Chapter Ten

That night, Montse had a nightmare and woke up panting. After I called her down, she told me that Helena had come back to the house looking for me.

That was when those men had come to kidnap her. Helena had tried to stop them. That was why they killed her.


“I’m sorry, Helena.” I whispered, spreading the last bit of sand on the grave I’d just covered in my backyard.

As much as I wanted to give her a proper burial and all, I knew I couldn’t do that without the police getting involved. Even though I wasn’t her murderer, I could still be arrested as a suspect because she died in my house.

It would only get worse if investigations were carried out because the police could find out that I’d killed the people who murdered her.

The last thing I wanted was to spend time away from Montse. It was only good for me that Helena had no family and I wouldn’t have to lie to anyone.

I went back into the house to clean up the mess and the blood. I couldn’t help the reality that Helena had died t
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