his parents gave it to him to keep and he kept it safe for ten years.He groaned as he felt a strong, powerful force pull his spirit back into his body and his chest heaved as he pulled up like he had been touched with electricity.He could also hear his heart beating rapidly like a drum, he felt life coming back to him and he had no idea what was going on, he was confused because he thought that he was supposed to be dead.“What is happening to my body?” Lyon thought to himself as the light kept s
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Lyon’s fist clenched in anger and his teeth gritted against each other as he stared at Michael and his gang with fiery red eyes.He couldn’t believe what he was hearing them say, he couldn’t believe that they still had the nerve to drag him to the rooftop and ask him to keep a secret.What secret? The fact that they almost killed him?He laughed again in anger as he moved closer to them, his eyes not leaving Michael’s as he opened his mouth to ask the questions.“What secret are you asking me to keep exactly?” Lyon asked them and Michael’s face changed as he looked back at Lyon.“You expect me to keep the fact that you pushed me off this same rooftop and I almost died because of you guys a secret?” He asked but no one answered.Inside him, he was writhing with anger, he wished he could just grab Michael by his throat and choke him to death but he felt like now wasn’t the time for that as they were still on the campus ground.“Listen to me and I want you to listen very well,” Michael s
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The bullies looked back and they were stunned when they saw a very beautiful girl with long black hair and glasses looking at them. She was putting on lipgloss that made her lips shine so bright.Michael and his gang cooed at the sight of her, they never thought that they were going to get the chance to meet a girl as pretty as that in their school.Lyon was also staring at her, he blinked multiple times so that he was going to be sure that he wasn’t seeing an angel but he knew deep down that this girl was real.Michael immediately left Lyon and walked towards the girl with a lewd smile, he thought that she was going to be like all the other girls that he usually harassed.The girl didn’t stop smiling and even when Michael stopped in front of her, she only smirked as she asked them again what they were doing but Michael only whistled.“I should be asking you that question, hot stuff,” Michael said lewdly and even the girl was irritated, “what’s your name?” He asked and before the girl
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Elen knew that Lyon was curious and wanted to know more about his parents but she didn't know much about them either and she didn’t like the fact that she was going to break his hope.“I don’t know where they are, Lyon,” Elen explained as she sighed and Lyon’s face fell. He was disappointed because for the first time in years, he saw someone that knew his parents but she didn’t really know anything.“You shouldn’t have mentioned them if you didn’t know anything about them or where they are.” Lyon said with a low voice, his hope was high before but now it had been broken.“I know that you want to know a lot of things about your parents but what I can tell you about them is limited because I don’t know much myself.” Elen explained to Lyon.“They have been missing for ten years and no one has heard anything about them since then but I could feel your amulet.” She continued as she touched the amulet and it brought out a bright light.“It was activated just some days ago and that was how I
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Lyon was physically shaking, he couldn’t believe that he had really just been invited into the beautiful car. He looked around to be sure even though he knew that Elen was talking to him.“I…. I’ve never been in a car like this before.” Lyon told Elen and she only smiled before telling him to come.Lyon looked around, everyone was still staring at him as he nervously walked towards the car that he never thought he would ever get the chance to enter.He entered the car and Elen cleared her throat as she started to speak, Lyon’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.“You’re going too fast!” He said as he held his head and tried to understand what Elen was saying, “What?!” He asked with a confused and shocked look.“That’s right, Lyon,” Elen said, “your parents own the biggest consortium in this country and you’re the heir.” Elen explained.Lyon couldn’t believe it, it was hard for him to accept the truth because no matter what, he couldn’t picture what Elen was saying.
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Lyon had no driver’s license so he was confused about how he was going to get to the venue and because he didn’t know how to ask the butler that Elen left him with.He had never had the luxury of going somewhere with a car, he had always walked to places all his life and now that things were changing, he wasn’t sure how he was going to adapt.“You look troubled, young master,” the butler said and Lyon was drawn out of his thoughts. The man just called him a young master.How can he be a master to such an old man?“Ohh, you don’t have to call me young master,” Lyon laughed nervously, “I just got a call and I was told that my class will be having a party but I don’t have a driver’s license so I can’t go.” Lyon explained.“Well, I’m a butler and I have my license, master, I’ll take you to the party, just let me see the address.” The butler smiled.Lyon’s phone chimed just at that moment and he brought out his phone to show the butler the address that Kelvin sent to him.The butler asked
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The club was silent for a while before everyone burst out laughing at Lyon, they thought he was bluffing because there was no way he could afford that.Lyon smiled to himself, he could still feel his card in his pocket and he wasn’t scared, instead he was sure that nothing was going to happen.He’s not going to let himself be humiliated by Michael or anyone anymore.“What are you saying?” Kelvin asked, nudging Lyon’s arm and pulling him but Lyon didn’t budge, “these wines cost thousands of dollars, even I am not sure how I’ll pay mine.” Kelvin added.Lyon smiled at him and asked his best friend not to worry about the bill because when he’s paying for himself and he was also going to pay for his friend too.“I said I can afford to pay my bill and I promise I’ll pay yours too so don’t worry about it, Kelvin.” Lyon said calmly.Kelvin was more than shocked and everyone in the club couldn’t believe that Lyon was really saying that he can afford the bill.The Lyon everyone in the club all
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Everyone waited for the man to yell and curse Lyon but he didn’t say anything, he only looked at Lyon and wondered how after such a long time he was just coming.Instead of the manager saying anything, the man passed the card back to Lyon with so much respect before bowing to him.He couldn’t possibly keep his head held high in front of such an honorable person like Lyon.Everybody was shocked, they were expecting the manager to beat Lyon up just like Michael had said. Lyon looked confused because he didn’t know what to do.“The waiter should have never asked you for any money, young master.” The manager said and everyone’s jaw dropped as they looked from the manager to Lyon.“With that card you have with you, you are not supposed to pay for anything because everything is definitely going to be on the house, it’s paid for.” The man went on explaining.Michael was physically fuming, this wasn’t what he was expecting, he was expecting the manager to yell at Lyon and even slap him but he
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Lyon Armstrong was proud of himself, he felt good that he was finally able to give Michael a taste of his own medicine, he was happy because of the look of humiliation he saw on his face and Lyon smiled to himself.“What is going on, Lyon? How were you able to become so important when just yesterday you were—““I was living on the street and living off the food that was deposited in the trash can?” Lyon asked Kelvin before he could finish talking.Kelvin was happy that his friend was no longer going to be bullied and even though Lyon now has more money than him, Kelvin was still happy for him.Lyon and Kelvin walked outside the club together and the butler came to him and asked if there was a problem because there was no way the party would end that quickly.“Young master, did something happen? Does the owner not know who you are?” The butler asked, he was really angry but Lyon stopped the anger.The butler thought that Lyon was disrespected and the reason he left was because they bul
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