Samuel and Jessica

Sam gets to dress, Jessica was waiting for him at their door. He wore a normal shirt, at least the least expensive one. Jessica on the other hands wore a beautiful dress with golden necklace and rings. Samuel, she said, walking to him. Jessica Sam said, when did you get back? She burst into laughter, never mind she replied. She glances at him, countless things were missing, Samuel always where his diamond chains in occasion like this and his dressing, it feels like house wears. She didn't want to make comments. Let go, she said. They walked to Jessica ride outside. A lot of our friends were worried about you. They haven't seen you for a long time, where have you been, Samuel she asked. Your mom says you travelled for a business trip. Sam nod his heads. Already getting used to the family business, Jessica said laughing. We are here, she said.

christabel decided to call again, she had a feeling that someone must have been with Sam phone. So long the number is working. She called again.
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