Omega high school

We finally arrived at our destination, but it was already late, so I spend the night at Mr. Carlo's house, it was a one-room apartment, I will have to sleep on the couch. Mr. Carlos brought out some snacks at out of the fridge, " you must be hungry he said"  yeah, thank you sir, he handed the snacks to me. I ate silence Mr. Carlos, put on his TV, I haven't seen this type of screen size in a TV before, it was manageable, though. "Can you see is he asked?, curious of my answers." I can, I replied, "do you watch soccer Mr. Carlos asked" , yes I do, we watched a champion league matched Real Madrid Vs Paris Saint Germain, it was interesting though I found myself jumping here and there, football can really bring out one's true self, but the score didn't end to our favor, our team lost. It was dark already Mr. Carlos shut the TV and went inside his room, he brought out a blanket for me, rest early he said, he off the light and I folded myself on the couch, it was difficult to sleep. I checked the clock every minute, the time appears to be low, I stay awake all through the night, I wasn't used to sleeping in the couch,

 Mr. Carlos woke up at 6pm. He did his morning praying service I joined him, we finished ten minutes later I did some of my morning routine, 30 push-ups, jogged for 1 hour and others, then I went to the bathroom, Mr. Carlos , prepare dinner, and we ate, I watched the dishes. It was simple, mom never let me do anything, not when we have maids. Mr. Carlos dress up, and I followed him we walked for a while, I noticed he doesn't say anything unless it is important, we walked past so neighborhood, where he spoke with some people occasionally as we walked. The houses around here are not beautiful, they looked old, but people live in there. Mr. Carlos must have watched me look around he then explains some of the things I find strange, like the road it wasn't concreted, just sand and there were erosion here and there. Finally we got to our destination, 

Mr. Carlos knocked on the door and a woman came outside. She was young, tall and beautiful, I must say. She will be in her forty, unlike Mr. Carlos she had a good shape, tall and well-built. This is miss Sarah, Sarah this is Mr. Charles son. She walks towards to get a better look, "not more I expected, she finally said." after examining me." have you arranged his room? Mr. Carlos asked with assurance,"  yes I did that this morning he can move in now. Mr. Carlos turned to me, " okay you can go in I will bring your books for you later in the day." thank you sir, thank you ma I walk inside, I quickly notice that it was bigger than Mr. Carlos owns I walk in the parlor it was decorated Mr. Carlos wasn't decorated at all, it was all pale. I check my room, it was decorated blue, although red was my favorite color, it doesn't matter and finally a bed to sleep on, I jumped in feeling excited for no reason, it was comfortable I walk outside to take some fresh air, Mr. Carlos was still outside, so I pause, I noticed that he wasn't audible like usual, he talks calmly, could it be that…. I should think to that direction. Mrs Sarah came inside after Mr. Carlos left. "Sam she called" I rushed to meet her, "have you try the clothes I brought for you, check if they fit you perfectly, "okay I will do just that " I ran in and checked all the clothes if they fitted perfectly. They all fitted perfectly, Mrs Sarah got an eye for picturing me clothes size with only a photo of me. 

in the evening Mrs Sarah cooked fried rice which is actually my favorite meal, dad must have told Mr. Carlos at least he is giving me a better meal. I finished the meal in hasty, a while later Mr. Carlos came back. He brought all my books. He had a little chat with Mrs Sarah, then he left. I was in the parlor then Mrs Sarah walked to me, we finally spoke, "how are you getting on she asked" I will adapt I replied swiftly. "You don't seem to be a rich kid, you don't behave like one, she added. My dad once told "if you are in a place where you ain't recognize, behave humble and follow orders", that what am simply doing 

I will give you the credit though you did great. "You will be starting school tomorrow so, sleep Early okay." okay ma."you can stop calling me "ma" Sarah will be better. okay, auntie Sarah. You are funny indeed okay, I will be leaving you here, sleep on time okay. okay, auntie Sarah. She laughed and walked away. I left for my room too, I am already tired and exhausted 

in the morning Mrs Sarah came to wake me up. I was in a deep sleep. I barely got up with my two feet. She was already dressed up, I had to use the bathroom quickly and find a cloth to wear. It was my first day in a new school, with a Different environment. Mrs Sarah notice that I was worried, she tried to cheer me up , " don't worry it going to okay she said with a smiling tone. I was done with everything, and we set out for school 

before we arrived there Mrs Sarah bought me some snacks because we left home on time, she didn't prepare anything.

We finally reached omega high school it was big but the painting on the building was old the block surrounding the school have started falling the gate was rusty, student were hurrying to school I was wondering why, on getting to the entrance I found out that there was another school close to omega high school farther Bit it name was Alpha high school it was massive and beautiful, well-designed, this must be for the rich in this area. But none of these school can be compared to my former school, there is 1% over 100%. We walked in to the school premises, student were staring at us, I can't really tell why, Mrs Sarah walked into the teacher staff room, she asked me to join the other students, I walked in their direction and some of them were still staring at me. 

All the student gather at the school Hall, I think they are waiting for the principal speech. Soon Mr. Carlos show up on stage he took a microphone, he tried to speak, but we couldn't hear him the microphone had issues, he had to go pick another, I guess they were saving this one for a special event. 

hello everyone, we're starting our third term and the final year for our seniors as usual I won't say much, studies hard, believe and conquer, those three words are what make people successful. I won't tolerate being outside while classes are being heard, this term. As always, abide by the law, and we can be good friend. That all go back to your classes, all the student began to leave I waited, Mr. Carlos walked to my direction there was a girl next to him, but I can't see her clearly, as he approached closer I could finally see her face, she was fair in complexion, average height, he had a gold hair, her eyebrows were long bit, she didn't paint her lips. All girls do that these days. Mr. Carlos finally reach me Sam this Christabel, Christabel this is Sam. Introducing us with hands direction. " Christabel, please show Sam around the school, okay sir, she said. Mr. Carlos left us, "where do you want to go first, she asked politely". I don't really know I said, "the school is big right, you can get missing if you ain't careful. I choked, I wanted to laugh out loud, but I held myself. Christabel notice my reaction just now (he must be shy with girls) I wonder what she is thinking. "Okay let go to the school carfare first, she said calmly (I have to be more friendly with him). She leads the way, looking at her closely she is actually beautiful, I have to clean that out of my brain, I didn't come for that. 

we finally arrived at the carfare it was a small store. Like a one room, the tables, and chair were outside, but in an open hall, I have never seen this before. Maybe they opened the hall, so that fresh air could enter  because I couldn't 

Spot any fan in the ceiling.(look at the way he is staring at the carfare, he hasn't seen this type of arrangements before) "nice designed right, Christabel said". oh, yeah, yeah it is good I replied nodding me head along. But I will advise not to buy anything from the carfare, the crowds here are usually too many, when it's time for, break, and moreover their things are too expensive, you won't be able to afford it regularly. I buy from outside the school it is cheaper, you can buy there too, and I know the woman selling there. "Thank you for the information" I said, to turn in her direction. Don't worry it is my pleasure, she said smiling at me. okay, next is the library, Christabel said while moving forward. 

It took us some minutes, before we got there, the library was bigger than the carfare, it was locked, but she had the keys with her, in my former school the library's locked was a smart locker, this one is just a normal locker with a key they tried anyway. Christabel, opened the door and we walked in. The library was only five wooden rolls, at least it was feed with books. (he must be surprised he has never seen this type of combination before, we were newly supplied with books) how is it Christabel asked. It nice, it is good I answered, you can collect books here it frees, the reason it wasn't opened was that, it is usually opens after the first class of the day. Thanks for the information. Our next will be the sports departments, Christabel took me around all the department the football field the volley pitch and the only two remaining were the basketball court and the gymnastics arena. Let go to the gymnastics arena Christabel said politely, she doesn't seem tired, I am already at my limit, In my former school, there are standby cars ready to take us wherever we are going. We finally reached the gym arena it was far from the rest, " this is our gymnastics arena, Large right" I glance through the whole building it was big I admit it, but it doesn't have the equipments, tools, and gadget. to me, it seems like a wide open area to me. (he must be surprised,  seeing the facilitates that we have here, not to worry, you haven't seen our basketball court yet) so what sport is done here, "we practice karate judo, and track sports here, impressive isn't it". "Yeah, yeah it is good I said nodding my head," our last building will be that basketball court. "Wait you have a basketball court here" I asked sharply. (I said it, he will be surprise, I'm certain that there is no basketball court in the village). Yes you heard right, we have a basketball court in the school, ' it is close by, let get moving" she said smiling at me. Minutes later we arrived at the basketball court, on getting there I ran to the middle and looked around. (I know he will love our basketball court, this might be his first time of seeing or standing in a court before, I can imagine the joy that is running through him now).  I turned around to get a perfect view of the court, it wasn't properly developed, not that I expected anything. "That all for today, the rest things I will explain them to you. You must be tired now, let go to the carfare" she said calmly. I followed her, and she bought a cup of tea and a hamburger, she handed them over to me" here, have fun on your first day she said". I choke a little , "but these things are expensive, I dazed at her "don't worry the bill have already been paid" just enjoy, she whispered (he has to enjoy today, he might never eat this again). I looked at the hamburger it was big, she is doing this for a stranger, even though she has little, from the way she talks, I can tell she doesn't have much. I cut the hamburger into two and gave her the other side, " you don't have to give me, she said rejecting the food" "please let this be a token of my appreciation. I stood up from my seat and gave her, thanks for the hot tea. (he is caring even though he has nothing) Sam, "where I work, we need a worker, I will take you there to enroll on Friday". I looked at her, she must be considering my status, Mr. Carlos has already her, that I am on scholarship here. "Yeah that will be great, I smiled at her". "Okay let go to class together" ". She gets up from her seat, she didn't eat the hamburger, she kept it in her bag, maybe she is going to eat it later. We walked to class and chatted about the basketball court. I found out that, she is the captain of the girls team but, they have never won any interschool competition.

We entered the classroom, it wasn't well-structured, some walls have cracked the chair wasn't that balanced. Mrs Sarah was the one teaching, I quickly find a better spot to sit down, Christabel sat at the front desk, I never liked sitting at the front row, so I went to the back row. They were noise her and there, as soon Mrs Sarah arrived in the class, everybody went mute. She called me out, "this is our new student, he is on scholarship here, please introduce yourself, I cleared my throat, My name is Sam Charles, please take me as your own. The student burst into laughter, to silence everyone, Mrs Sarah yelled. "You are welcome, she said to me, take your seat". On getting back to my seat I heard some whisper" he must be poor " "maybe he is an orphan, a girl said". I took my seat and Mrs Sarah taught the class, we had other classes before we closed. I waited for Mrs Sarah to finish her work, then I followed her home. On our way home, "how was school she asked" normal I replied with a smile on my face, okay she said knowing fully well that I was just pretending. "I can cope I finally said on our arrival, you don't have to worry" she smiled at me, and walked into the kitchen, I went to the bathroom to freshening up, then, meal was severed we ate in silence, " that girl that introduce you around the school, do you like her" Mrs Sarah said with an insisting Tone. I was choked, I haven't spent a day and half here, she is already asking me this sensitive questions. "I don't like her, I whispered" .she gets up to drop her plate, time will tell she said leaving. I am still surprised for what just happened, I have never fallen for anybody before, to me, those people hear are weak. I have gone to the best schools, and nobody was a match. I read some my books laid down, and I fell to sleep 

"Sam you lied to me, you deceive me, let end this now" Christabel wait, I tried to stop her, she turned her back immediately, I watch her disappear. I opened my eyes slowing still mentioning Christabel name, some minutes I finally came back from the slumber, thank Goodness it was a dream, what is this feeling, how could I dream of a girl I only met yesterday and somehow I felt relive, it was a dream? I slept off again. 

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