The winner

Alpha high school as also qualify for the final round. The final round was only one opponent. He entered the tatami, I quickly recognize him as the boy from Mr. Johnson's shop. The one with a water can. This will be interested, I smiled. Him to recognize me from his facial reaction I could tell, but he will underestimate me given that, they know that James is the strongest judoka among us.  I looked around to get an insight of my surroundings, I spotted someone unusual, it was Christabel, what was she doing in alpha high school, she was breathing heavily I could tell, her face looked worried, she was staring at our team, trying to find something. But she didn't succeed, her face look pale, then she looked at my direction and spotted me, I was staring at her, she stepped backward, she placed one of are hands-on her heart. She wanted to say something but for some reason, she couldn't. She later walked to where our team is. the game was about to begin, I heard he was the best in alpha high school, and he had always won every match. Alpha begun to sing their songs, they bull at me. Something strange happened, James started to sing our song, the team were surprised, they haven't sung their song for a long time. They all stood up, placing one hands on their heart. I was moved even more by this.

The match begun I rushed at him without wasting, I pretend to do the fake move, while preparing for a steak attack for the leg, the opponent taught, it was the same trick, but It was the opposite. He dodges the steak kick positioning himself to where I wanted, with full force I lift him up, even the birds could see. I throw him on the 

tatami and locked him until he surrenders. We won, our team screamed. Our coach ran through opposite direction, lifting anybody he saw on his way. Everybody was jubilant. I left to join them, Christabel was on the ends, I walked to her, and we shake each other. "You did it" she said. no, we did, I corrected her. She gave me a yearning look and I kept swallow my

Silva. Then I realized that I was still holding her hands, "oh" I said releasing her hands, but she refused to let it go. It pulled me closer to her, her cheeks were glowing, I kept parting the lips. Then an announcement came the winners should step forward for their medal. 

that how I snap out of it, Chris and James walked forward, I followed them, we received our medal. Mr. Carlos was standing right next to us shaking the third position, second and we. I was called on stage to give a speech. I went quickly cause my body has started to change back. I took the microphone, I watched the crowds and said "James made this possible, his determination thrive us to do better, thank you, James, I said looking at his direction. I ended the speech saying look ahead not down, thank you. The audience clapped. And so, we left for school. Christabel help me to carry my bag, as if she read my mind, I was already weak, I just manage to walk, then I kept thinking of the girl who administer those drugs to me, who was she couldn't tell because I did get a perfect view, my eyes were turning me. I manage to get to school. Everybody was waiting for us. The news might have already spread. We walked boldly into the school Hall. The principal wants to give some words. Mr. Carlos get on, please clap for this brave soldier he said, the student jam theirs hands applauding us. You have made me proud. He said calmly for the first time in public. More medals and trophies. That all, you can go home now.

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