Chapter 30

Omen kept flying, they passed the Deadman's forest and came to a land that seemed deserted. He flew past it and headed east. The two brothers were so caught up with the idea of their burning family that they did not notice Clarris riding with them. She was now becoming visible to everyone, the spell was fading because she was no longer in the dungeon.

“Can you now admit that you have a crush,” Clarris stated, forcing the two brothers to look in her direction?

“What the fuck!!! Clarris!!,” Lotus yelled.

Marcus got up and took a closer look, “Shit!!! It's her head.” But as he was trying to turn, he slipped and fell off Omen's back.

“Marcus!!!” Lotus yelled out.

"Hold on," Omen ordered and took a dive and within seconds he was able to catch up with Marcus and placed him on his back but unfortunately he landed on Clarris. “Get off of me,” Clarris yelled.

Marcus quickly got up and held Lotus. It was not a secret that he feared Clarris.

"Omen there is Clarris's head back here with us,” L
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