The Legendary Conglomerate

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The Legendary Conglomerate

By: Lord MOH CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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🏆[No.1 "Best Face-slapping" of "Leap To The Top" aka Top Book of The Contest]🏆 Killian Spencer has no choice but to accept every insult thrown at him, including divorcing his wife and being thrown out onto the streets. It was there Killian discovered he is the sole heir to a significant world corporation owned by the Spencer family. It is time for Killian to claim what is rightfully his and become the legendary conglomerate.

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  • Riza Rubio


    hope to read full story I feel trigger and found nice to read

    2023-02-05 22:45:11
  • Riza Rubio


    nice story hope I could read the full story

    2023-02-05 22:43:21
  • Raul Aclan


    Great story

    2023-02-03 12:18:40
  • Far Han


    The way Killian leads a team and explore the space at his will

    2023-01-27 12:17:59
  • The Storyteller


    I adore Killian's intuition to build a broken business from scratch.

    2023-01-18 17:49:53
  • IEL


    Love this book, never regret reading this.

    2022-12-31 16:05:39
  • Hindun hasan


    This is masterpiece, love it.

    2022-12-09 16:37:27
  • M_jief


    The author really explore the space that I never thought possible to deliver in urban story.

    2022-12-02 23:05:47
  • Nabiel


    'The Real' Urban/Realistic.

    2022-11-23 18:20:44
  • Afn


    One of the best urban books i read.

    2022-11-23 18:17:18
  • Lord MOH


    Hey guys, I'm the author of this book. I'll appreciate any support you give. I promise you to always provide daily updates and will finish this book. Love y'all...

    2022-11-17 10:06:39
  • Michael Stanwood


    good story needs a lot more chapters in next update

    2023-02-05 12:00:13
  • LifeIsGood


    Keep up the good work!

    2023-02-25 18:08:58
  • Ares69


    The MC established everything and using its time to make it finesse.

    2023-02-24 19:15:40
  • Jumaide. O



    2023-02-23 18:32:29
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Latest Chapter
493 chapters
Chapter 1: Humiliation
Killian was silent for a moment as the door to Julietta's office swung open. A man of about 28 years old was sitting casually on the sofa next to his wife while wrapping his left arm around Julietta's shoulder. He seemed to be whispering something into her ear. The man wore a luxurious outfit made by Armani Collection, light brown and brown loafers. It looked very harmonious with the clothes he was wearing. On his wrist was a Taghheuer luxury watch, estimated to cost EUR 3,000. On his ring finger, there was also a neat-looking large ring like FDDB1337VB, estimated to be between 2,000 to 3,000 EUR or so. "Julietta, what are you doing? Who is he?" asked Killian frantically. "Hey... hey... hey... What the hell are you? How dare you come into this room. Get your ass out!" snapped the parlour man in a booming voice. "Who are you?" "Who the fuck are you? Damn it! Julietta and I were trying to have some fun, and you interrupted us," he continued with a disdainful look. "Killian! What
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Chapter 2: Forced
"Okay then," Killian said firmly. Moments later, the two of them were at the House of Asia. A trendy cafe for young people, couples who want to celebrate birthdays or the like. The cafe was quite beautiful because the atmosphere was very vintage. It is supported by many small bamboo trees that are well-maintained. Coupled with the many fish ponds inside, it creates a very cosy atmosphere, so many young couples and families always eat there. Of course, for those whose level is in the middle to lower class. After getting to the right place, it is equipped with a small fountain on the edge of a clear fish pond. Killian and Elizabeth immediately sat down in the pretty little gazebo. A few moments passed, but no one tried to start a conversation. An awkward atmosphere is felt between them. Not wanting to linger, Elizabeth took the initiative to start the conversation first. "Let's order some food first," Elizabeth said, breaking the deadlock between them; after seeing a cafe waitress
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Chapter 3: Decisions and Threats
"It looks like there's nothing I can do here to defend myself." Killian paused for a moment and looked at everyone present indifferently. "If that's what you want..." Killian suddenly stopped his sentence, making everyone present furious. "Say it quickly! What do you mean, bastard?" Julius growled. "Son of a bitch! Were you not taught good manners by your parents?" Killian said casually. "You bastard Killian. You useless son-in-law. Get out of my sight!" snapped Emma angrily. "If I leave, what about the divorce agreement? If I don't sign the agreement, then that whore is still my legal wife," Killian said with a laugh, though his heart was full of resentment. "What a loser! Whom do you mean by whore, cunt!" shouted Julietta angrily as she stepped forward, intending to slap Killian. Tap! Julietta's palm, which was ready to land on Killian's face, was caught by him efficiently. "I will never let your dirty hands touch my noble face again," Killian snapped while stomping Julietta
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Chapter 4: Killian's Identity
Meanwhile, after Killian officially left and parted ways with Julietta. Out there, Killian felt confused. He didn't know where to sleep at night. All this time, Killian had no place to stay in Birmingham other than living with Julietta's family. For over a year, Killian seemed to have lost some his memory in his head. Who was he? Where was he? And who were his parents? All of that was still a mystery to Killian. All his childhood memories had disappeared. What caused it all to happen, Killian didn't remember either. "Huh! What a tragic life I have! Where do I go from here?" murmured Killian in despair. "Should I sleep under the bridge or on this shopfront?" "In this town, I have no friends other than those who bully me." "Damn it!" he grumbled in annoyance. The clock at that moment showed almost 2 pm. Killian only realised this after he looked at his old mobile phone. No wonder his stomach had started to feel hungry again because when at the cafe, Killian ate not so much because
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Chapter 5: Facts Revealed
"That's right, Sir! The dark grey card is called the titanium card, issued by Royal Bank, a subsidiary of Consortium, which is based in one of the countries in Europe. The card can be used in approximately 1,500 companies and has been accepted in 150 countries," the woman immediately resumed speaking. "Its use is not limited to the amount of withdrawal or debit when shopping. The card can also be used for payment at millions of merchants and ATM cash withdrawals worldwide." Irene paused to take a breath, then resumed her explanation, "The second card is the black premium card. HSBC issued it. At first, it only functions as a charge card. But for the master, there is an exception. In this country, only five people hold a titanium card. One of them is you. While the black card, there are only seven people. And even then, there are different balances." "The cardholder with the highest balance is currently you," said Irene, ending her explanation. The situation then became silent for a
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Chapter 6: The Bank Incident
Then, Irene got a call from Mr Spencer to return to London immediately. So, she could not accompany her young master to take care of his bank account.But before she left Killian in the city's courtyard of the very famous Royal Bank. Irene first sent a text message to the Chairman of the Royal Bank to welcome their VVIP guest.Of course, receiving an SMS from the Spencer Group's important person, the Royal Bank's president was shocked. The man rushed downstairs to welcome their VVIP guest.But before the Chairman arrived, there was a minor incident with Killian. The man stepped in with his clothes. Killian wore worn-out jeans and a slightly shabby shirt as he needed more time to change or buy new clothes."Stop!" one of the foreign-faced security guards yelled, startling Killian. He thought Killian was a beggar."Who? Me?" replied Killian, pointing at himself."If not you, who else. You beggar. Go away!" the man snapped harshly."I'm not a beggar or whatever you think I am. I'm here b
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Chapter 7: VVIP Guests
"M-mister Piere! Are you not wrong to bow your head to this man?" asked Stella, still in disbelief. "Shut up!" Instead of an answer, she received a stern scolding. Stella was so embarrassed to have an employee who was not polite to an essential customer in front of her. Throughout his career as president and director of a well-known bank, 70% owned by the Spencer Group, where Irene worked. It was Pierre's first time he had the opportunity to meet a significant person from the Spencer Group. On top of that, today, the Spencer Group's sole heir came to visit the bank that was arguably his. He had slapped Stella's face so hard that it would probably be swollen. Her beauty is gone. With tears in her eyes, Stella still dared to come forward to complain because it was she who was yelled at instead of Killian. But before she could ask. Piere yelled at her again, which made Stella surprised. A moment later, Piere slowly said softly while holding back his anger, "Do you know who he is? He
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Chapter 8: Car Showroom
"Mr Piere! Thank you for serving me so well," Killian praised him."I have to serve the young master in the Spencer family. In the future, whenever and wherever you need me, then I will always be ready for you," replied Piere, happy to be praised by his VVIP guest."I wanted to invite you to dine together at Adam's Restaurant, if you don't mind," Piere tried to attract Killian's attention by inviting him to eat.It was an opportunity to get to know the big, powerful man of the giant Spencer Group. By getting close to the heir, one's social standing and status will rise. It was his chance. Piere unleashed his little thoughts.After all, the Spencer Group owned the bank he worked for all these times. Being able to seek attention, and serve Killian, would make his life more advanced and influential."There is a favour and a return, a purpose and a goal." That was their principle."Thank you for the invitation, Mr Piere. But for now, I can't. Maybe I will make it up next time," Killian de
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Chapter 9: Feeling Undervalued
"How is it, sir? Are you interested?" the saleswoman asked, still excited."How should I do? It's a nice car, but I don't have that much money. I only have 920,000 euros left in my savings; there’s no way I can afford such an expensive car," the man thought anxiously."Leona! Let's look at the other car first. I think that car over there is better than that one," he reasoned.While grumbling, the young woman, Leona, moved towards the other car her partner mentioned. When she passed Killian, her frustration grew."What are you looking at, you hooligan? Ptooey!" she scolded while spitting at Killian.He was getting insulted like that. Killian was angry and wanted to throw his hands at the bold woman, but he held back as much as possible.The man beside the woman was also silent. But when he saw Killian's hands clenched. The man became angry."What kind of person are you? You only dare to hit women. If you want to hit her, come and fight me," he said sarcastically.Unable to vent his ang
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Chapter 10: This is How It Feels
Bang! "T-this can't be. How did it happen? W-who exactly are you?" asked Hugo, trembling. "No way! No way! It must be a mistake," said the showroom saleswoman with her body starting to sweat. "The machine must be broken. It can't be right," chirped another. On the other hand, Jessica was not so surprised but was stunned and gawked. She knew from the start that the card Killian showed her was not just any card. So after being proven, it turned out to be true. "This is my chance to get close to him, but can he forgive me?" Jessica thought to herself. "S-Sir, if I may know, who am I currently dealing with?" Hugo is already starting to be respectful to Killian. "Doesn't the card have my account name on it? As well as some brief personal details. You certainly know who I am," Killian responded. "Yes. Sir is right. Come, Sir, I will serve you in my private room," he said modestly, trying to curry favour. "No need. You take care of the necessary car papers. I'll be ten minutes. I'm i
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