Ascenders: Rising From Zero

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Ascenders: Rising From Zero

By: Sir_Impeccable CompletedFantasy

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-What if heaven is not what is generally believed as?- . 21 Ascenders were chosen. Each with the utmost goal of attaining perfection.With the mindset of becoming the perfectionHe planned for.A young boy from Earth finds himself in another realm, strange voice in his head and so his adventure begins.———I didn’t choose this life. No, I’m supposed to be dead. Somehow, under bizarre circumstances, I find myself in Heaven.No, not the Christian biblical heaven or the Islam Paradise.No, I find myself in Orun,(Yoruba word for heaven) and it’s 7 worlds.In this place, the weak is chaff before the strong. And true strength can only be attained through pushing ones limit.In this 7 heavens, Nothing is impossible. Dragons, Masquerades, Vampires, Drakons and yes, Irunmoles exist.What I find about myself is that I am a sort of contingency plan, to carry out the legacy of The Mad Prime.He who was once an Angel but died an Arch Demon. The Fallen Legacy Of a Genius Being and by the Gods, his Legacy shall by me, Fall or Rise.I am Bayo, I am the Number One, FirstBorn Of my siblings and we have one mandate...ASCEND Through the 7 heavens and establish a new order, for our Patron, Trixius The Great!——————————-Cover image is Google sourced.Please RATE, COMMENT, VOTE. Inspires me much.Update schedule is 1 Chapters Daily.—————————


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300 chapters
'W-what?' Bayo stuttered mentally, eyes wide open as he groaned. Not that it was surprising but he hadn't expected the bite to take as much as 50 points of energy from him. His energy had dropped now from 745 to 695. And as it did, the Law of Gluttony rushed in to fill the spot, fueling the Principle of Affection to absorb energy. But unlike before, the energy trickled in units of 5, 7, 3... But it was enough. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean after all. Smiling inwardly, he infused energy into the Tailed heat conducting metal ball of spikes, drilling in 300energy points. It was half of his energy but he couldn't afford to hold back. Not when there were two Vampires watching him. Quickly, he mandated his business zone of his tail to heat up, bringing it in a swing for a home run. THWACK! The tail slammed heavily and quickly into the Wolf's side as the smelting of roasted fur steamed into the dusk airs. Fueled by the momentum of the slam, the Wolf growled, stagger
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Power Levels
(SPOILERS—— Skip to chapter 5  if new)Authors Note: You don't have to read the numbers!.Each power level signifies a Class and the amount of energy available to that class.  Classes —— Energy AllocatedBasic Class -               1-20Ground Class/Messenger -            21-999Elite Class -                 1000 - 100,000Omni Class -                101k - 499kLord. —                        501k - 3,000,000Omega —                    3,100,000- 8,000,000Beta ———                 8,000,0
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World Powers
Orun is divided into 7 heavens, subdivided into a sum total of 401 Ilu(Realms)each signifying  one of the 401 Orisha(Gods).However, the scaling only exists from the first Heaven up to the fourth heavens and by popular opinion, the fifth heavens as well which is the world of the Orisha and their offsprings, the Emere.However with the exception of the seventh, sixth and fifth heavens, there are left only 1,604 realms in total from the fourth heaven to the first heaven.Below are a summation of the dominant world powers with the number of realms occupied..First Heavens 401 Realms69%Demon Territory,30% is occupied by the Death God Iku in binding down the owner of the Left Path. And overseeing Orun Apaadi.1% Irunmole Controlled Realms(The exact number is not known as the figures keep shifting due to demonic presence and the fact that the first heaven is heavily polluted)&nbs
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-SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 5 if new) -SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 5 if new) -SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 5 if new) -THIS chapter will be updated as author seems fit -If you have suggestions of specie you will like to see in the novel, comment here. *** Do note that all creatures listed here are mostly spirit beings and as such require energy to keep about. (Humans are not spirits so they aren't counted in this novel) ——— Maximum energy levels is the highest energy that is accessible to each specie which will dictate the strength growth of that specie unless with aid of external factors.  Only by studying the Aspectual Laws or the Laws Of Sin May a specie be able to ignore its Maximum Energy levels, pushing it further with the growth in soul classes. Another way of extending the point wall is to push oneself to the limit, usually by absorbing much more energy than is required or combat. Howbeit, the c
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A Sad Ending -Chapter 1/5
The teacher adjusted his glasses, taking a cursory look at the class of 45 students. The students wearing various styles of the latest fashion."Children of nowadays eh!" He sighed.Straightening up, he cleared his voice putting on the classic teacher stern look:"Let's do something different today. How many of you know about the rich culture of the Yoruba kingdom, of ancient times?"At that, a girl jumped up. She had glasses on too, obviously the class nerd with an all back braid plait. "I do, sir. About the times when the Orisha were not yet walking the Earth, right?" She asked gingerly.The teacher laughed, wiping his mustache with a white handkerchief. "That is close but not quite it, Stephen. Nice try!" "Ouch!""Ooh""Hurts!"The class suddenly erupted in laughter as they mocked Stephen with various oohs and Aahs. Sullen faced, She sat down after making faces to the close classmates about her."Ooh, com
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The Will to Survive
It is theorized, scientifically, that the Brain is the last organ to die. All other organs begin to fail, each one fading off and failing to support the biological machination of human flesh and blood but the brain remains, seconds later, fighting before giving in, eventually.This was not any different in Bayo's case.HONKKKKKK....Was the last sound Bayo heard before his body went haywire. In a flash, the world tumbled over and over, fading off only to come clearer for a few seconds. 'God... God... No... No... Stop!' Bayo screamed mentally.At the corner of his vision, he saw the old security guard screaming but not for long as darkness began to fade in gradually. He gasped after it appeared he reached his maximum height and then began to tumble down. He felt all shades of sick as his insides  spun round and round.'No... somebody... anybody... help... anything to grab... please' Bayo panicked mentally as
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A Chance To Live Again
Blink!In the darkness about, light suddenly sparked, bringing warmness to the dread, sad air. Bayo's conscience flickered, a glimmer of hope in the spark of light he saw. His sense of feel began coming to focus.He tried to feel where he was, floating in a space of nothing. Peeking forward, he felt gloomy dark around.He panicked.'Wait, where am I?'Trying to take forward look, he reached for his face but nothing.'My hands still not working?' He thought.But that didn't seem like it. He tried to move his legs but felt nothing. 'Maybe I'm so injured I can't move.' He thought, resigning himself to fate.He tried again, moving his body, any part, but this time a restricting force began to come on him. In annoyance, Bayo mentally refused and felt the restricting forces that came latched on him at several points disappearing.He sighed mentally, obviously relaxed. As he did, a flood o
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Adjusting to Form
For a minute or so, Bayo felt nothing. Emptiness. Then Thoom!A sudden blast of various scents hit him all at once. He could feel the heat of the sun blazing harshly at him and the stale air around  accompanied with the smell of fresh grass.Wow!This is how it felt to be alive.'Ah, I miss being alive.' Bayo reached for his face but felt nothing like arms. 'Wait, I am still bodiless?' Disappointed, he sighed, mentally.'Yasmin, uhm... you there?''Yes?' Yasmin's cool, collected voice came once more in his head. 'Why don't I have a body?' He asked.'If you had been patient earlier with the Ascender Induction, all of this would be explained already.' Yasmin replied.Bayo frowned mentally.'Well, help me, damn you.' Nothing.'Yasmin?' Bayo asked uncertainly.Why the forge was Yasmin quiet suddenly.'Yasmin, please, I'm scared. Don't leave me alon
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Analyzing Chances
Bayo exhaled now, baring out his fangs. He took a minute, observing his body carefully. He had strong muscles that pulsated with strength as he stood. His claws too were black and dangerously deadly. No way was any beast going to stand in it's way.He felt so super strong.Untouchable! Don't get too caught up, Bayo. Focus. For craps sake there might be an even mightier form out there. He cautioned himself. With that note, he turned around, sniffing in the stale forest airs.He had to admit it. All of this was wonderful but first he had to really explore his chances of survivability. 'Status, Yasmin'For some frightening minutes, Yasmin was quiet. 'Yasmin?' Bayo called out quietly'Yassssmiiinnnn...' he called out in a sing song mental voice.Still no response.'Shit! Don't leave m
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Marked as prey
Bayo trudged on, pushing his wobbly cub feet to walk. Each gait was seemingly tough to pull by. Honestly, if he knew that he was not going to become that all might 17 energy rated Dog earlier, instead of this wobbly weakling of a cub, he would have just passed by.InFact, Giving Yasmin control was so much better than this form he was in.Come to think of it, how was he going to survive here? He had only one thing on his mind.That is to eat Salamanders. Yuck! Beside that, he had nothing else. And that wasn't sounding good to him.What if he encountered a beast that decided on tasting him?What were his survival chances? He couldn't fight as a dog.How do dogs even fight?In his last life, he had only two legs but now having four seemed unsettling. But that didn't mean he was going to ditch this life however. Taking a quick glance around the forest again, he noticed the heavily
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