The last day

The last written paper, she came late to the very last moment before it begin, it wasn't like the rest, people were already waiting for her, she didn't wear hoodie, she walk pass them, she could hear, hired girlfriend, poor shit, she blocked her ears with the music playing in her phone. The exam started and went, she has read extra, since she wanted to finish on time, she finished, but she didn't go to her dorms, she went to the library, she wore a cap there and wear a jacket. She took off the books in her row and read through it, she stayed there for a long time, she walked to her dorm, but she realized she was the only person covering her face. She hurried as fast as she can, luck runs out, she was caught by Roland again, everywhere seems to be covered with people, she regrets leaving the library, some people took banners written hired girlfriend, she turns in circles, Roland continues his crazy questions from last time christabel wasn't yielding in this time, one of the angry crowd
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