Conquer the Heaven World With the Ouroboros Snake's Sigil

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Conquer the Heaven World With the Ouroboros Snake's Sigil

By: Bystander OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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🏆["Golden Medal" in Fantasy Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"]🏆 Lin Feng was reincarnated into the body of a blind youth with no cultivation talent. At first, he felt very hopeless, but that all changed after the changes that occurred in his two eyes. However, the abilities he had acquired were not something that could be predicted. Illusion ability? Gravity ability? The ability to control all elements? An ability that can control space and time? Lin Feng had it all just relying on his two eyes which would slowly become perfect!


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299 chapters
Chapter 1: The Wheel of Destiny Begins to Spin
Do you believe in reincarnation and transmigrate into the world of cultivation like in the novels you've read?To be honest, I never believed in anything like that either, but all that started to change after I woke up from this state.In an uninhabitable building, there was a young boy who was lying motionless on a wooden surface.The youth's body that should have been unable to move suddenly began to move by itself.Then the young man suddenly opened his eyes while screaming in pain."Ahhhh...."What was even more uncomfortable was that the young man felt like his head was about to explode, and was filled with a lot of complicated and confusing information. This situation didn't stop for more than five minutes."What the hell is going on with me?" Lin Feng thought hard about what happened before he felt dizzy.Lin Feng only remembered that he was reading a lord of mystery novel at his house when it was raining, but what he di
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Chapter 2: Ouroboros Snake Eyes
Lin Feng was dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of both his eyes and vision, but the pain that welled up within his body brought him to his senses instantly.The four 13-14-year-olds looked at him with scornful eyes, the four of them fiercely hit the troubled Lin Feng on the ground and couldn't move. One of them used martial arts like fists to attack his body as if the boy had even come from killing someone. No, looking at the expressions of joy on the faces of the four of them, it looked like they were having fun fighting against weaklings.Totally out of control!Lin Feng only felt a sudden rise from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to fight and fight the four children, but the physical injuries were too heavy to stand on his own. With the constant accumulation of anger, a strange power suddenly flowed from the depths of his soul towards Lin Feng's entire body.Catch!With a clear voice, Lin Feng suddenly raised both hands and instantly grabb
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Chapter 3: Six Basic Emotions
Lin Feng looked at the mirror in the room, still curious about these eyes.“Just by touching someone I can take away their life energy, this is truly a formidable ability but at the same time it is also a terrifying ability.” Lin Feng touched his green ouroboros snake's right eye with a smile plastered on his face.Even though this ability was truly great, he had to limit this life-eating ability. If one knew of his terrifying ability, others would definitely not dare to approach him.When Lin Feng closed his eyes to look at the ouroboros sigil that was in the sea of ​​souls, he saw that the ouroboros sigil was no longer shining. It was as if the energy in it had run out."There are no more rays of light?" Lin Feng muttered under his breath before opening his eyes.Lin Feng was slightly startled after looking back at the mirror, his green ouroboros eyes had started to turn red. Then Lin Feng saw that the eyes of the red ouroboros were s
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Chapter 4: Cruel Reality
‘Bad at cultivation?’ Lin Feng immediately felt cold water wash over him from the pleasure of acquiring such a great ability."Shit, what's with that thing?" Lin Feng felt irritated after listening to Lei Qing's sentence.But Lei Qing ignored Lin Feng's words, only continuing without caring about Lin Feng's annoyance, “I know that your innate cultivation talent is very poor, you haven't even entered the first layer junior stage yourself. But you can leave it to the two of us, I have reached the junior stage of the third layer and Mu Yin has also reached the junior stage of the second layer. According to the information I received in the previous assessment, as long as someone in a three-person team has reached the third layer then that team can easily pass the assessment!”The Lin family that Lin Feng was currently in and the Lin family that he was born into in the middle continent were really one family surname, it was just that this des
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Chapter 5: Training
Lin Feng then immediately recalled the life energy that had previously been absorbed, that life energy contained both the physical energy and mental energy of a human.“I can suck their life energy forcibly by using the eyes of these green ouroboros snakes, even so, I still don't know if this cultivation world has any knowledge of the life energy in human bodies. If they only cultivate physical energy, mental energy, and natural spiritual energy then that means they are completely unaware of the existence of this life energy.” Lin Feng was already sweating profusely like he had been washed away by rainwater after repeated training, even so, his brain still couldn't stop thinking.“Then there's still the problem with my martial arts if it's true that I have as many as 7 spirit element roots but I still don't know how to do it. With this mysterious life energy, it seems I need to develop my own spell.” Lin Feng had been lying on the ground with hi
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Chapter 6: Trouble Maker
Lin Feng's physical strength was now able to recover quickly than other normal cultivators, even his previous thin body had changed a bit for the better after regularly training his body.Moreover, Lin Feng had long observed the ancient sigil of the ouroboros snake that resided in the depths of the soul sea. He discovered that the ancient sigil of the ouroboros snake would emit a cloud of white mist at a certain time, then the white mist would merge into his body. After the white mist fused into the body, slowly Lin Feng's body would continue to strengthen. Especially after he practiced hard and relentlessly, the ancient sigil of the ouroboros snake would release more wisps of a white mist than usual.That's what made Lin Feng continue to train his body without stopping until he ran out of energy. After all, his physical strength would recover quickly so how could Lin Feng leave an opportunity like this. The stronger one is, the higher the chance of survival in this cu
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Chapter 7: Injury
"What did you just do to my body?" Lin Qi looked at Lin Feng with a sharp gaze as he touched his stomach which felt a little strange.But Lin Feng didn't answer the question at all, he just put on a straight face like he wasn't interested in answering.“Hmph! Do you think just a weak attack like that can beat me? You are too naive!” Lin Qi snorted as he said in a cold tone, maybe what he just felt was just a small pain, that's why he didn't care at all. After saying that, Lin Qi immediately focused on attacking Lin Feng with all his might without holding back any longer.Lin Feng continued to dodge the oncoming attacks, the power emitted from Lin Qi's fist was extremely strong. If Lin Feng's weak body was hit, maybe Lin Feng's life would really be in danger. Even so, Lin Feng still did not miss the opportunity to pat and touch various locations of Lin Qi's upper body, as long as he still activated this eye ability, Lin Feng believed that nothing coul
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Chapter 8: Spiritual Element Root
After seeing the departure of the two of them, Lin Feng sat down by the bed and began to calculate the merits of the previous fight.According to the strength, Lin Qi had tested just now, Lin Feng believed that at this time he could overcome a fifth stage junior level cultivator with ease. No matter how great the ability of the green ouroboros eyes to see the flow of energy in other people's bodies to dodge, if the reaction speed of his own body can't keep up with it then it will no longer be effective.Lin Feng had seen Lin Qi's attack as a third-stage junior-level cultivator, his pure strength was indeed much stronger than expected. Because of that, Lin Feng didn't dare to block his attack with his fleshly body, otherwise, he would definitely be seriously injured.Meanwhile, the absolute breaker martial art was only suitable for self-defense, which was why Lin Feng only realized it after the fight was over. It was true that the attacks from his homemade martia
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Chapter 9: Lin Family
Time had passed quickly, subconsciously it was time for the Lin family's assessment to arrive.When morning had come, everyone who had followed the assessment had come to the Lin family square. Here, Lin Feng saw a large number of people present.“This world really is a lot of people!” Lin Feng was a little dissatisfied after looking around, he felt like several thousand people were like a bunch of ants swarming. But after seeing that a portion of the people had gone out with a middle-aged man, he immediately understood that some judgments would be further divided. He only saw that in this square there were only a few hundred people left, including Lei Qing and Mu Yin.Seeing Lei Qing and Mu Yin from afar, Lin Feng walked over with his hands raised so that they both realized he was here.Previously the two people had peeked at Lin Feng's room more than once, but Lin Feng knew that the two people in front of him did not have the slightest malic
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Chapter 10: Assessment Starts
“Lin Feng, what's with your eyes? Are you okay?" Mu Yin asked in a low voice after seeing Lin Feng's eyes turn a little strange."It's okay, I just feel a little sad!" Lin Feng retracted his green sight and whispered softly to Mu Yin. He had no other choice but to lie about the situation he had just heard about.Lin Feng was well aware of his current situation, even if Mu Yin and Lei Qing were trustworthy friends it didn't mean that Lin Feng would tell the two of them. Once the three of them were discovered, he had no doubt that the Lin family would immediately kill the three of them without the slightest resistance. This was one of the reasons why he searched for strength in such a hurry, he didn't want to die without being able to put up the slightest resistance.Lin Feng was not as pure-hearted as people thought. Even if sympathized with the outcasts who were here, Lin Feng still didn't want to put himself in a pointless fight. Moreover, even if Lin Fen
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