Running away

Charles went on date with Anita to please his family revolution. they didn't say anything to each other until it got dark. They were the only quiet seat. “What your favorite color” Anita tries to break the silence. Charles didn't respond. “I love pizza alot” Anita continues talking without replies. “Charles” she tries to hold his hands but he adjusted it. “I know you don't love me, but I do love you” she stops. “ I feel something deep down, we could learn to love each other, we don't have choice anyway”. Charles phone rings, it was Maya. "Hello sweetheart" he shouted. “Darling, you shouldn't disturb yourself” he increases his voice. “I will be coming, right away” he left Anita there. Charles went back home after three more hours. He got home, his family wasn't waiting for him, they must have slept off, Charles enters his room. The next morning. He brought Maya to the house. She waited for Charles parents. Joe and Zoe came out, they were surprise to see a young lady waiting for them. Z
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