Demon's Journey

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Demon's Journey

By: Queen Ka OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Palan is raised in the harsh world of the demons, depending on himself to survive while raising his sister. One day, his sister falls sick and he's forced to make a deal with an angel in order to save her life. Unfortunately for him, that deal sends him a world away from his sister.

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102 chapters
A shirtless man paced back and forth in front of a child sitting on a bench. Two red suns in the sky hung directly above their heads, making their pale-purple skin seem orange. The child seemed to be about ten years old, but his body’s muscles had already developed well beyond his age. His bright-red eyes followed the movements of the adult ahead of him. Behind the man stood a tent that emitted a woman’s shriek every minute or so. The man’s pacing caused the line in the sand to become more prominent with each step. The woman’s screams stopped, and the desert fell silent. The man sucked in his breath and released it again as the screaming resumed. The child frowned and said, “You’re going to faint if you keep doing that, Dad.” The man glanced at his son and stopped mid-stride. He let out a sigh and nodded. “You’re right,” he said and clenched his hands. “Mom is a lot stronger than she looks.” Seconds later, his body shuddered, and he clutched his shoulders. He shook his head and star
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Chapter 1
A girl sat outside of a tent, looking up at the blue and green moon in the sky with her dark-red eyes. She seemed to be around eight years old with pointed claws in place of finger and toenails. Her pale-purple skin was tinged with green as the moon shone down on her. Her left ear twitched and she turned her head to the side. She blinked before narrowing her eyes and saw multiple figures trudging towards her through the sand. She stood up and held the hem of her dress as she walked backwards.A thin man with his ribs sticking out of his skin pointed at her and nodded. One of the men next to him asked him another question and the thin man nodded again while hunching his back and clasping his hands together. He faced the girl. “Andrea, come here.”Andrea bit her lip and continued to walk backwards, but at a faster pace. Her child steps couldn’t compare to the grown men walking towards her and they soon caught up. She let out a gasp when the moonlight illuminated a man’s face with a burn
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Chapter 2
The day passed uneventfully with the two siblings fast asleep. A few times, a beast would come by and sniff the tent, but it would leave after smelling it. One beast bit the tent, but quickly left afterwards. The suns set and were replaced by the green and blue moon. A beastial roar rang through the air, followed by a series of howls. Palan’s eyes flickered and regained their luster. “Andrea,” he said and gently shook his sister’s shoulder. “It’s night time. Wake up.” Andrea groaned and stretched her arms out in front of her body. She flopped to the side and nibbled on Palan’s leg. Palan winced and extricated himself from her jaws. Andrea rubbed her eyes. “Palan?” “Right here,” Palan said as he inspected his now-torn pants. A tiny trickle of blood dribbled down his thigh. “We’re going to town today.” Andrea yawned and sat up. Her stomach gurgled and drool leaked from her mouth as she blinked a few times. She turned towards Palan and pouted. Palan sighed. “There’s still half of th
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Chapter 3
Andrea squeezed Palan’s hand as she turned around to look at the gatekeeper’s back. She tilted her head as the two walked along a jagged stone road covered with sand. Her foot caught against an uneven rock and she stumbled.“Hey,” Palan said as he held her up. “Watch your step. Always pay attention to your surroundings.”Andrea nodded. “Why doesn’t he let everyone else in?” she asked and turned her head towards Palan.“He gets paid to keep unruly people out,” Palan said. “Troublemakers aren’t allowed in town. The boss decides who stays and who goes.”Andrea blinked as she stared at Palan’s chin which was still covered in blood. “You’re not a troublemaker?”“Nope,” Palan said and ruffled her hair. “The boss is a greedy glutton and I happen to be very good at feeding gluttons. This way.” Palan tugged Andrea’s hand and pulled her into a one-story building. Inside of the building was a counter with a middle-aged woman sitting on a chair behind it, chewing on a plant’s stem. A torch hung n
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Chapter 4
Palan and Andrea walked along the uneven road with a trail of sticks left behind them. There were only three scorpion kebabs left in the younger sibling’s hands. She nibbled off a scorpion claw while speaking, “Tell me the story.”Palan grunted. “That man’s name is Bogar. According to him, he was running through the desert, being chased by a herd of wildebeests when he saw a portal appear in the air next to him. He jumped inside the portal, figuring that it would be better than being trampled to death.”“The portals you throw things in to get stones?”“Yes,” Palan said and nodded, “those. He’s the only person I know who claims to have returned after falling inside one of them that actually has some sort of proof, the glowing stone. Of course, he could be lying and found it somewhere else. He said he was teleported to another world where the people he met were like children. They didn’t have any sins and they didn’t kill each other. Everyone worked together to help each other, even per
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Chapter 5
A group of three men sat around a campfire with an antelope roasting over it. The two suns shone overhead, causing the three men to sweat. One of the men tore off a chunk of slightly raw flesh and grinned.“Hey! Quit eating the bait,” one of the men said and snarled.“Ah, stop whining,” the man with the meat said. “‘Tis just a small morsel.”“If we can’t make quota, you’ll be the one finding shelter tonight,” the last man said and narrowed his eyes.“It’s fine,” the man with the meat said as he licked his lips. He pointed behind the two men. “Look, there’s already some coming this way.”The two men turned around and saw a sand cloud in the horizon. A tiny figure, that seemed to have two heads, could be seen approaching them. “That’s a person, you nitwit.”“So what? We can still rob ‘im.” The man threw the remaining meat to the side and drew his dagger.“Eh,” the other men grumbled as they unsheathed their daggers as well. All three of them may prone against the ground and waited.“Som
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Chapter 6
The golden light faded from Palan’s view. He squinted his eyes and his nictitating membranes flickered. A yellow moon hung in the sky, illuminating the surrounding trees. His eyebrows furrowed as he walked next to a tree and sniffed its trunk. He tilted his head and squatted, observing the grass that was growing out of the ground.“So this is the angel’s world,” he said and raised his head, inhaling deeply through his nose. His nose twitched and his stomach growled. He smiled. “I guess angels bleed too.”Palan weaved through the forest; twigs snapped and leaves crunched underneath his feet. He followed his nose and ended up at the edge of the trees, revealing an open plain. A road extended through the grass with a carriage parked in the middle. Four men stood in a square around the carriage, pointing spears outwards. They wore metal armor that reflected the moonlight. One man was leaning against the back of the carriage, clutching his bleeding arm.A pack of twenty wolves surrounded t
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Chapter 7
“Interesting,” Palan said as he spun a silver orb in his palm. A bloody skeleton lay on the ground beside him next to a torn white dress. He glanced at a half-eaten wolf skeleton next to him. “It’s no wonder why this fellow didn’t run away.” A single line of lightning snaked up Palan’s arm from the metal orb. He tucked the orb away in the leather sack by his waist and stood up. Bloody metal armor jangled as his body moved. Palan flexed his bicep while opening and closing his hand. He raised his leg and rotated his foot around his ankle before stomping down on the road. The stones split and fractured in a web-like manner. “I feel stronger, but only the female angel improved my strength; I wonder why.” Palan sighed and glanced up at the yellow moon. “So the rumors were true after all,” he said. “That’s where Andrea is.” He shook his head and glanced around the field. Palan stepped over corpses—wolf and angel alike—as he headed towards the forest. His forehead tingled and he narrowed
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Chapter 8
Raea stopped the carriage in front of a metal gate with stone walls on either side. She stood up and exited the carriage as her guards approached from behind. A man dressed in blue armor squinted at the group of people below from the top of the wall. “Lady Raea? I was expecting you.”“Yes,” Raea said and nodded. “On the way here, we encountered Lady Menyel’s carriage and I took the liberty to bring it here.”“Just her carriage?”“She is no longer with us.”“I see,” the man said and nodded. “That is unfortunate.” He signaled behind him with his arm and the metal gate creaked as it rose. He turned around and walked down a set of stairs. Raea and her group entered the city with their carriages in tow.“This way,” the man dressed in blue armor said and gestured with his arm. “You can tell me all the details over tea.”“I appreciate the hospitality, Captain Ishim,” Raea said and smiled as she walked next to the captain. Her guards glanced at each other before following behind the two. The
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Chapter 9
Raea stood in the center of a square with her eyes closed and hands clasped together in front of her chest. Her four guards stood in a square formation around her. A few angels gave the group odd looks before continuing on their way. The first sun had already risen and the second one was beginning to rise.“Lady Raea!” a voice called out, accompanied by the sound of hooves clattering against stone. Raea’s eyes shot open and she saw her head guard walking towards her with six horses in tow. Behind him were twenty people on horses, the majority of them being men. They all wore undecorated white armor with lances by their sides. “We are ready to depart at any time.”“Thank you, Owen,” Raea said and nodded towards the head guard.The head guard saluted and gestured behind him. “These soldiers are all willing to aid you in the hunt for the forest king. They volunteered when they heard about the circumstances regarding L
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