Onishi knew he is in danger, and this was the reason why he had been living in cover since he arrived on this island.

As a master of disguise, he looked fatter than his usual physique, older because of his tainted grey hair, wrinkled face and black-stain teeth, and wobble with a stick as he stepped down the steps of a large inn, then arrived at the liquor section and sat with a groan beside three young men in deep conversation.

Onishi hardly spend more than a week in an Inn and he always arrived in another Inn under a new disguise. Sometimes as a lady, a monk, or even a blind begger. He had been doing this to avoid any spies or assassins from Greenwich.

Today is his last day in this Inn, and another Inn had been arranged for him on the outskirts of the island.

"Hey, Grandpa. What will you drink today?" The young barman who had grown fond of the old man because of his generosity in tipping him whenever he ordered his usual whisky asked.

"Whisky as before, And a bottle of your favouri
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