I Am The One

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I Am The One

By: M. K. Diana CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Betrayed by his girlfriend, a young professor receives an ancient superpower from an abandoned artifact to seek revenge and save the world. Henry never expected to find his girlfriend alone with another man when he came home from work. Not only that, but she defended her affair by saying that Henry's salary as a professor was too small to make her happy. In his predicament, an ancient tablet gives him the power to take revenge and conquer the world.

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  • T. Rossi


    really interesting. the plot, the sentences, the ambience were well written. perfect, in my opinion. one of the unique stories i've read. this one will be another great novel. cheers for the author!

    2023-10-31 23:25:43
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237 chapters
Chapter 1 - Betrayal
"Slow down, my love! I can't keep up with you moving so fast!"A girl's melodious voice sounded as Henry opened the door to his apartment.Thunk!In an instant, his body tensed and his heart raced wildly."Isn't that Darcie's voice?"Darcie Baker was the first girl Henry had met since moving to Waterside City six years ago.Since their first meeting, she had been exceptionally kind to Henry, even offering to let him stay in the same apartment.They started dating two years later. But to this day, on their fourth anniversary, Henry had never laid a hand on Darcie, let alone kissed her.Aside from dining out and going to the movies, the furthest they had gone was holding hands.After graduating from college two years ago, Darcie had become a bank teller. Meanwhile, Henry, who had studied Ancient Culture at the University of Waterside, had completed his bachelor's and doctoral degrees in just five years.He has been teaching at the same campus since a year ago."Oh, darling, you're so na
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Chapter 2 - The Legacy of the Strongest God
When his blood touched the tablet, something magical happened. The stone tablet emitted a radiant light and entered Henry's body. At the same time, Henry found himself in an open place with an incredibly beautiful panorama. In his estimation, this place seemed to be above the clouds. But how could that be? Before his question could be answered, he felt a very weak electric current in his chest, coming from the palm of someone's hand. It was accompanied by a warm and comforting sensation that spread from Henry's chest to his entire body. Still lying on the ground, in front of him, he saw a middle-aged man dressed in golden battle gear, sitting cross-legged. His gaze was focused on Henry's chest, one hand resting on it. "I didn't expect someone from the non-cultivators to inherit my power! But with the Godseed I gave you, you don't have to worry about your cultivation anymore!" Henry remained silent. Still, he was in awe of what the man was doing. Observing the man's appearance,
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Chapter 3 - The Divine Hands Healing Technique
"Aunt, how is Uncle? What happened to him?"Henry hugged his aunt who was sitting in a chair next to the hospital bed.Hearing the question, Harriette's cries only grew louder."Aunt, it's okay. Everything will be fine! Tell me what happened!""The doctor examined..."Harriette choked back her tears and continued, "The crash not only injured his chest, but also caused problems with his heart. If he doesn't get surgery soon, the doctor isn't sure if Nick will survive for another three days!"What?Henry held his aunt even tighter. He could see that his uncle was quite injured, but he hadn't expected his condition to be this bad."But don't worry! If everything goes according to plan, your uncle will be undergoing surgery tomorrow morning."When Henry heard the word "surgery," he knew that the cost would probably be considerable. But he didn't care. He just wanted his uncle to be all right."Auntie, I'm going to look for a loan; hopefully I can get the money before the surgery tomorrow!
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Chapter 4 - The Shadow of Death
It was midnight.The atmosphere in the hospital was quiet and calm.Despite the intense anger that was brewing within him, Henry dared not run through the hospital corridors, not wanting to disturb the other patients.Ding!As the elevator doors opened on the first floor, Henry hurriedly stepped out.About twenty meters ahead, on a long bench, a middle-aged woman covered her face with her hands and stifled her sobs.A quick glance at her skin and figure indicated that she was in her mid-thirties. In addition, her light-colored, casual silk dress hinted at her wealthy background.As Henry took a step or two forward, the door next to the woman opened to reveal a man with white hair and thick glasses. He was wearing a white suit and exuded an air of authority.Two men in matching suits followed closely behind him.Seeing the three men, the woman rose from her seat and approached them."Doctor, how is my daughter? She's okay, right?"The white-haired man at the front took a quick breath a
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Chapter 5 - Why Did the Technique Fail?
Henry's answer satisfied Naomi, but it didn't sit well with the three men."Young man, I know you want money! But don't think you can cheat Mrs. Richardson in front of us! I'm going to give you a chance to leave right now, or we're going to take firm action!" Ruben declared.He still believed that Henry was only pretending. Therefore, even though his lips told him to release Henry, he reached for his phone to call security and have Henry dragged to jail."Doctor, I know that in this hospital, your words are like a law that can make or break someone's life. And I know that you don't trust me. In that case, why don't we make a bet? If I can't cure Miss Isabella, you can punish me as much as you want. But if it turns out that I succeed..." Henry stopped speaking."Say what you want!" Ruben urged impatiently."You need to apologize to me and fire this man!" Henry pointed at Andrew."What? How dare you! If you try anything with me, I'll kill you!" Andrew moved forward to strike Henry, but
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Chapter 6 - The Other Technique
Henry's method of healing, which involved placing his hand on Isabella's forehead, immediately puzzled all the doctors."What is this young man doing? Checking her body temperature? He's really stupid!" they thought.Andrew, in particular, felt a sense of satisfaction, confident that Henry's method would surely fail."That striped-nose guy! Trying to use this opportunity to touch the girl I adore? Foolish! Just wait; after this, I will not only make your life miserable, but also that of your entire family! I want everyone associated with you to never breathe easy again," he muttered to himself.While everyone doubted him, Henry reviewed the notes in his mind. "No wonder this technique doesn't work! It's because Miss Isabella isn't sick right now! I must use another method!"Henry turned Isabella's palm over and placed his own hand on top of it.In this position, they looked like a couple who did not want to lose each other.Seeing what Henry was doing, Andrew's anger reached its peak.
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Chapter 7 - I Want Them Fired!
"What?"Henry had never expected Cloyd to be so ruthless."He not only looks authoritative, but also very decisive. There's no point in me explaining anything to him. I'm not sure he's going to listen," Henry thought. Nevertheless, he remained calm.Besides, wasn't this the right moment to test the extent of the power the god Athar had given him?With such thoughts in mind, Henry clenched his fists slightly."If they dare to touch me, I won't hesitate to fight back."One of the four bodyguards grabbed Henry roughly."Kid, who told you to bother our boss's family? You'll have to face the consequences!"But before he could carry out his intention, Henry noticed a subtle movement in Isabella's fingers. He quickly raised one of his hands."Wait! Look at this!" he pointed at the girl.His words silenced everyone. A moment later, their eyes were fixed on someone lying on the bed.Naomi immediately broke free of Cloyd's embrace and hurried to the bed. Isabella's eyelids slowly opened and the
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Chapter 8 - The Emgrand Hotel
30 minutes later.Emgrand Hotel.This was one of the finest five-star hotels in Waterside.For a standard room alone, the cost for a single night's stay was ten thousand dollars!Outside the entrance in the hotel lobby, a young man in his mid-twenties wearing a white shirt and a light coat hurriedly made his way inside.As he passed through the doors, he rushed to the front desk."Sir, would you like to book a room?"A beautiful young woman in a gray uniform rose from her seat.As she spoke, a sweet smile graced her lovely lips, making her even more enchanting."No! I'm here to see someone named Zachary! Could you tell me where his room is?"The girl was taken aback for a moment before she asked,"Do you have an appointment?""No!" Henry shook his head gently.The girl's face showed a hint of regret."I'm sorry, sir! According to our hotel policy, we are not allowed to give out a guest's room number without their prior permission."Henry quickly reached into his pocket for his cell ph
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Chapter 9 - Calling for Help
"Don't say a word to him!"Suddenly, a cry echoed from the front door.This time, four burly men entered the lobby.Each held a blunt weapon.Judging by their uniforms, they appeared to be security guards, similar to the ones Henry had tossed aside earlier.Of the four security guards, the man at the front appeared to be the most senior and authoritative.His gaze was piercing, and from his face, he seemed to be approaching his fifties. Compared to the other three men, this man appeared to be the strongest.Seeing the reinforcements, the security officer lying on the floor quickly got up and joined them."Mr. Ferguson, he... he's a troublemaker!"The man named Walton Ferguson paid little attention to the security officer's words. He strode toward Henry with an air of arrogance."Are you here to cause trouble?" The middle-aged man asked dismissively."Sorry! You must be mistaken! I'm not here to cause trouble. I just came to meet someone.""Then you must be a criminal! No one comes to
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Chapter 10 - Revenge
"My dear, do you still have feelings for that young man?"In one of the rooms of the Presidential Suite, Zachary held Darcie's innocent body.After a battle that had left them both sweating, they lay exhausted on the bed."Why do you ask such a stupid question? There is no trace of feeling left in my heart for him!"Darcie turned her body to face Zachary."Since I met you, I've decided to be all yours!"Kiss!Darcie's crimson lips landed on Zachary's cheek."Hahaha! I believe you, darling! You know, I ordered Walton to bring some of his men to intercept Henry! They should have caught him by now!"Zachary's eyes sparkled with glee.Imagining how he would torment Henry with his own hands gave him a special satisfaction."Darling, you really have a thirst to hurt him! You should have killed him earlier!" Darcie said, stroking Zachary's cheek."If you let an enemy breathe, he might trouble you one day."Zachary shook his head. "Hahaha! Don't worry about it! Even if he comes to me in seven
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