Chapter 51

Sam went inside, even nature appears to be sad. He rolls on his bed, this feeling he is having, he wasn't sure. Sam was set for the rough day, meeting some shareholders, wasn't pleasing. His dad owns 50% shares, his mom want him to show himself. He stares at the mirror, the suit was outstanding, his mom careful selected it for today. “This is the suit every Charles wears to the company. He raised his shoulder, his mom wants him to be a regular at the company. Mr. Robinson, Dad trusted friend, he runs the business while Dad is away, he doesn't make any decision. This is Sam, the next heir of the Charles family, the secretary informed, everyone stood up, they stare at each other, “does he have a son” they looked at each. A clap close the noise, some security men came out of the door first. Sam walks in, there was some whisper, Sam wore a poker face, his emotions couldn't be read. The secretary leads him to his office. The workers slowly sit down. “I never knew Anita had a son” one of th
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