He knees, christabel bug out covering her mouth, she fluttered, “Christabel smith” Sam shouted. He shivered, I wrote this he brought a paper out, “christabel smith, intelligent, honest, bravery than me, your beauty is exceptional, my eyes” Sam stops, christabel, stares at him, “I don't need this” he throws the paper away. “For the past few days, leaving without you, I realized how vulnerable I am, I ache for you, your face became a picture in front of me, my lust for touch raise faster than I expected, I regret leaving, I miss, this feeling, I know what it is, I love you, will you stand beside me for forever. She could hear her heart beating loud, she touches her bosom, she stares at Sam, the light around was fading away, she was expecting soon, not in this manner, “Yes” she fluttered, Sam smirked, christabel lift him up, they hug each other, hands jamming together was heard, christabel looks around, smiling, waving, light turn on at the stage, Sam holds Christabel hands, they step sl
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