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Pedro is the son-in-law of the richest family in Asia. His wife Imaleya married him only so that she could inherit the family business. In this family, Pedro is ridiculed and despised. His wife insults him at everytime and everyone laughs at him. One day the vampires appear and attack Asia. Pedro uses his talent to save humanity.

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  • Abdulfatah Fatima


    Wow I never expected this story to be this amazing. kudos to you Author

    2023-08-29 14:11:06
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“ I have nothing to say Dad . Today I am a man thanks to you. You accepted me and you took care of me as if I were your biological son. I will be grateful to you for that. ” said Pedro, crying. His heart was so heavy to depart from the separation of his father." I'm sorry Pedro. But know that I will always think of you . Thanks to you, I won't be murdered . Today you are my hero. Thanks a lot son. ” Mourinho cried.Mourinho is Pedro's adoptive father and an excellent shopkeeper who lives in Bogota.One night, while Mourihno was walking alone in a forest behind his house, he heard the cries of a baby. Astonished, he then rushed to find the baby. Thus, great was his surprise to find that there were wolves around this baby. But these animals immediately ran away when they saw Mourihno coming towards them. So, Mourihno decided to adopt the baby. That baby was Pedro. As he growing up, he became more and more handsome and his powers grew rapidly. They were supernatural powers that he co
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02 : JIM humiliates Pedro
" Finally ! We really have our scapegoat. Therefore, the preparations for my wedding can begin. Thank you very much Dad. You are the best of fathers. " Imaleya said grinning, clapping her hands with happiness.Then JIM comes closer to his daughter and he gives her a hug." I will do anything to make you happy my darling. Don't even worry anymore. The situation is under my control now." He gave her assured smile.After laughing for a few minutes with her father, Imaleya decides to visit her boyfriend.Indeed, Imaleya has a boyfriend she loves very much and his name is Yang. She has been with him for a year and her father JIM is unaware of this relationship. She loves Yang so much that she prefers to hide her affair with him because if her father Jim finds out about this, he will make Yang a scapegoat and he will be killed. She prefers to inherit the family business first and only after that she will introduce Yang to her father Jim.••• TWO HOURS LATER •••Pedro was lying on the bed
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03: Pedro's reaction to JIM's bodyguards.
" Dear friends ! Stop this please . Don't ridicule this young man like that anymore. He's also a human like us. Even though he's poor and he's an slave, I think that's abnormal to treat him like an animal." another of Jim's associates interrupted them in between humiliating Pedro.As soon as this associate finished speaking, JIM SIMAO frowned." I think we've had enough fun moment. While my slave is licking the wine that's on the floor, we other are going to eat." Jim shrugged his shoulder, and averted his gaze at the associate who had just defended Pedro.JIM SIMAO is so influential in Japan that no one dares to criticize his habits. What this associate had just said made him so angry that he decided to react immediately. So, he ordered his bodyguards to attack the associate and beat him." In case there is still someone else here who dares to talk to me like this idiot did, know that I will not sit idly by without reacting " He said in rude tone, glaring at the associate who had def
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••• SEVERAL HOURS LATER •••Imaleya wakes up and she discovers that she was in a hospital. She had body aches and she couldn't straighten up. Her father Jim and some bodyguards were also present at her side." Boss! Miss is awake." One of the guards was informed the nurse.Furious, Jim scolds his daughter. Next, he wanted to know the identity of the young man who was with her during the accident. It is at this moment that the personal doctor of the SIMAO family, doctor Alvaro enters the hospital room of Imaleya and he asks Jim to calm down.“ You can ask her your questions later. She needs to rest because she suffered a great shock. Luckily she's fine. “ The doctor said calmly.In fact, after the accident, Pedro rushed to get Imaleya out of the vehicle and took her to safety. Then he wanted to do the same with Yang but unfortunately the vehicle exploded. Consequently, Yang was burned by the fire from the explosion. After that, several people approached the scene of the accident and a
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05 : JIM gets scolded by his father Suno SIMAO
" Pedro ! Thank you very much for saving Imaleya's life. She is the person I love the most in this world. I love her more than her father Jim." Said Suno SIMAO approaching Pedro and clasped him into a hug." Don't thank me, Mr. Suno. Imaleya is now my wife and it's my duty to watch over her as well." Pedro replied, smiling because he was proud to have given joy to Imaleya's grandfather.Indeed, Pedro was the hero of the evening and Imaleya was also surprised for that. While the guests congratulated Pedro one by one, JIM and Doctor Alvaro met in another empty room to chat. They both knew what happened to Imaleya and they needed to clarify some things." What did you do, Mr. Jim? " Dr. Alvaro asked, frowning. His heart was beating fast and his voice was shaking. He was very upset." Honestly, I don't know what happened. We both know that it was the poison that you gave me that I used. Indeed, I did put the poison in the water of Pedro and I can't understand how my daughter could drink t
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06 : Suno SIMAO gives Pedro a Job
" Why don't you carry out my order? I asked you to lap up my daughter's saliva and do it right away. " Jim insisted, looking at Pedro. His hoarse voice echoed in the living room. It was the sign that he was really furious." I know it was me who was targeted today. Unfortunately it was your daughter who drank the poisoned water. I also know that we have an agreement and that I had to die after the wedding so that your daughter would be widow.” Pedro yelled back.JIM was caught off guard as Pedro discovered his plan. “To make things easier for you, just take your gun and kill me. But I refuse to suffer humiliation like this. Lapping up Imaleya's saliva? That's unacceptable. I'm also a human. "Pedro answered with anger flowed through his blood like lava." Wow! You really have some nerve. You dare disrespect me now? Where do you think you are here? " Jim asked again with an angry look.As soon as he finishes speaking, a charming lady comes into the living room. Jim's bodyguards knew
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07 : Suno SIMAO is dying
" What's wrong with you son? Have you gone crazy? " Suno asked abruptly, fixing Jim with an angry look." Dad ! Do you know how Pedro came into our lives? You can't give him a job in the family business like that. I can't accept him." Jim replied violently." Put that gun down right now. And let me remind you that I created the family business. So, while I'm still alive, I can hire whoever I want. Don't forget that. " Coldly replied Suno SIMAO who had a trembling voice.Imaleya's mother, who was silent for a moment, manages to control herself and she walks towards her husband Jim." Dear ! Put down that gun. Don't disrespect your father in front of everyone." She whispered into Jim's ears.Without further ado, Jim SIMAO puts away the revolver.Indeed, Imaleya's mother was the only person who could control Jim's emotions. She could manipulate him and use him however she wanted. She is a clever woman who knows how to hide her intentions. After this scene, they sat down and Imaleya's mo
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08: Imaleya humiliates Pedro in front of the associates
After laying down on the bed, Imaleya takes her cell phone and she messages a friend on Instagram. Pedro meanwhile, was still standing and watching her with frowning eyebrows. He was so angry that he wanted to react immediately to put an end to this humiliation." How dare she spit in my face? " he whispered.Suddenly, he turns around and walks towards Imaleya's bedroom door. Then he opens that door to go out when Imaleya asks him to come back to sleep. " Where are you going? You don't listen when I talk to you? I told you to sleep in my room to avoid my grandfather's wrath. " She added arrogantly.Her eyes were fixed on Pedro and she was staring at him constantly. After Imaleya's words, Pedro froze for a moment. Then he turns to Imaleya and also stares at her impertinently. His heart was so heavy that he wanted to say something in order to have a clear conscience." You want to appease your grandfather's heart, right? Ok, that's good. But I won't accept that you humiliate me for him
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09 : Second assassination attempt
On the ground, Pedro had an annoying look and Imaleya smiled because it did her a lot of good to have jostled him. Then she looks at the partners of the family business and she asks them to continue the meeting without giving importance to Pedro." He's an idiot that I have to drag everywhere I go. Unfortunately, he's my husband and I have to live with that. " She added arrogantly, shrugging her shoulders.Pedro meanwhile; remained silent and disoriented. He couldn't believe that Imaleya had humiliated him. Suddenly, the door opens abruptly and it was Suno SIMAO who entered the meeting room. His gaze quickly lands on Pedro who was still on the ground and then he looks at Imaleya and the associates. When these associates saw him, they all got up immediately to greet him, except Imaleya, who had her head bowed. She was handling her phone and she was very concentrated that she hadn't noticed the presence of her grandfather Suno SIMAO. After a while, Suno SIMAO asked the associates to sit
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10 : Pedro was escorted to a clinic.
Suno SIMAO is sitting in his office and he's been hoping for Pedro's arrival for a while. It's already nine o'clock in the morning and he hasn't seen Pedro come to work yet and that disturbs him.Indeed, Pedro has some documents that Suno SIMAO hopes to consult before starting the day's activities. Tired of waiting any longer, he then takes his bag and opens it to pull out a cell phone. Once the phone is in hand, Suno SIMAO dials Pedro's phone number and calls him. Unfortunately, Pedro is unreachable. He tries again a second and a third time but Pedro is still unreachable. Desperate, he shakes his head and sighs.“ What is he still doing at home? Is he in trouble? Or does he not see that it is already nine o'clock? ” Suno SIMAO asks, placing his phone on the table .After, he picks up the phone again intending to call Jim then someone knocks on his office door suddenly." I hope it's Pedro. Well.. it must surely be him! " He said in a low voice, looking at the door of his office.He w
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