Wizard Of Cosmos

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Wizard Of Cosmos

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He saw the end of mankind and suffered a miserable death. But when he opened his eyes, he was back thirty years before his death. Since he had a possible second chance, he decided to become the strongest and survive that miserable end. To become the ultimate wizard. ‘This time I will start with the very beginning.’ He wanted to start before the end of the earth, which was bound to happen in five years. The VR game The Endless. The passage to the planet Yuriel before the end of the earth. If he could become the strongest while he was an immortal player, he would have a chance to escape that tragedy. To people who didn’t know the truth, it was just a game. To people who knew the truth, it was their future. To Jason, who knew the future, it was his ticket to survival. … ‘Let me use thirty years of my experience. Ah… I never played The Endless in my previous life. Great!’ ‘I know all about planet Yuriel. But, in five more years….’ ‘I have no time to join a Guild. I can’t babysit anyone.’ … “Join our guild if you want the money to buy a VR cabin. ” … ‘I have to focus all my time on getting stronger.’ “There is no food in the village.” .. “Hey, where are you going? You brought a child here and trying to leave? She is your child now, so take care of her.” “Eh… I will come back soon.” ‘Damn it. Didn’t I say, ‘I don’t want to be a babysitter’?’ … “That child is cursed.” “Did you say she is cursed? Say that again, I will kill you.” … ‘Right. Why did I start playing this game, again?’


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208 chapters
01 - Did I Return to The Past
"...." - Is used in dialogues '....' - Is used in thoughts ...................... ‘How did all this happen?’ Jason felt cold. ‘Is this death?’ It was dark and silent. He couldn’t move or shout. There was nothing in the surrounding area. He was a failure. Even before coming to the planet Yuriel, he was just nobody. In the end, he died just like nobody. “Is it…..” “Yeah….” Jason heard a distant voice in the darkness. ‘Who is talking?’ He couldn’t make any noise or sound, but the voice was getting clearer. He realised it wasn’t English, but he understood the meaning. There were three distinct voices talking to each other. “It is over. That is the 10th simulation. Ends in the 30th year after entering the Primary Dimension.” “Are we going to do another?” “Nah… What is the use? They only lasted between thirty to thirty-five years in all simulations. They are going to be wiped out, anyway. The only difference is the time they are going to take to activate the beacon.” “But
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02 - Was it Real?
‘What exactly happened?’ Jason looked around. The road and the calm river brought many memories from his past. ‘Past? Or is it present?’ He fell into a daze as he walked along the footpath. The memories of his last hours flooded his mind. The memories of his death, and the memories of the end of humanity. The events that took place ran through his mind like a movie. ….. ‘This is not aid!’ Jason trembled, feeling the power of the green light that passed over their heads. He tried his best to remember a spell with a green colour that had such terrifying energy, and he got none in his memories. This was too fast to be a response from allies. … “Wait! Don’t break the formation.” The young leader yelled at the old man, Jason, feeling helpless. “What do we do?” The woman asked in a panic. If they caused a commotion, they would easily attract their enemy drones. “Let’s go after him.” For some reason, the young man also felt that something was wrong. The moment they sent t
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03 - I Am Broke
Jason looked at his small room. There was a small window, his bed, and a closet. It wasn’t much with the worn-out paints on the walls and dusty ceiling, but he was happy. He had his own room for the first time in his life. He stretched on the bed, hoping it would bring some comfort to his battered mind. ‘Sigh. I can’t avoid it, I guess.’ By no means does this sudden change of events be comforting to him. He saw too many deaths and lost many things during the twenty years of war. He had his own demons. He took out his phone and opened the browser. He tried to type two words, but he stopped himself with shaking hands. ‘I hope it was just a nightmare.’ He thought about how it all happened. If this was truly his return to the past, everything would happen in another five years. September 2030. A couple of months before that fateful day, governments all around the world announced a piece of shocking news. The world, the earth, would end on the 1st of September 2030. The peop
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04 - I Would Have Been Happier
‘Sigh. What am I going to do?’Jason sat on the bench with an exhausted look on his face. He got an extra day off to take medical assistance, yet he was here to do something else. ‘Will I not be able to get the money?’He really felt helpless.He had no friends; he had no family. He didn’t have anyone rich enough to lend him money, and he had nothing he could sell. ‘Sigh.’He took out the phone, trying to find another bank nearby. …“It is that guy, again.”“Who?”Ashly frowned, knowing who her cousin was. Of course, Freya wasn’t a woman who didn’t date, but she rarely had a man who could gain her attention. Besides, her words made it obvious that this guy caught Freya’s eyes more than once.“That guy. I showed you him earlier.”“Hm?”Ashly turned her head toward the direction Freya was looking at. There was a scrawny young man sitting alone on a bench in the corner of the bank. His dark hair was messy, and he was looking at something on his phone. His worn-out clothes looked too
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05 - Extra Fifty Thousand
Jason looked out of the window. He was hesitant to sip the expensive cup of coffee in his hand. He loved good food and drinks, but he loved his money even better. The bustling street was filled with people and vehicles. He saw more people going in and out of the bank on the other side.‘Sigh.’He wondered if he could do what he planned. Honestly, he had too many uncertain points. “So… Are you going to tell us?”“Ah… Yes.”His mind hurried back to the small cafe with a sharp but pleasant voice. “Sigh. I need money to buy a VR cabin.”If not for the information he found on the internet, he wouldn’t have followed this woman out of the bank, and he wouldn’t be sitting here with the two of them. Ashley Steel was the heir to the massive Steel corporations. To someone like her, mere hundred thousand should be nothing. However, there was another reason that he agreed to follow her. The Steel Corporation had a gaming guild called Black Steel Guild. A guild that focused on many major onlin
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06 - We Can Earn Much More
“I am here to apply for the Endless.”Jason ignored the disdainful look the guy behind the counter had when he placed the stack of papers in front of him.He knew doing things like this was way outdated, but he had his reasons. Besides, it was clearly mentioned that the application could be delivered by hand. The girl next to the guy looked at his face for a few seconds. It was as if she was trying to determine if he was joking or not. After a few seconds, she took the application into her hand and walked to a computer. “Sir. Can you see if there are any errors in the details I enter?”She pointed at the screen facing Jason.“Sure.”He stood in front of the screen as the girl skillfully entered his details into an online form. After that, she returned the form to him to check if everything was clear. “It is correct.”Jason felt relieved after checking everything for a second time. He didn’t want to get rejected even before getting started. He gave the girl his credit card as he fe
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07 - The Endless
‘I can’t believe this.’Jason lay on his new bed, feeling complicated. It wasn’t because something was wrong, because everything went right.Three days after getting his loan from Ashley Steel and the Black Steel gaming studio, he moved into his new apartment. The real estate agent she introduced was very efficient and found him a cheap place with a rental of twenty-five thousand per year. It was a one-bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and a bathroom. It was the best he could afford with the money he had. After moving into the apartment, he began his tedious daily routine. Every morning he got up early and prepared breakfast and packed some lunch. Then he would go to the library to gather information on the notable natural landmarks on earth. There was a reason for this. In his past life, when the entire earth’s population was transported to the Yuriel, most people wanted to find a way to return. However, a group of explorers, scientists, and natives of the Yuriel found the n
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08 - That is Where I Should Start
The surrounding lights changed, and Jason felt the warmth of the newborn sun.Even before he got used to the environment, his body stiffened. He felt the slight traces of magical energy or mana brushing against his skin. ‘Huff… Huff….’He gasped for air, trying to calm his mind. The feeling was from the atmosphere he lived in for thirty years. It made him instantly feel like a fish out of water because his ending in the past life wasn’t the one he expected to have. The surroundings became clear to him, and he wasn’t alone. There were many others and more and more lights flashed in the surroundings as more people appeared around them.‘So, is this how players come here?’He looked at his clothing. It was an off-white shirt and pants. It was similar to everyone else. Men and women both wore identical clothing, but they all had different skin tones and hair. He even saw several coloured hairs among the group. “Huh? Are we all players? How are we going to identify players? There are no
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09 - I Will Take It
“Can I meet Envoy Boris?”Jason saw the two guards looking at him with curious eyes. “Sure… Go right in.”Jason gave them an acknowledging nod before walking into the building. The first thing he realised was that the building was actually an Inn. The wooden tables, the smell of alcohol and the dim light were obvious signs.He was afraid, but he had no choice but to push forward. First, he had to learn where he was and if this was the real Yuriel. The best way to get accurate information was from a man like Boris. There were five people inside, and a wooden staircase connected the two floors.He saw Envy Boris, a woman that had a lean but tough build, a dark man that reminded him of a giant bear, and another in a cloak leaning against a wooden post. The woman sat on a bench with her feet on the table while the well-built man was already drinking. The last person looked like the owner of the place, who stood behind the counter. ‘Adventurers?’ The group looked tough, but they were
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10 - I am About to Move
“You… Will?”Boris really hoped he wouldn’t. “Yes!”Jason looked around and found the fireplace. He walked up to the stack of wood and found a sturdy branch about one metre long. “Can I borrow this?”He looked at the man behind the counter.“You can… But why?”“I don’t have a weapon.”“That is your weapon?”Boris felt a slight headache coming over him.Jason raised his shoulders, giving a helpless look. He really had no choice. “Hey, do you know how to use a sword?”Jason looked at the woman, raising his brows.“Yes!”He didn’t have to be humble with what he knew the best. He had practised using a sword for twenty-five years.“Show me!”He didn’t expect her to throw a sword at him, but he caught it by the sheath. He drew the longsword out of the sheath, eyeing the woman. He noticed that she had another sword by her side.‘Not the same size and grip. She is not a duel wielder. Why does she have two swords?’He felt the grip.“This is a good sword, but is it yours?”“Oh, why do you
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