Blood Wolf

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Blood Wolf

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Earn a few coins, find something to eat, hide at night, survive another day. Life was tough but simple enough for Adam. All he had to do was be a good man and keep his adopted sister safe. It was all good, until one day his peaceful life was disturbed. And in the moment of death, something decided to save his life, but at what cost?***Now Adam can never go back to the simple life he had. When he was forced to follow a new path or find his death. When he was forced to fight back against the world. When he was forced to protect the woman who made his life full of trouble. When the orphan boy who once hid from the night was forced to become the predator who rules the Shadows.


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Chapter 01: Boy on the streets
The wind has been salty as ever, corroding everything it touched every day. Still, the setting sun through the various sails created beautiful scenery for whoever enjoys the evening beauty of the sea from the docks. Adam placed the last crate on the stack, or the last he can move with his frail body, work he could do was not nearly enough for an eighteen-year-old boy, but it was way good enough for a boy who had barely enough to eat, and skinny as a skeleton. He slowly limped back to the ground, using crates as support to his back. He watched the scenery of the sea and to the far horizon, unlike people who came to watch the sundown, what Adam saw was the blowing wind against the sails and dark clouds floating towards the city. ‘It’s going to rain again.’ He thought, brushing the sweat from his forehead. ‘Hopefully, I will not be sick by tomorrow.’ A few months back, he had a worn-out blanket for himself to protect himself from the cold; he was sure his ripped and thin cape would
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Chapter 02: I have something inside my head
‘I must be dead.’ Adam thought as he felt pain all over his body. ‘Dying is so painful,’ He thought, trying to open his eyes to see the world after death. He smelled the blood in the air, and with a struggle, he opened his eyes. ‘Huh?’ Even through the pain, he was confused Because what he saw was a narrow opening to the alleyway. ‘This is where I came to escape from the city guards,’ Adam was happy. He was alive, but the panic hit him as he remembered the wound in his head. He could smell the blood on his old robe. ‘It is still morning.’ He could see the sun through buildings. ‘Where is my wound?’ He touched his head, and there was little pain, but he couldn’t find the wound that leaked blood all over his robe. ‘What is going on? Did I die or alive?’ Adam couldn’t figure out how his wound disappeared. ‘Wait, I remember hearing something before I passed out. Yes, something, something system.’ The moment he said the word in his head, a metallic sound echoed in
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Chapter 03: Departure
As usual for the daytime, it filled the main road of the port district with carriages and people. They were transporting goods from the city and to the city. West coast city and East coast city were the two main transportation hubs that connected the eastern part and the western part of the land through the sea. If someone wanted to avoid these cities of the Crimson Empire, they had to cross the High pass mountain range. That was something that even powerful magicians wouldn’t even think of doing. It said that no one had ever come out from there. Another thing was, that if the people in the Southern islands needed to access the western part of the continent, they had to land in this port city. This made the port of the West Coast one of the most prosperous and busiest ports on the continent. Amy felt worried. She had never been out of the house in the daytime. Especially out of their alley. In the morning she and brother Adam would go to the Central district old school gate for so
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Chapter 04: Shadow is born from the first light
Adam made his way through the city. He felt bad for leaving Amy behind. He didn’t know how long it would take for him to be strong, but he had to keep the promise. After completing the system mission, he had to come back for Amy’s birthday in four months.Travelling through the city was a painful process for him. Many people were travelling in the streets, but for his luck, many people didn’t even get close to him due to his appearance. Even so, the city of the West coast was not small at all. By the time he reached the north gate through the market district, he saw the sun located in the sky west of him. ‘Couple more hours before the sunset,’ he thought.‘How do I get to the east?’ he looked at the mountain range stretching far and wide. However, the road he got out led the way straight toward the north. Both sides were farmlands. Although he didn’t know, Adam believed most of these farmlands belonged to nobles or the royal family.Many people were going in and out of the city. As
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Chapter 05: Man of the Gods
While Adam was trying to figure out the origin of Wolf God.In a village to the east, a young girl who was resting in her room heard a weird noise outside the house.It was like something scratching on the wall. For a few minutes, she ignored the noise until it got louder. Initially, she was hoping someone else in the house would check the situation, but since the noise was so disturbing; she decided to go and see for herself.‘Strange,’ she found that their living room was empty.“Ren, is that you?” she yelled her younger brother’s name, thinking he must be playing a prank on her. She listened for a few more seconds, but other than the scratching noise, it did not answer her. Finally, she lost her calm.“I will catch you myself,” yelling she got out of the house.The angered girl made her way toward the back of the house where the noise was coming from. However, her brother was not there. She saw a strange-looking girl with long black hair in a white dress squatting by the house wal
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Chapter 06: First Mission complete
Luck was on their side, or whatever happened at the place where Adam found arrowhead might have been insignificant. The group managed to reach the open fields of the stronghold by afternoon.Adam noticed it had thick walls made of stone and a large area around it was grassland. He heard one old adventurer explaining to someone else that this place and surrounding the villages were the actual origin of the Crimson Empire. That was the reason this place had great security and high defence.Many roads were leading to different areas from the stronghold, and the surrounding area had a considerable number of small campsites. Adam realised this place was busy, although it was not at the same level as West Coast city, to an area without a town, the number of caravans and people gathered were extremely high.Once they reached the intersection between the roads, a small group of guards stopped the carriages. And Karina, who had experience, immediately went to them. Adam realised he was lucky to
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Chapter 07: Awakened Wolf
“Yes,”His word made the smile on Carl’s face grow even brighter. He was not optimistic about a 9th tier mage travelling with a group of adventurers. Still, he will have all the available help.Westwood Village was not some common village. All the men here are at least around 6th tier warriors. Therefore, the disappearances were not something to disregard.Another thing that Carl could feel was the weird sense of superiority coming from this mysterious man. He has to say he hated it because they were warriors. The Crimson empire had the least number of Magicians, assassins and even well-trained arches. Because they loved to rely on their strength. In the military, Magicians didn’t receive the same respect as a magic warrior who knew how to fight. “I will check the surroundings first,” Adam didn’t wait for his response.He wanted to get away from this awkward position. Also, he needed to get the system reward. Adam turned to the jungle, looking for a secluded place.Looking at his depa
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Chapter 08: Curse
Adam had no idea he had caused a scene as he arrived at the Westwood Village. After all, he was astonished by the magnificent village. Buildings and roads looked much older and historical. Most people wore simple clothes or animal skins.Since no one stopped him at the village gate, he simply walked in. And he looked at the giant men walking around. He felt, even with his new strength; he was inferior to these men. The village had no visible area for farming, and he assumed that these people must be mostly hunters.Adam suddenly heard numerous footsteps, and he could clearly say that at least fifty or sixty men were moving together.‘Hunting party?’He looked in the direction people were coming from, ‘Ehh, definitely not a hunting party.’ He saw a few familiar faces among the group.That included Empire Calvary and Village guards. ‘They must be investigating,’ he glanced again at the group approaching from far and got back to his business.He at least wanted to take some time to loo
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Chapter 09: Challenged
It took them more than half an hour to prepare for the search. The final group was around a hundred people, including Karina’s adventurer group, Empire Calvary and village guards.Other than that. Hunters from the village, Old chief, and to Adam’s amusement, Sean, the old priest of the village also arrived with the search party.Some men carried heavy bags with food and water. Adam started to think that it might be a long night.“Master Adam, we are ready to go. Should we send scouts ahead?” Carl was worried about what they would find with the girl.“Just follow me,” Adam took the lead without thinking twice. It would be night soon, and the more he delayed the search, the more the girl would be in danger.He didn’t forget what was the description of the curse by the system. It was not some magic, but a curse created by world laws. He had no idea what that meant, but if the system was correct, the curse was much more dangerous than any magic.“We are ready to move,” Joran finally finis
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Chapter 10: Possessed
- Secondary mission - Prove that you’re the dominant one (Complete)- Mission Reward – Unique title Alpha Wolf (Acquired)- Alpha Wolf (Active title) – People or animals lead by the host who is within a three-hundred-meter radius around the host will have an increased recovery rate, more stamina and will have a boost to their status based on host status (Title inactive)-Special title ability 1 – Roar of the Alpha wolf (Natural magic) – Any hostile creature will undergo a test of spirit under the roar of the dominant predator. If the host has a higher spirit rating than the hostile creature, the hostile creature will be stunned and immobilised for a duration depending on the difference of the spirit. The affected hostile creature will take spiritual damage depending on the faith of the host by his followers. (Warning: lesser creatures might die under the damage to the mind)- Special title ability 2 – Alpha’s domain (Passive) – Hostile creatures with lower spirit rating within a hundre
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