Our first date

Sam and christabel came out from the clapping crowd. Where too now, christabel said laughing. Lead the way, my queen Sam said. They walk for a while, where are we going, christabel asked. Just wait and see, Sam said holding her hands. They walk into a restaurant. There was nobody inside, only the cook. Ma they said as christabel approaches them, she turns to Sam “what is this” she asked Sam looking puzzled. “Why don't you show this town your skill," Sam said. Christabel hug him tight, "thank you" I will be first to be served he said. Christabel changes quickly to the cook pattern. She made her hamburger and other stuffs, she served Sam. Sam ate it with excitement. Yummy he said. He came outside and brought out the free food logo, outside the shop. He waited for christabel until nightfall. Christabel was tired already, are you ready for our date, Sam told christabel. “I am worn out already" she tries to run, "not so fast" Sam caught her, and they ended up walking in the street to Sam h
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