Mrs Smith

Sam wakes up early, he went to the kitchen, he prepared breakfast, the staff were surprised he could cook. He knocked at Mrs. Smith door. She opened it, “breakfast is ready, he told her, he left before she could say anything. The family gather around. They took a bite, it was fantastic. “That a surprise” Mrs. Smith thought. They dig in, christabel commended Sam for improving. “You are learning quick” she said, standing from her seat. She hasn't seen Sam for some time now, even though it has been hours it felt like a day. She going to stick around with him for the day. Sam walks to Mrs. Smith, when they were alone. Mrs.Smith put on a listening ear. “Yes, anything” she said. Sam took a deep breath, “I love christabel, I mean no harm, you should believe me” Sam said without hesitation. Mrs. Smith was silent for a while, she pointed to her hands, “prove it” she said walking away. Sam smiles uncontrollable, he covers his mouth. He left for christabel room. He knocked. Christabel came rushi
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