Return of the Empyrean Arcanist Regalia Magus

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Return of the Empyrean Arcanist Regalia Magus

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From the primordial unrecorded time of the world of Prium, there was once called the Chaotic Age. Humans, Beastkins, Elves, Dwarves, and Demons barely survived. Literally every living thing excluding their race are hunting them one after another. At the peak of it all are creatures that call themselves Gods, but the five races called them The Void. Meaninglessly suppressing every living being in the world, looking at them like they are trash easily disposed of. That was already something, but under these so-called Gods, strong monsters hunted them like they are normal food they can devour anytime. That is until seven heroes stood and fought for their freedom. And this story is, about the person that led these seven heroes to victory, Empyrean Arcanist Regalias Magus, Kaiser Nysh Radus

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77 chapters
Chapter 1: Return of Kaiser Nysh Ragus
Return of Kaiser Nysh Ragus The world of Prium, Era of the Void Gods, Chaotic Age."Suparna, cover for me!" A handsome young man, at the age of 18 opened his palms widely as hundreds of spells started to be cast simultaneously.Suparna, a lady from the demon race nodded her head, she's already 10,000 years old and the current lord of the demon race: "I got it, just focus!""Blood Field!" Suparna immediately surrounded the young man with a blood-looking sphere, she smiled: "This is a battlefield, it is my territory!"The corpses of their dead brethren supported her power so much that it's already beyond the limits of this world.Dozens of millions of corpses littered the ground, in normal times, it would probably be a mournful day, but today is different, for freedom, all of these races had sacrificed so much to reach this point.But what point you ask?They are fighting these so-called Gods, the Gods that never he
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Chapter 2: Return of Kaiser Nysh Ragus (2/2)
Just an idea for everyone reading this novel, the size of Prium(world) is 100 times bigger than Earth. Nysh fell, but before he reached the ground, he was caught by both Ygdrassil and Suparna, the other four arrived and supported them. As soon as they reached the ground, they gently placed Nysh on the ground, of course, it was softened by both Earthen King and Ygdrassil. Weakly, Nysh smiled at all six of his friends: "Hey, why are you all looking weird like that..." He said that weakly of course. Other than Ygdrassil and Suparna, all four of the other members had looks of confusion. "Nysh, what happened to you, why are you like that? Don't joke around, we've finally got our freedom! What we've dearly wished for!" Bihyoho spoke out of concern, worry, and complete confusion. His first human friend, Kaiser Nysh Ragus is currently extremely pale and weak, truth be told, Nysh's work should be the easiest and less threatening than the rest o
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Chapter 3: 1,000,000 Years of Slumber
Five days had passed, Nysh could finally move a finger. "Fuck, I'm starving..." Nysh couldn't help but utter as he sighed, he's feeding himself mana, but it's totally different from having a decent meal. "Roasted Gordon Monkey or Behemonster Rinocerous would probably be able to fill me in quite nicely." He sighed, but since he could move his finger, it was time to do his magic. "Greater Healing!" "Muscle Training!" "Body Enhancement." "Stamina Recovery." "etc. etc. etc." He used thirty spells in a second. [Name: Kaiser Nysh Ragus Level: 1 (9,999) Title: Gods Slayer, Empyrean Arcanist Regalia Magus Str: 12 (2,115) Agi: 8 (4,524) Vit: 200 (12,345) Int: 98,188 Status: Normal.]   With his status returning to normal, his attributes did so as well. He scanned his surrounding, it almost looked like a mausoleum, but there are still ligh
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Chapter 4: Black Ridge City
1,291,281 letters, it took Nysh around a year to finish all of it, he could probably finish it in two or three months, but he... he savored every bit of information, affection, and stories his friends had shared.Also, for one more reason, his friend had never failed to send him a letter once every year, so, if he waited for a year, he hoped that he could see one of his friends, just a glimpse of them.A year, he had waited, and it had become useless.He had learned more things reading their letters than he had studied his whole life, he walked close to the door, then, he saw the figures of his friends just beside it, all six of them lined up when they were in their prime fighting the Gods, his statue was also in the middle, which all of them were made of gold, he smiled and placed all six of them in his inventory, although he wanted to leave them, he heard that there are many treasure hunters now, and if those hunters were to see these, they'd definitely steal
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Chapter 5: Gathering Information
Nysh went and lined together with the other people lining up to enter the city, he kept monitoring the situation and noticed that they are handing some sort of bronze-looking thing. 'Must be the thing needed to enter the city...' Now, that's the sad part, he doesn't have any of those things. He used some sort of magic and enhanced his hearing to know more about it, at a bit, his hearing reached all the way to the marketplace. [Hey, hey, look here, fresh fishes caught from the Balur Lake! Only for 8 bronze!] [Smayu, I'd like to have a sword made, how much does it cost? I want a level 40 sword, what? 3 silvers?! Are you kidding me?!] [.......] [.......] [.......] He heard so much that he immediately got the gist of it, he inwardly thought: 'I don't have that... what was it? Money?' As a person that had slept for a million years, what would he know about the currency? At the very least, he
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Chapter 6: What The Hell Should I Even Do?
Nysh went out of his room and went to the first floor of the Inn, he ate first to fill his stomach for a bit, he didn't even expect to eat so much, he gulped down ten servings of meat and five massive mugs of bears, he couldn't believe how much humanity developed with making food. After all, the only food they ate are either roasted or fresh meat, that's how dark that era was. After eating, he went outside to buy some good sets of clothes, he actually bought twenty sets of clothing, used water magic to clean his body, and wore one of the new clothes he had purchased. He felt quite astounded at their craftsmanship, but for the stats... [Blue Thread ShirtLevel: 1Defense: +1] "......." To Nysh, it felt really... really weak, but the benefit is, it's actually rather comfortable: "Well, it's somewhat a good trade, since there isn't much chaos, it's good to let loose once in a while." A million years ago, you can't even pee safely, l
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Chapter 7: Engraving
After arriving back, he ate his dinner and lay in his bed. He developed this habit of sleeping whenever he can. It's when he got his comrades, he can sleep when one of them is guarding the rest to sleep. Sleeping is as easy as taking candy from a baby, and he can also wake up whenever he wanted, the benefits of living within the chaotic dark age. After waking up, Nysh freshened himself with his water magic before making his way out. The first thing he did was of course, to start the mission. He wanted to just teleport away, but he knew it's gonna be annoying if he does. "With peace comes a lot of restrictions..." When it was chaotic, they could do whatever they pleased, but now, it's really different, in order for every being to be safe, they needed order, rules, and other things. Before going out, he went to the adventurer's guild to take his adventurer's card. As soon as he arrived, he noticed that the clerk is rather differe
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Chapter 8: Slaughtering Goblins
With just a single move, Kaiser Nysh Ragus felt quite satisfied, he looked at the goblins once more and knew they were scared and stifled by fear. Since Nysh didn't know any other skill, he posed once again, this time, the goblins trembled and started fleeing from all directions or going down to their holes hidden by bushes. "Too late." Nysh uttered as he dashed this time, not by pouncing. He swung his sword and now, a rather powerful wave was unleashed from his sword's edges. Before, he killed 14 goblins just by his sword's range, this time, he killed 18 even though the goblins were out of his sword's range. The energy wave from his sword reached about two meters wide. Nysh puckered his lips: "It's quite different, but I guess that's normal since I'm only beginning to learn it." After all, Bihyoho's same slash produced a wave of at least a kilometer at minimum, even cutting mountains in the process. Looking at his surroundings
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Chapter 9: Promotional Exam
Then Nysh noticed their silence, it seemed he had done something that was not normal, he just sighed and shrugged his shoulder: "Well, if you can't pay for it, just say so, I don't take hands for payments."As he spoke of it, he just moved in the direction of the Black Ridge City.Nysh moved quite fast, no less than 10 seconds, he was already gone.Myrtle's face was extremely flushed, seeing her face, guard captain Amrut spoke: "Nobody heard a thing. We better hurry and leave before those goblins come back."As they rode away, the maids looked at Myrtle holding their laughter. Seeing this, she couldn't help but sigh: "I know, but... we completely forgot to reward him after he said those words.""Princess, they are adventurers, you shouldn't have extended your hands forward." One of the maids spoke.Another one added: "Yes, they are known to be mannerless beasts in terms of how they handle women.""Yes, actually, they also do not know
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Chapter 10: Kaiser Nysh Ragus Glorious Life Goal
Nysh was brought to the backyard of the guild which is quite spacious. Myrndok looked back at him and asked: "There are two ways for us to fight, one is for real but not dealing critical injury, while the other is using fighting safely through training equipments. Nysh looked at Myrndok and asked: "If I defeat you through with the use of training equipments, it's going to be detrimental to my promotion?" Myrndok hearing him say those words felt quite a bit of anger, but he still smiled: "Not by much." Nysh nodded and replied: "Well, fighting seriously it is." Myrndok smiled: "Suit yourself." As soon as he spoke, his body was covered with light as it was covered by a red and silver armor that looked much like a snake or lizard, a massive axe appeared as Myrndok held it with his two hands: "I'm ready." Nysh nodded his head and checked Myrndok's status. [Myrndok Lv. 399Class: GladiatorRank: 6-stars C-rank.Attr.
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