Return of Lost Billionaire

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Return of Lost Billionaire

By: Katherine Scarlett OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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 Abandoned by his parents who were killed in a car accident, Leonardo was raised in an orphanage for 15 years. During that time, He met Ella Heartfillia who used to visit the orphanage regularly. In time, he started falling for her. Her positive attitude towards life and her kindness, made him see her as a goddess in his eyes. Watching her from the shadows, he never had the chance to talk to her. But, with a chance of fate, her grandpa, married her off with Leonardo without her will.  Ella Reeves is the youngest daughter of the Reeves family and future heir. One month before their marriage, she got into an accident and her legs became paralyzed, making her move in a wheelchair only. Leonardo moved into the Reeves family as the Son-in-law. But, as he’s jobless, her relatives mock him day and night. Her cousins make fun of him, and he’s forced to listen to their ridicule without fighting back. One day right after his 20th birthday,  He finds out that he’s the lost heir to the Kingston family, one of the richest families in their country. When he finds out about his true identity, he becomes determined to take back what’s his and avenge his dear ones. But, will he be able to succeed knowing the obstacles that lie in his path? Or will he back down and give up?   


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  • Katherine Scarlett


    Author here, so I've decided to update this book with a schedule of 2-3 days per week. I'm not abandoning it so you don't have to worry about not being able to finish it. it definitely won't be too long and I won't drag it. I'll make it fast paced as much as possible. updating days- mon, wed, Sunday

    2023-10-06 04:37:49
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13 chapters
The dreadful Christmas party
Inside the big mansion of the Heartfillia family a big part of the crowd from renowned families, and corporations had arrived for the annual Christmas party. The clock strikes 11:55. The atmosphere is very much lively and joyful. The Christmas tree sat at the center of the room, decorated with lights and bells and a big star at the top of it. Under it lies a big bunch of presents lying on top of one another. Party music was playing while everyone was enjoying the drinks and food. Among the middle, stood Caroline Heartfillia, the first wife of George Heartfillia, the owner of the Heartfillia real-estate business. Her neck is decorated with a diamond necklace, followed along with the expensive leather coat, and branded watch. However, none of it outshined the wrinkled face she had making her look relatively older than her actual age, along with her shiny grey hair which reached up to her ears. When the clock struck 12, she raised her glass of wine for a toast.“Merry Christmas!” sh
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Tom tried his best to shuffle his laughter. Daisy laughed at him as well.Except, Diana, she looked at him with earnest eyes.Ella adverted her eyes, not wanting to see anything.Leonardo raised his head, and gave a satisfactory smile to Jeremy.“I actually did bring something for grandma.” He added, taking out something from the pockets of his coat. “Though, it doesn’t cost that much. And it may seem useless and may seem not worthy to you.”Caroline narrowed her eyes, “What’s that? Did you bring a stone you picked up from somewhere or something?”.“Or maybe some tissues,” Jeremy remarked with a laugh.Cassandra could hardly contain her rage.“This is why I had told him not to show up in here till the party was over. Why didn’t he listen to me?” Jade retorted.The atmosphere around them became tense.Leonardo handed out a box to Caroline.Caroline glanced down, and took it. When she opened the box she saw a pair of pink gloves. “What’s in there, Mom?” Jeremy asked.Caroline showed
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The dark secret and the phone call
“She’s only not able to work at the company because of her legs. Other than that, she still has the ownership of 80% of Grandpa’s property and company rights.” “She’s still a member of the board of directors.” “We couldn’t achieve anything by plotting the accident! All of it went in vain!” Lucas cussed, sitting down on the sofa. He fisted his hands in anger. His words rang in Leonardo’s ears. “What are they saying? Plotting the accident?”. Tom sighs. “Well, we are trying to convince the directors at least, to remove her ownership from the company and shares.” “It’s not working out in any way!” Lucas retorted back. Tom narrowed his eyes, his pupils went dark. “I told you that we needed to kill her off. Afterward, all part of her property would be given to us to take.” Lucas comments, fisting his hands on the table. Leo covered his mouth with his hands. “Well, Daisy and Diana are still here, and they are also taking part in our plan. If the rest of the property is divi
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The mysterious man
His going quiet made her worry. “Leo?” she called his name softly. “Are you alright?”. He sighed, removing his hands from her body, he pulled away and stood behind her. “Sorry for hugging you without your permission.” “I’m alright.” She glances back at him in confusion, observing his face. “Are you sure?”. He nodded with a forced smile. She adverted her eyes, staring down at her hands. “Good to hear that.” His eyes narrowed, as the smile on his face faded away as he fisted his hands in anger. “If only I had power, a power which was greater or equal to them, I would’ve been able to prove their crimes, and give them the punishment that they deserved.” During the evening, he started walking towards the destination location told by the man who contacted him. He looked back at the snow-covered Christmas tree from a distance, blurring everything out of his sight. “But, where am I going to get such power, anyway?”. “I’m just a jobless orphan married to the granddaughter of a r
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Learning about their death
“And, you are his grandson, Leo.” Kayden addressed firmly. Leo looked at him with eyes full of suspicion.“How am I his grandson?”.“I’ve been living in the orphanage till 2 months ago.”Kayden sighs. “Yes, but you hadn’t been living there since birth.”“It was me who had sent you there in the first place.”Kayden’s reasoning made no sense to Leo.“Why did you send me to the orphanage? Who are you?”.“Who are my parents?”.“Why are you telling me about them right now?”.“That’s because, this is the right time to tell you about it,” Kayden’s eyes narrowed as he glanced at the picture in Leo’s hands.“Your parents had died in a car accident 15 years ago. And I had witnessed it.”“My parents died?” Leo gasped.“Yes.”“It was 15 years ago! And why are you telling me this right now? Where have you been all these years?”.Kayden looked away. “Gathering information about the accident.”“From what I had noticed, the accident was pre-planned and was done intentionally.”“That’s why, after res
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His resolve
Leo stared at Kayden feeling all puzzled.“What am I supposed to do? Why did my parents have to suffer the most out of all?”.“If Uncle wanted the property and everything, he could just ask about it from Dad! What was the need to kill them?”.Kayden lowered his gaze, frowning.“Unfortunately, your dad also didn’t want to hand over the properties which were in his name.”“But, why?”.“Because your uncle had taken over your dad’s company and eventually kicked him out as the board of directors listened to your uncle.”“That’s why, when he found out that your grandpa left everything in his name, he was escalated.”“He thought, he was finally able to take revenge against your uncle for the company.”“Still, even he didn’t expect that he would end up losing everything for this blessing which became a curse in disguise.”Kayden clenched the photograph tightly in his hands.“All because of the adult's wrong decision, we are….we are..”.“All of us carry some regrets in our hearts all through o
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Meeting his Uncle
The car stopped in front of a big building.They both got off, and started walking towards the door.There stood two bodyguards. Leo stood next to Kayden. “Come.” Kayden called, walking over to the side of bodyguards.He took out something from his pockets, and showed them to them.They allowed them to go inside.“The dealership is happening at the 10th floor,” Kayden mentioned, placing his hands in his pockets.“You asked them?”.“Yes.”Leo was carrying the picture-book in his hands.They stepped inside, and noticed the rows of seats filled with media and reporters who were taking pictures of two men sitting on top of the stage.The man with the black hair, was not known to Leo. But, as soon as his eyes fell on the other man with brown hair with grey lines forming at the front, his eyes widened in shock.He recognized that face, as it was none other than his uncle, Adam Kingston, and the killer of his parents.“U-uncle….”.Two men were standing at their both sides, who must’ve bee
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Learning about Leo
Leo became puzzled. “Are you alright, Uncle?”. He nods awkwardly, and glances down at the floor, watching his handkerchief. “Uh…yeah…I’m fine.” “Is the office, the same as before?” Leo asked, looking everywhere. Adam observed his face, “Kind of….we haven’t remodeled it.” “I don’t remember anything from the past.” He added. “So, I don’t remember whether I know this place or not.” “But, it does have a familiar feeling, I must say.” Adam’s eyes narrowed. “Then…how did you recognize my face?”. Leo turned to him with a puzzled expression. “Well, I-“. “It was me who brought him here,” a voice addressed, drawing their attention. Leo and Adam looked at the door to see Kayden standing. Adam got up from his seat. “You?”. Kayden came over to their side and gave a light bow. “Yes, I have brought him.” “How did you two meet?” Adam yelled, pointing at Kayden. “How did you find him!”. “I met him on the night of Christmas, and recognized him immediately,” Kayden said with a smile.
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Feeling suppressed
Leo’s eyes widened in shock as he stood there staring at the nameplate for a few seconds.“Dad’s office?”.“No need to stand here,” Adam grunted. “Let’s go, I’ll show you the other wing.”“Can you open the door for me?” Leo pleaded to the secretary.The secretary nods. “It’s not a problem for me.”“But, the keyhole must be rusty and it’ll take a lot of time to search for me.”“We need people to search for it.”Leo’s face became a bit saddened to hear that.“Is that so?”.“Leo,” Adam came up to Leo’s side.“No need to open your dad’s cabin. It’s been closed in ages.”“Let’s go.”“Uncle! Can we-“.“I know you are feeling emotional to see your dad’s office. We can open it after finding out the key, got it?”.Leo wasn’t agreeing to his decision.“Young Master,” Kayden came from behind, and placed a hand on his shoulder.Leo looked into his face.“I understand what’s going on in your mind.”“But, don’t let it discourage you.”“The future is still waiting for you.” "Let it pass. You can ch
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Leo walked down the hallway with Kayden next to him.“Are you angry?” Kayden asked, placing his hands in his pockets while looking around observing everything closely.Leo glared at him. “Do you even have to ask?”.“Yeah, I expected that.”“Why do you think he told us to go and eat something? His behavior seemed quite suspicious, right?” Leo retorted.“Yes.”“That guy named Davis seemed a bit suspicious as well.”“Do you think your uncle has some sort of dirt on him?”.“Most probably. He was going to say something without thinking that’s why he sent us away.” Leo asserted, staring down at his feet.Kayden paused for a second then replied, “Maybe, he knows about the accident, and knows your uncle caused it.”“That’s why.”Leo clenched his fists out of frustration.“We came this far. We can’t lose yet.”“Let’s go to the cafeteria as your uncle suggested.” Kayden said, placing a hand on his shoulder.“You must be hungry.”Leo nods. “Cheer up. I’m with you. We can talk while eating and s
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