Be my girlfriend

You acted like a baby on the court today

Sam, do you know her, Jessica said? I saw a photo of you two, people are spreading edits pictures already, you should be careful, she added. She is a friend for now, Sam softly said. Jessica was confused, “a friend for now”. yeah, I will explain everything better tomorrow, Sam said, cutting the call. Jessica wasn't cool with this, but Samuel has promise to clear the air tomorrow, she was going to wait. Samuel got to school early, it seems everybody was waiting for today. He attracted crowds easily. The media department, stubborn as always, he thought. He walked to charitabel dorms, he spotted some people leaving. " That Samuel" one of them whispered, we should wait outside. Sam knocks at the door.

Christabel he took a deep breath, would you be my girlfriend, the place became noises. Christabel couldn't catch her breath, why so fast, this wasn't the way I imagine it. She could only hear her heart beat. yes, she said Samuel hold her hand and pull
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