We meet

Rebecca and Jesse helped christabel upload her stuff. “What a nice painting you got there” Jesse stares at it. Can I touch it, Rebecca asked? Sure christabel replied. Did somebody pay you to paint this Jesse asked. Nope he is a friend of mine, Rebecca and Jesse burst into laughter, sorry Rebecca said reacting to her strange look. That is the funniest thing I heard from a newcomer Jesse said trying to control herself.christabel was confused, we did they laugh, did I say something funny she thought? An unknown number called her, it was mike. You left without me, he said, I am coming for you. Where are you christabel laughed. At the entrance mike replied, cutting the call. Christabel meets him. He was waiting. Hey Mike christabel said, he ignored her. Christabel didn't follow him, he stopped after realizing christabel didn't say a word. Christabel I forgive you, you can talk now he said. Christabel smile, Mike was always like this. Mike show her around oh the basketball game is today, I
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