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An abandoned son of 7yrs who was left at the gates of a Judo store was given a stern warning by his father, "Even if you were to die the next day and you miss your practice, I will personally come to the gates of hell to give you a spanking". He fought to survive, scraping off the streets of society and when it seemed like his life would finally turn around with graduation around the corner, Gramps, the old gateman in college who dotes on him like a son is killed by a rich heir who consistently bullies him and thinks he can get away with everything, including killing Gramps. The Guerrio family reaches out to him to join the selection of the new boss of the family as a contestant of which he agrees. Rising in wealth and fame with the help of the family, Sebastian is out for revenge on Leonard who killed Gramps and crumbling his family empire from top 1 in Country A. What happens when the top 1 most powerful mafia family in Country A goes against the top 1 most powerful family in the corporate world of Country A? Read to find out more. *** If you want to read a face-slapping novel where the MC rises through hard work despite being an heir to an empire, passes through a series of uncommon Mafia trials and experiences bits of romance in his otherwise bleak life, then give this book a read. You're in for a ride. ... Updates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!

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1. Even if you Die
Sebastian ran like his life depended on it to the exam hall and actually, his life did depend on it. He had been fighting all night long. Part of his side test for the Guerrieri trials was to defeat an underground den and this was no simple underground den. They used acids actively in their operations and his job was to subdue them or completely wipe them out.He had fought into the morning – the fight took so long because he had other plans in mind, outside the task given to him by the Guerrieri. He was not a mere contestant; he had a secret agenda, and as an abandoned son, he only had himself to rely on to get revenge and to make a living.When he checked his time, it was 6 am and he had his first semester test that morning by 8 am. Attendance was the crucial factor here and not necessarily the grade as it would determine if you could write the finals for that semester. He stepped onto the road and as far as he could see, there were no vehicles, not even a bicycle in sight. This was
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2. Did he have to exhaust his manpower on me, a nobody?
Leonard looked at the rod on the ground, his anger intensified, and he was literally red now. He lunged for Sebastian, punching and kicking but Sebastian blocked or dodged most of it. Leonard whistled, calling for backup. Men emerged from the corner, some were barehanded and some had sticks in hand. There were around ten men who appeared. “Woah woah bro, there’s no need to go this far. You damaged a car, it’s only right you pay for it, there’s no need to get violent over such a simple matter” Sebastian raised his hand in defeat Leonard laughed darkly. “Your first mistake was telling me what to do, then added to your crimes by trying to report me and you dodged my blows just now! If I do not make you crippled today, my name is not Leonard”. Sebastian tried to run but more men appeared from behind him, encircling him. There was no getting out of this without fighting his way through. His plan was to fight through an opening and then make a run for it – at this moment he felt a prese
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3. A Sketchy Message
The battleground fell silent. The thud of a body falling to the ground was heard, other than that, the silence was palpable. Sebastian blinked and blinked again, then looked below him. He didn’t know when the scream escaped his mouth - “Gramps!!!” “Gramps? Gramps! Gramps!!!” he bent down and held Gramps. He applied pressure to the gun shot area. “Someone call an ambulance!” he screamed “No one would do such!” Leonard who recovered from the shock of what just happened barked out. He had gotten the perfect aim for Sebastian and Sebastian could not escape because the men were pinning him down. When he pulled the trigger, he suddenly saw the old man jumping in front of Sebastian! What a man! Was he not scared of death? Was Sebastian that important to him? Max immediately pulled out his phone completely ignoring Leonard. Leonard turned to him, “I said no one should do such” he repeated. Max completely ignored him, dialling the emergency number and it began to ring. Leonard pulled up
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4. I owe them five hundred thousand dollars
His eyes widened for a second, then he regained his composure. “Umm, can I make an instalment payment? I do not have the full amount at the moment” He only had ten dollars to his name at the moment. Where was he to get five hundred thousand dollars from? Sebastian thought to himself “Come with me to the counter to process the necessary documents for instalment payment.” The nurse replied. They went down to the counter. As Sebastian was filling in the necessary details, a lady walked in, looking in Sebastian’s direction. She looked at what he was doing, wrinkled her nose and asked, “Who dragged a dead dog in here?” No one responded or acknowledged her presence. She stomped her foot on the ground and yelled in a loud screeching voice, “How dare you low-lives ignore me?” The nurse looked up at this point. She didn’t recognise her still but on scanning her outfit, she was donned in limited edition wear from head to toe. If she could afford to dress like that, she must not have a sim
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5. Did he know?
Sebastian stood at a corner opposite the café he was supposed to meet the Guerriero guys. He was on time but he was not about to walk into what he did not know; in a place he was not very familiar with. For all he knew, this could be all a cruel joke by a rich heir and he had had his fill of rich heirs for a while. The next time they cross him, he may really lose it. He picked a newspaper on the floor, opened it and used it as a shade, standing by a dark corner to monitor the Cozy Café. Nothing was happening inside, everyone was carrying on with their business normally, nothing was out of place and no one was waiting behind from his point of view. It was already 9 am, and he considered going back home and sending them a text to meet him in a place of his own choosing. He at least wanted to pay them back for the money he spent and draw up an instalment payment plan. For someone who just spent five hundred thousand of money that was not his, he wondered where his effrontery was coming
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6. Lecturer Grizzalo
“Listen carefully, Sig Sebastian…”“Sebastian”“Fine. Listen carefully Sebastian, you must have already guessed the purpose of those messages so I will go straight to the point. The Guerriero Family is having a trial to select a new leader for the family, not merely members. Five contestants have been carefully vetted and selected to participate in the trials and there will be a series of tests and challenges. During the duration of this trial, any contestant has the right to mobilize the full force of the family, as much as they can command to do whatever they want, however, it must be within reason and for the benefit of the family. At the end of the trial, the Boss and the family will choose the next leader. Did you follow all that?” Alessandro finished“Why was I selected?” Sebastian asked“Our vetting team found you worthy”“What did they find worthy in me? I am an outsider and from what you are saying, this Guerriero trial sounds very important to your family”“It is indeed. Aft
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7. Bellissimi Tre
The three ladies who are ranked the most beautiful in Evertrise College are always called the beautiful three, with time it took an Italian variation, Bellissimi tre. And since last semester till now, the current Bellissimi tre were all from Sebastian’s class – Cecile, Zzemona and Anna. As Cecile walked to sit beside Sebastian, the grumbles got louder and the voice of the lecturer was heard once more, “Gentlemen and ladies, one more peep and the class will go in for it, especially the rich” No one made another sound after that. Cecile’s expression was indifferent, she was the kind of person that did not stand out too much yet was never hidden. In contrast to the heiresses in the hall, you could say she goes unnoticed, yet, she still draws attention, like a mysterious shadow that is always present but somehow blends in. She was the talk of the school when she enrolled just last semester which was very rare. The school hardly accepted such special students, given that she would grad
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8. I will make you pay for killing Gramps!
He was practising his Judo in the evening, after school when he was sure most of the school had gone home or to their various engagements. Even if anyone was lingering behind, his practising what everyone thought was loose punches would not make any difference to them or raise suspicion. Suddenly, he felt he was being watched but ignored it. It could have been anyone and it didn’t matter what their intentions were since they did not approach him, or so he thought. From that day forward, he kept feeling that peculiar gaze. The person was highly skilled because they managed to conceal themselves well from him. One day, he was finally able to use a detour to identify the stalker and it turned out to be the new student, Cecile! He ignored her initially, when her curiosity of his poor condition waned, she would naturally stop following him but she never stopped. He had to readjust his routine because of her to avoid mistakenly revealing his proficiency with Judo and martial arts. Despite
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9. Sorry Seb, my application has already been accepted.
“I will never understand why you choose to bear their unjust treatment all the time without reporting it.” The lady asked, scanning him from head to toe, seemingly searching for another injury.Sebastian wiped his blood-stained mouth and asked, “Do you want a polite answer or the truth?”The lady glared at him, “What do you mean?”“Nothing Doyenne.” He bowed“Speak”“If you cared about the scholarship students, you would not turn a blind eye to their suffering despite knowing about it with the excuse of it not being reported. I dare not tell you how to run your school but if you insist on mixing high society with commoners, you have to be ready to bear the consequences that come with it, including death.” Sebastian kept his head low“Excellent! One of my best students is actually so ruthless with his words! If it were not for me, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn from the crème de la crème! What would your genius mind amount to in the face of sub-standard education?”“With al
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10. Tampering with someone’s sleep is just plain evil
“Dear Guerriero Numero Uno, your side quest is to bring the leader of the Red Rats gang to the headquarters tonight. He must be delivered alive. Goodluck”“Alessandro, I just got a message, what is up with the side quest? Haven’t we been given a task already?” Sebastian had barely arrived home before he got the message.“Oh, I forgot to tell you, other than the main tasks for the trials, you will be assigned side quests at random. The side quests are different per contestant but the main task is to be completed by all the contestants.” Alessandro answered nonchalantly over the phone, the sound of a punch landing on a sandbag audible over the speaker.“What other important information have you forgotten to tell me, Ales?” Sebastian asked, his tone a bit annoyed.“What’s the rush, you will eventually know all with time, let’s just hope you don’t find them out late.” He chuckled.“For a Consigliere, you sure are careless and grossly undisciplined!”“Judging a book by its cover now, are w
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