The forgotten heir

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The forgotten heir

By: Empire OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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He was a ruthless mafia who was the successor the visita company. However, the day he was to be declared as the CEO of this famous company, a tragedic accident almost claims his life. To his family, he was dead but fate proves that he survived and suffering from dementia somewhere in another country. Here, he loses everything and has to start from scratch. How would he survive a life of being a pauper? Would he ever get to see his family who intends to bring up a fake heir to succeed him?

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11 chapters
The night crept in, the cool breeze swept across the streets as it wandered about with howling noise. The silence of the night could tell it was late and most people had retired to bed.A young man could be seen thudding his head on a wall, he made a gurgling sound with tears in his eyes.This man's breath was shaky, and his nose sniffed making a slurpy sound.His hands were trembling, and he tried spitting out a word, but his tongue was too heavy to roll. His body was stiffen while his feet curl.He had a cap covering his face, and one could barely see his face. His dark outfit seems like one who was mourning.This young man was in an isolated area as it was difficult to see passerbys and even if they were, none were attempting to aid him.He was seated on the ground, terrified over something that could claim his life, but the truth would always find a chance to crawl out.The phone which was close to his legs beeped. Several missed calls but his hands could not reach out to it as on
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Chapter 1
The sun rose steepily, it had a frown on its bright face, and scorched at anything it got his eyes on. Possibly, something must have troubled her sleep, and so she vents her anger on everything the earth had.At the interim of the country stood a mansion that was glorious and magnificent to behold. It could be used as a tourist attraction as it had beautiful sceneries.The alarm on the fifth floor of this mansion rang nosily, and a young man could be seen groaning. He had his face covered with a pillow and his legs thudding on the bed.His room was large enough to fit in for a sitting room, as only his room occupied the entire fifth floor.At last, he jolted from the bed with boggy eyes and then cussed at the alarm. A clap left his hands and immediately, servants began to troop into his room.They were 12 in numbers and lined up vertical before him. His eyes scrutinized their outfit and a silent scoff escaped his lips."Why are you late?" He stuttered almost dozing off but then a serv
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Chapter 2
His eyes strides through the files placed on the president's desk. His hands searched through the shelf in search of something. His tenses look could tell he was curious over something.He was cautious of the time just so as not to be caught by the president of visita company who was his father. This young man brought out his phone and took footages of some facts he found around the study room.At last, he found what he was looking for and was about to take out the file from where it was hidden but then the president strides in."Louis?""Father?" He responded faking a smile and hasten his feet at him while pretending to arrange the scattered files."I must have kept you waiting" the president beckoned walking to take a seat while Louis followed him suit. His eyes glanced at where he abandoned the file and then at his father."It's okay dad" he responded calmly. One would guess it was only his father who he spoke with formally."Have you looked at the company's ledger?" His father beg
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Chapter 3
The two sons sat opposite each while their father sat adjacent them. Other officials were gathered to wanting to hear the proposal for both sons.Each and everyone had a file in their hand but only Louis's intended proposal was captivating. He found the file he was looking for and had used the proposal in it to impress the officials including his strict father.Mr Dave had his eyes on Louis, it was obvious he was pleased with this young man who was yet to propose his business plans.Damian tried his best to attract his father's attention but it was effortless as everything he was talking about wasn't registering in the president's head."Your turn...Louis" the president beckoned staring at him to begin his business proposal. Louis cleared his throat, smirked at Damian who maintained a calm look, and then glanced at the official who were 10 in numbers.His lips were ready mutter the words required for the buisness plan but all of a sudden, he felt dizzy and his head spinning.Everyone
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Chapter 4
It had been a week since Louis got discharged from the hospital, most of his foes had wished him dead on the hospital bed but it seems their cries weren't granted as so had to watch him with perching eyes.The day Louis had been waiting for had finally arrived, it was like a dream coming and his return home wasn't to celebrate his father but to take the crown.Louis had left the country for some buisness proposals and was returning home for celebrate his father's 75th birthday.The evil mask his face wore could tell that his reign might be vicious and devious. If only his father was aware of that, perhaps, he would have reconsidered when it comes to property transfers.This day was glorious because it was going to be a day that the president declares who would take over his company.However, the guest were unaware of it as they had come to celebrate with the president of visita whose birthday was this day.Neither were his family aware that he would proclaim who would succeed him. How
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Chapter 5
FEW HOURS AGO.He had himself ready from the suite where he lodges. Every where he goes, there were always servants having him prepared.The smiles wouldn't wear off his eyes easily as he behold the greatest day of his life. It was definitely going to be the end of his step family as he intends to uproot them once he was declared the heir.Then he would have access to the file which he had his eyes on, the file which could tear the company down.This young man had spoken to his father and had promised to be on time for his birthday celebration.He always carried his diary along with him and the diary was more like a letter to his deceased mother who passed away when he was 8 years old.This day, he wrote to her that his name going to be heard over the news and he was still unsure if it would be for good or evil.The last statement he wrote under was;"They are after me and I'm not safe, every answer needed is in this diary"It felt like she read every word he wrote to her and missed h
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Chapter 6
The rowdy place was becoming quiet as guests began to depart bit by bit. It was really late now and those who couldn't wait for the man who would grace the occasion left.They said their farewells to the celebrant and gave their reasons why they could no longer stay and he understood.Soon, the place was becoming empty and only the family of three were left behind. It was as though the caller was aware that the household had no guest before calling Mr Dave.For Mrs Anna, she had her eyes on Damian and in turn, Damian had his eyes on his mother. These two were trying to read each other's thought while waiting for what the father of the house was going to proclaim to their hearing.He was glued to where he stood shivering, and suddenly feeling his heartache. The phone in his hand glide off. Unable to speak or move, he slumbered before their eyes.Both mother and son widened their eyes at each other and hurried to aid this unconscious man. They both had fears in their eyes hoping he does
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Chapter 7
The chirping of birds, howling of the wind and the cloudy skin made it a conducive atmosphere for humans who work outside.It was a Saturday, less busy day of the week and most people stayed at home to take a break off from work.Somewhere around the street, the screeching of tires could be heard and honking filed the street. It was a motorbike and its rider was a delivery boy.He had a hat that hardly revealed his face. Rather than an helmet, he uses hat. Who wouldn't know this delivery boy! He was the talk of the town.This delivery boy had his history in this place and always caused an argument in this area that people often believed that he doesn't belong to the streets.Rumors had it that he might be a rich guy who was abandoned or lost his wealth one way or the other. He always wore fancy clothes and took care of his skin.Sincerely, this guy was bad in everything and only gave orders like though he runs the streets. He claims he had dreams that people serves him but people only
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Chapter 8
Her doorbell rang and she hurried up to get the door. This girl had ordered for pizza. She slide the door opened and found a young man on her.He had an alluring look that could entice anyone. However, he wasn't smiling or pleased. Perhaps, he just never smiles yet still had his handsome features."Your signature" he requested while letting out a yawn and then strained his shoulders. He had just done two detlipveries and all his energy had been drain.This girl kept admiring him and didn't realizing she was blushing at his presence."Signature!" He yelled exhausted. If only she knew he was cussing at her right that moment. This girl jerked back to reality, stuned at the way he yelled, and collected the paper from him but he took it back and said;"Let's do that inside, it's scorching outside and my skin can't take the heat" he protest and this girl bemused, however, she let him inside the house and offered him a seat.He scanned the environment she was staying and commented on it. Thi
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Chapter 9
He was riding his delivery bike when suddenly a bus having a familiar logo crosses his path. His eyes followed this bus until it was out of sight.Just immediately this bus left his sight, he felt his head spinning, his eyes were becoming dizzy and he had to stop the bike from moving or else might fall from it.He quickly climbed down from the motorbike and then whimpered while closing his ears. Louis was suddenly having flashback, and it caused his head to throb."Argh!" He groaned and fell to his knees. His eyes began to see footsteps approaching him and a voice asked him;"Where is it"Louis could see himself covered in blood and crawl on the ground, wishing to survive. However, the memory was unclear and faded immediately.His face turned red as he had screamed out due to the spinning headache. He often come across this headache which gives him a hard time.Whenever he was in such pains, Abigail had told him to close his eyes, breath slowly and then try to his mind off the vision
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