The End

Sam and christabel walks to Omega high school, “things has change around” christabel said. "Yeah" Sam muttered. They entered inside, Mr. Carlos was giving instructions, “let” he stops, “products from Omega high” Mr. Carlos pointed to Sam and christabel, they capture all the attention, Sam and christabel approach the stage, whispered could be heard, “in their time, we crushed alpha high” Mr. Carlos continues. "Woah" Sam said, “things have changed around” Sam scans, “why am I seeing beautiful face, are we in models school" Sam asked his wife. Mr. Carlos smirked. “The judo competition is coming” Sam said, he looks at the judo them, “if Omega high win, 100,000 dollars for each of the teammates” the crowds went viral. “You won't leave the basketball team behind” a voice from behind. “Marcel” christabel smirked. They shake each, “are you coaching the basketball team” she added. “Mr. Carlos had to force me” he said, “Marcel” Sam hugs him, they tap each other's back.

they went to a bar, drin
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