Chapter 52

“She is what” Mrs. Anita stands up, she fixes her eyes on Sam, “yeah, a month” Sam added. “Mrs. Anita lost her voice, she tries to cough out some words, but it seems to fall out, “that is a great news” she jumps up, she scattered Sam hairs. “Wow, I am having a grandson” she stares at Sam. “Why didn't you tell me on time” she gave Sam an angry face. “I thought you won't approve it” Sam defense himself. “She is part of the family already, there is nothing I can do” she shouted. “I want to see her” she smiles at Sam, “another Charles on the way” she turns around. Sam was shock that his mom was acting this way, “I would like to see her” she repeated. She left for inside, Sam watch her as she hurried inside. “She actually believes it” Sam smiles, I think things are changing for the better. He left for inside, he calls Christabel again, he kept the incident to himself, he doesn't want anybody to bother about it.sam rested on his bed, what if that truck was sent, he thought, he had four car
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