The Billionaire Pauper

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The Billionaire Pauper

By: JOHNSON Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Maltreated by his wife's family, Reuben takes over his family property as the CEO to the surprise of everyone Everything in his favour ITS HIS TIME!!!


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56 chapters
THE PARCELReuben took the parcel from the front desk and walked hurriedly to his motorbike.He had only a few minutes left for the due time for delivery, and this client seemed like a wealthy and arrogant person from his voice.In all his one year of being a delivery Captain, he had always tried his best to deliver his parcels on time and in good shape to avoid being scolded by angry and frustrated clients and worse, his company.This parcel seemed unusually lighter but he had no concern about it because his only duty was to deliver.He qúickly flipped the parcel carefully into his backpack and swiftly tucked it on his back.He took his checklist to find out that the supposed parcel was a pack of condoms.He frowned. ‘ Who orders a whole pack of condoms?’ He thought.At that moment, he got angry at the receiver of the parcel..‘ Well maybe there is a reason to celebrate’ he said.Suddenly, he remembered that the day was his first marriage anniversary with his wife Louisa.He smiled f
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FED UP WITH IT ALLReuben left the premises of the hotel and headed back to the office. He was angry about all the things that had happened in the past few minutes.Although he had had enough humiliations from and maltreatment from his wife's family, he never knew his wife could cheat on him with another man simply because she thought he was broke.Yet he smiled againIn his family, a series of tests was run for the person to inherit the family property. On his own side it included staying with his wife and her family and acting like a broke man.True to their assumptions, he had been maltreated by every member of the family from the oldest person to the youngest including Louisa herself.Now it was time to reveal the truth to Louisa and let her know his true identity but thinking about what had happened a few minutes ago, he concluded it was not necessary to do so. He headed straight to the office and after confirming the delivery of his order he went back home.*******In the house
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MEGA BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Everyone of Louisa's family had gathered for grandma's birthday party in the family house.The party was a befitting one for grandma considering his status in the family.Everyone was happy.Grandma called Louisa to enquire from her the whereabouts of her husband, Reuben.She needed him to clean the mess at the party. “ Louisa, where is that wretched Reuben of yours?. Summon him here now to clean up this place” Grandma said to Louisa“ Sorry grandma, he did not show up for the party today. He refused to attend your party despite me telling him it's compulsory for him to attend. Louisa said, faking a sad face.“What!! ” Grandma shouted.Grandma's shout brought everyone's attention to her. The music playing in the background was stopped immediately and everybody's gaze and focus was on grandma and Louisa.“ Why would that stupid poor brat refuse to attend my birthday party. Who the hell does he think he is? What impudence!Call him here now!! ” Grandma said a
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MR MANAGER'S CONTRACT Reuben's demeanor changed.He flashed a quick look at Louisa and then back at grandma. He thought today was his last day as delivery man so he better as well finish his last day’s duty. A parcel was being asked to be delivered to this location so he came. But he never thought he would hear what his wife has been lying to the whole family.Sorry grandma, I never cheated on Louisa here. In fact she is the one who cheated on me with another man. I.. ” Reuben tried to explain But before he could finish his sentence Louisa burst into tears again abruptly cutting him short“ It's a lie grandma, he cheated on me and now he wants to turn it up on me.He was the one who cheated. I saw him in bed with another woman, ” Louisa said amidst crying.Reuben frowned.He looked surprised and confused..Grandma ordered him to apologize Reuben frowned and creased a brow.He shook his head in the negative and stared blankly at grandma.“ I don't have any apologies to make here, i
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THE GOLDEN RULER Now listen to me Reuben. A broke ass like you cannot determine my position nor my life. You have no power to decide whether or not my contract will be extended right” The manager said and laughed mockingly at ReubenReuben grinned loudly let out a wicked smile.Everyone suddenly began murmuring to each other.They could ny understand how Reuben had the guts to say that to the manager.Everyone of them looked so astonished at Reuben's words Having had enough. Grandma broke her long silence.“ Enough of the drama you two.. ” she said as she stared at Reuben“ … . Now you Reuben, I've had enough of you. You have broken the family's laws and rules by cheating on Louisa. You have to be punished for doing so.And you would be punished with the GOLDEN RULER ” Grandma said.“Whoa ” the whole crowd exclaimed. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … The GOLDEN RULER was a long flat and flexible cane that had the shape of a ruler. I had a golden colour and hence it's name.The mate
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REUBEN IN TROUBLEReuben hissed and looked around.Something caught his attention.He noticed someone entering the room.He looked again.Lo and behold, it was the man who was with Louisa at the hotel The man entered the room and went to stand beside Louisa.Reuben was boiling with anger. Hatred grew in his heàrt for the pair.He pointed to the man.“ And if you all care to know, that is the man she was cheating on me with. In a hotel room! ” Reuben said, looking at Grandma.Grandma's eye widenedThe man looked surprised at Louisa.Everyone in the room was gazing at the pair.Some people had their mouths agape in shock.Louisa's cousin had a smile playing on the corners of her mouth.“ Is it true Louisa? ” Grandma asked with a shaky voice“ No grandma, it's a lie,” Louisa replied trembling.“ What is going on here? The man asked Louisa, with a surprised look“ Reuben told everyone here that I am cheating on him… with you! ” Louisa explained.The man understood the whole issue at once
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GOOD AND BEST RIDDANCE FOR ALLReuben stood all through the accusations keeping his cool.He waited until Williams finished speaking.Everybody has believed Williams and has justified Louisa.After the whole buzz died down, Reuben moved from his position and came to stand in the middle of the room When everyone was waiting for the next action, Reuben spoke.“ Louisa, you claimed to everyone here in my absence that I was cheating on you. You said you rather saw me in bed with another lady.You claimed I was cheating on you instead, with another womanDo you have any evidence or proof to that effect” Reuben askedLouisa stood there without talking. She was just staring at Reuben not knowing exactly what to say“ Do you have any evidence to prove that you saw me in a hotel with another lady? Reuben repeated his earlier question.Louisa did not answer.Reuben turned to Grandma“ You are her grandmother. Maybe you can get her to talk” Reuben said with a mean faceHe turned back to Louisa
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THE BEST JOB OFFER Following Grandma's verdict on trashing out Reuben, all family members were happy.Other than the family members, there were guests present at the ceremony.All these guests happened to be big shots in the city with high status quo. CEOs, managers, business owners and most of all billionaires and multi billionaires.Each of them had great businesses in the city and beyond.Grandma had specially invited them to his birthday ceremony in a bid to get them to partner with the family business. All these people were present as the drama between Grandma, Louisa, Williams, the manager and Reuben unfolded.Finally, following Grandma's decision, most of them found it as an opportunity to gain favor from the Anderson family and especially Grandma.Immediately the jubilation about Reuben's trashing from the family died down, one of the high ranking members quickly stood up and began to address Grandma. “ Mrs Anderson ( referring to Grandma), it is of great pleasure to be in
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MY BOYFRIEND IS THE MILLIONAIRE HEIRNO, I am not accepting this stupid offer of yours. NEVER!!!!¡Reuben said Everyone froze in shock.The woman was shocked to her wits.She looked puzzled.Everyone in the room had a ‘ what is wrong with you' face on. “ I'm not accepting this offer of yours,” Reuben repeated.Louisa opened her mouth in shock.‘ What is wrong with him? How could he reject such an offer? Does he know the impact of what he just said? Something is certainly wrong with him’ she thought to herself.So did many others present thoughts about Reuben.They all thought something was wrong with him.He was on the verge of being expelled from the city and has been given this handsome offer yet he rejected it.Grandma on the other hand had a smile playing around the corners of her lips.Although she was shocked by Reuben's rejection of the offer, she was happy Reuben had rejected the offer.“ At least his stupidity has been proved. And he is going to miserable in life forever” s
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YOUR WORKS OR A MERE COINCIDENCE The manager's phone began ringing.Everybody turned their attention to him. He smiled sheepishly and took out the phone from his suit He glanced at the screen and it was an incoming call from the man who had given him the contract as the manager of the delivery company. He was the caretaker of the company.The manager let out a broad smile.He knew the caller was about to announce his contract extension The manager answered the call and placed it to his ear.“ Hello good day sir” he greeted the caller.“ Good day manager, I have news for you, '' the caller said in a hoarse voice.“ I'm all ears sir” he said with a grin maintaining his smile. “ Well I'm sorry to tell you this but we can't renew our contract with you as the manager of the company anymore.Your contract has been terminated and you are no longer the manager with immediate effect. You should go take all your belongings from the office” the caller said and the line went dead.The manage
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