Judo competition

James and Chris has long been displaying their new moves, we had nothing to worry about, I said in my mind. We already defeat reigns high school, it was only Cambridge left. James was in place to fight for alpha High while Chris was to fight in Cambridge, coach I said approaching him. Where were you, we searched everywhere, I wasn't feeling good, so I fell asleep, "are you okay now" he said hold my two hands. Chris came out to fight against Cambridge high school, his opponent was a big one, he will have to use of the moves I showed him, that will be effective against big people. Soon the match begin, Chris was doing well, he had almost got an ippon, but it wasn't enough, so he got a waza-ari. He tried to pull his moment but, he lost his balance and the opponent seized the opportunity he throws Chris up perfectly and landed him on the ground, we already knew he had lost but some of us kept saying "pull yourself together, you can still win". Chris wasn't able to shake out of the pinned move. I step forward to challenge the other opponent for Cambridge, but James said he will handle it, while I take over his spot for alpha high school. Some of our teammates were shock on hearing this, Chris finally came to take his seat. He bow and apologize to us. I won't betray your trust next time he said, from his tone, you could tell he was crying. Our coach raised his heads up. James tap him on the shoulder, we will take it from here. I wasn't feeling that good, but I felt energetic on experiencing these moments. James challenges the second opponent, and he won 5 minutes into the game, he won by a waza-ari two times. Since it was a duce, he was to face another person from the Cambridge sides. I wonder why alpha high school did the rules like that, it wasn't supposed to be one day, this was done to their advantage, the other schools have many good judokas, so it won't affect them, that why nobody complained. James step on the tatami once more, no doubt he was tired from the first match, if he doesn't win this, we are out. We have to put our fate on him. Things are about to get drastic. Jame's opponent was huge, he was even bigger than the one Chris lost against, he must be their upper man. Their team were all hailing him when, he was walking to the tatami. Our team was calm, we were just hoping. The match began, and the opponent was curious, he did some grabbing, but James intercepted it, James soon lost his balance, he quickly seized the moment and lifted James up high, hit James on the tatami, we all lost hope, their team song covered the arena. James manages to pull out so, he got a waza-ari. Things were not going our way, James was already weak. He manages to avoid direct contact. The opponent got tired of his dodging skill. But suddenly James dash head on, "what is he doing" I screamed in my mind. The opponent was waiting calmly, this what he has been waiting for, James stretch his hands to pull him, but the move was fake. I immediately knew. He did a powerful leg steak attack, the opponent was expecting it, he got fooled by the fake move earlier. Before he could react, he was already on the floor, James pinned him quickly, he couldn't move and James was announced winner, he won by an ippon. We all screamed out "yes". He stood up and salute the other opponent, then our teammates reached to aid him out of the ring, it was left for me now, my sickness as burn out of me already. I wore my gi and enter the tatami. 

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