What happened

Sam came home is dad wasn't around, it seems his mom brought him back on time, he called his father line, and he demanded. “You promised to give whatever I ask," Sam said. “Yes just one” Mr. Charles replied his son smiling. “I want a separate account” Sam boldly said. “Money, who would have thought that what you will ask” Mr. Charles clear his throat, “Done”. “It should be between us” Sam added. “How about a secret house outside the country” Mr. Charles asked. “That will be great” Sam brought the phone closer to his ear. After moments of discussion, he cut the call. He lies on his bed, he checked his phone, expecting it to ring. Christabel will call very soon he thought, I want to take care of her, he rolls round the bed.

“Jake, I want to run away with christabel” he looked at him in the eyes. “Is that possible, can you possibly run away” Jake looked away. “I have plans, but I need someone that I trust” Sam looked around. Jake tap him on the shoulder, “what your plans” he turns backw
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